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A major pro-choice organization is applauding a move by Google to remove "deceptive" ads by pro-life crisis pregnancy hoping to reroute those searching for information about abortion, while pro-life advocates argue that the technology company's policy has thus far not impacted their advertising efforts. NARAL Pro-Choice America announced Tuesday that it has successfully lobbied Google to remove advertisements that appeared to publicize abortion but in reality did not offer the service. Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL, praised the tech company for agreeing to remove advertisements following a campaign the organization started earlier this year.
Brian Fisher, president and co-founder of Online for Life, an organization that focuses on online and offline advertising for crisis pregnancy centers, said that he had yet to see the effects of NARAL'S campaign and questions whether Google would actually be changing its advertising policies.
According to Google's advertising policy, "Advertising can be informative, entertaining, metaphorical, or even tell a story.

Fisher credited Online for Life's reach with preventing 1,800 abortions and reiterated that he believes NARAL's campaign will have little impact on his organization's work. Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) discourage women from having abortions and also offer abortion-minded women limited medical services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and some STD screening services. The centers also offer loving Christian pro-life counseling that often leads to lives and souls being saved. Accordingly, lawyers and lobbyists with NARAL Pro-Choice America have spent the last few months trying to get Google to remove ads for these centers in an effort to prevent pregnant women from learning about their full range of options. Google spokespeople say they removed the 75 percent of the CPC ads flagged by NARAL because they used the words “abortion clinics” as “adwords” in search criteria so that women searching for abortion clinics would also find them.

National Right to Life Committee President, Carol Tobias, told Hill reporters that Google’s decision represents a real “war on women” because it represents an aggressive effort to deny women access to information that’s contrary to the message being put forward by NARAL.
CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.This week, the web search engine giant, Google, caved to political pressure exerted by NARAL Pro-Choice America lobbyists by removing pro-life ads for crisis pregnancy centers, reports The Hill.

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