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Get your free “Coaching Tip of the Week” along with the “You Deserve a Break” guide featuring 15 different ways to relax.
Avoid putting pressure on yourself - Don’t have unreasonable expectations for your life or career. Schedule a free 20 minute coaching consultation with certified Personal Life Coach Aurelia Williams and start forming your plan of action today!

When your stress is at the point where you cannot be coherent, or deal with the other person, no matter how big or small in a reasonable manner, then you need a break to cool off. Remain dedicated to your plans, while remembering that all things take time, and may require adjusting of the outcome or approach. Toddlers will be reassured that you still love them, and older children will gain an appreciation of the stresses of parenting, if you simply say that Mom is tired, and needs to think about this and come back to it when she’s calmer.

Prioritize the important and essential things in your life, and decide how much of you there is to spread around.

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