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WOLE Adeyi is a quiet, easy-going and unassuming Christian leader, a holder of double Masters’ Degree, so passionate in soul wining for God and very engrossed in Christian drama, with the ‘behind-the-stage’ production of famous Christian movies which has become familiar films being watched in most homes of Africans, mostly Nigerians and Black Americans in United States, Canada and Nigeria.
Ever after, he has not looked back, since the journey has become a successful one daily as being led by God Almighty. Naija Standard gathered that FSM is a Christian Drama Ministry that was founded out of a call to bring the Word of God to people using Christian drama in form of a visual medium.
Investigation by Naija Standard showed that the Flaming Sword Drama Outreaches is as old as the FSM.
This Scripture is the base or foundation of the vision given by the Lord to the Flaming Sword Ministries International (FSM) in establishing the Flaming Sword Institute (FSI) of Christian Drama. Students of this course are taught methods of using drama evangelism to support the church pastor and be a blessing to the congregation and the Church; Fellowship or Ministries.
One of the visions of the Flaming Sword Ministries is the transmission of the FSM on mainstream Television and Radio Stations so that the message can reach as many people as possible all over the world. This is one of the arms of the FSM through which the message of life which the Lord gives to Adeyi and his team are being disseminated. This image maker of FSM said “Like the Drama Outreach, this arm of the Ministry is also as old as the parent ministry in terms of the time of its taking off.
The publishing arm of the Ministry took off shortly after the inception of the ministry with the publication of the ‘Making of our maiden movie’ titled ‘The Wind behind the Storm’. The devil took advantage of a foothold and built a stronghold of confusion in a once peaceful home. Rhoda, a faithful, devoted and praying wife is faced with great sorrow ad heartbreak as her husband; Clement Badmus strays from godly living. Tired of being Praise and Worship leaders in a local church, and longing to experience the fame and glitter of stardom.
Armed with pride in their hearts and a feeling of self-importance, they fall into disobedience and manipulation, using the gift of God for selfish gain, and lying against the Holy Spirit as an alibi for their mischief. Find out the answers in this powerfully realistic, unrelenting and intense drama from the film stable of The Flaming Sword Ministries International. SYNOPSIS: Paul and Tonia Jones seem to the on-looking world, the epitome of a perfect marriage –happy, very much in-love, hopeful and always supportive of each other despite their inability to have children. Threatening to crash this happy marriage is a “secret”, festering, much like a time bomb waiting to explode.
Find out the answers in this emotional and faith-stirring story from the film stable of The Flaming Sword Ministries International. Find out what happens in this powerfully realistic, unrelenting and intense movie from the film stable of The Flaming Sword Ministries International. Two newest movies “LOST IN SODOM” & “NOT AN EXCUSE” will be released by the Flaming Sword Ministries in July and September, 2013 respectively. LOST IN SODOM: Of a truth, everyone prays for an open door but more exciting is an open door that is not prayed for but comes. NOT AN EXCUSE: Persecutions, trials and temptations are the tools the devil uses on a daily basis to make Christians fall. In 1995, he graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, where he obtained his Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy. Wole is one of the two Founders and Directors of the FLAMING SWORD MINISTRIES, a drama ministry founded in 2009, based in Dallas, Texas.
Wole Adeyi has gone literally in writing several inspirational and expository books and articles. God’s Volunteers: The strength of the Church is a book that will transform how you see yourself as a Church Worker and the extent of true service in the Kingdom of God. Wole Adeyi presents this book on volunteering in the Church, with the understanding that he and fellow Christians share spiritual truths that transcend time and culture, and reflects a deeper understanding of a believer’s service in the Church.
This book comes at such a time as this for people who have the courage and commitment to grasp the truth and the bigger idea of what is best for the Church as a whole, rather than what is convenient for them.

Wole Adeyi affirms that Identifying and maturing workers helps them step into God’s plan for their lives, as they begin to discover their spiritual gifts and become more effective in God’s kingdom.
This book is perfect for worker training sessions in the Church, or for individual study, to give Church workers the keys into successful ministry. Your place on earth is related to an assignment that God had in His mind before you were born; that makes you critical to His global plan. When you find yourself at a place of fear and doubt, or with that nagging emptiness in your soul that seems to have no answer, “When God Calls” will become your guide through the treacherous storms of life.
