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Hi and Welcome to the online home of all things Juicy Goodness and Body Centered Awareness with me, Sarah Haykel!
Yoga Breath, movement, intention, and alignment bring your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self into greater harmony through the practice of yoga, Iyengar style. Dance & Body Movement Sarah shares over 20+ years of experience through various forms of freestyle, cultural, and improvisational movement and dance to support you in connecting with yourself and finding your own harmony through dance and body movement. Personal Growth & Development Through Sarah’s personal growth and self-exploration journey, spanning over 20 years, she brings a unique blend of intuition, Body Centered Awareness, and life tools to support your greatest growth and development. Connect With Yourself & Nature As a city dweller, lover of nature, and entrepreneur, Sarah finds creative ways to engage in a daily practice that supports, stabilizes, and refreshes her on the daily with activities like grounding meditations, yoga, touching trees, and putting her face in a soft pile of fresh snow to breath in it’s freshness. Explore the depths of your sensuality, the beauty of your Divine Femininity, and embrace your sexuality from an empowering place. You’ll also find a link within the eBook to join our private Facebook group to share your insights from practicing the process.

The powerful, easy, and simple tools in Free to Be can shift everything in your relationship with yourself, others, and life! Totally disconnected from your body? Anxious, tired, or depleted of energy? Uninspired about life? The Chakra Dance Tune Up is designed to support you in just that, and more (because there’s always more)! Through the Chakra Dance Tune Up, you’ll connect with and balance the natural energies of your body, known as the Chakra system in Ayurveda, through a guided movement meditation called The Chakra Dance Tune Up, while using positive affirmations so that you can experience optimal health and well being! You’ll walk away, not only having danced your exercise for the day, but with real tools that you can use at any time to regain balance, alignment and freedom in your mind, heart and body. The Chakras are each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number (in Indian thought).
The chakra system extends from the base of your spine up through the top of your head affecting every major part of your body on this line.

When any one of our chakras are out of balance, this may affect the way we feel in our bodies physically, emotionally, and mentally. About Sarah HaykelSarah Haykel, founder of The Sensual Body Movement, is a trained Latin, West African, hip-hop, and breakdancer, life coach, and yoga instructor who has developed her own style of improvisational movement she calls Sensual Body Movement.
You could feel constipated, have an upset tummy, feel extreme tension or tightening in your chest, feel stuck or uncomfortable in your throat or any other area of your body. A strong mind-body connection is the key to living a clearer, more empowered, and juicy life, from the inside out!

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