As Wole Adeyi unveils the reality and power of the call of God, you will be challenged to the core of your soul, as you are exposed to realities that few are declaring in these days. The weaknesses of random service will be exposed as you tap into a spiritual reality that will rearrange your thought pattern and empower you in these turbulent times. As you open the pages of this book, you will enter into a brand new world of God’s truth; and you will discover the ‘Call’ that is yours to answer. Bed bugs who feed regularly have a lifespan of ten months, while those without adequate feeding can live a little more than a year. The freshly hatched nymph is beige-colored before feeding, and then turns a redish color after getting a blood meal. You do not need to go for ineffective pest control products or services, just make a schedule with us for our very caring and thoughtful professional pest control exterminator services and then our exterminator will do everything for you and give you tips on how to keep your place pest free. In an electronic mail to our American EDITORS, Adeyi stated that “In today’s world, more and more people are leaning towards the comfort of visuals (TV, DVDs, VIDEO and INTERNENT STREAMING) to fulfill their need for entertainment and information. The use of Christian Drama is a very effective medium to help people understand the message of the Gospel and respond to it. In the words of Adeyi, “When the Ministry started in January 11, 2009; doors began to open for drama outreaches in Churches.
The Lord has helped the ministry to produce numerous films in Digital Versatile Drive (DVD) format. He worked selflessly, gave generously and supported the work of God’s Kingdom diligently.
His life takes a bad turn in a downward spiral due to the influence of his companions and is caught in a web of iniquity.
Nobody knows that better than Victoria, the beautiful wife of a great Prince, who had to embark on a very important journey alone, but promised to return shortly.
They both seem in good health and the doctors have confirmed them both capable of having children ….or not??? Winnie, a vibrant and dedicated sister, got entangled with the cares of this world, influenced and manipulated by her mom.
What the devil throws at you, is Not an Excuse for falling short of God’s expectation.
His father was a Baptist Church leader, a disciplinarian, who understood the value of education and he encouraged all his children to go to school.
Well travelled with leadership experience and has been involved in raising dynamic Church Workers.
Through this ministry, he works tirelessly to develop Training manual for Churches that would allow Leaders and workers mature in their Christian walk and service at the local Church level.
His earnest expectation and hope is that he will not put God to shame, nor put the Church of God to shame, and also will not put his family name to shame. His heart’s desire is also to train church workers and leaders who desire not just to be called but to be chosen to fulfilment in the Father’s business. The spiritual truth he explores in this book concerns the expectations, gifts and calling of God to you as a believer in the service of His vineyard and the growth thereof; and why it is important for each believer to discover and play his role effectively in the Church.
It will help Church Workers discover their spiritual gifts and employ them for God’s kingdom.
With wisdom, he shows that church volunteers are indeed co-labourers with Christ in His vineyard, and reveals how this selfless act of love can open unexpected doors to a deeper, richer, and more rewarding encounters for both the volunteer and the Church. As a leader, this book will challenge your Church to grow from mere working for, to walking with God, from solo ministry to team ministry, and thereby making your volunteerism a Christ-centered service.
So before you let that fear and doubt rob you of your place in His plan, remember that the task ahead of you is never as great as the Power behind you. I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. If a blood host is available, bed bugs can live to see three generations of offspring ready willing and hungry to prey on their human hosts. There are 5 nymphal stages for bed bugs to reach maturity, which usually takes about 32-48 days. It is no gainsaying to declare that drama ministry has become an effective instrument of liberating people from bondages and oppression of the kingdom in this end time.

The Lord proved His faithfulness by confirming His words to us, with reports and testimonies of salvation of souls and revival of the children of God from our audiences. It is established for the training of those who have visions for Christian drama and film production ministries.
Thereafter, this arm of the ministry produces two publications “THE FLAME” and “THE SWORD”. Rhoda’s faith and patience was put to test as she watches her home and marriage crumble as a result of a passionate moment of her own weakness! To do this nerve-shredding waiting for no particular time frame, for her Prince, there can be no room for doubts.
A bright future derailed ………Judgment came but the mercy of God prevailed in the “Wind behind the Storm”. He relocated to United States in 2001 and went on to obtain his Second Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) from the Walden University. His dramatic demonstrative style and down-to-earth practical messages have endeared him to thousands of people who have found inspiration, encouragement, and zeal in his services. Wole Adeyi has written books that are instructive and cardinal to our service in the house of God. This work, with such deep insight, may be used for training session sin the Church, or to give individual worker keys into a successful and effective ministry.
It also reveals how to grow your Church ministries by capturing the untapped potential of people’s gifts and availability for the work of God, noting that no labour goes unnoticed by God, as labouring in the Church can be very enriching, both physically and spiritually. They are often deposited in clusters and attached to cracks, crevices or rough surfaces near adult harborages with a sticky epoxy-like substance. Adult bed bugs can survive for up to seven months without blood and have been known to live in empty buildings for up to one year. It is not lagging behind in caring out the great commission of our Lord Jesus to every believer (Matt.
Apart from churches, the Flaming Sword Drama Outreaches arm of the Flaming Sword Ministries International has also honored invitations to present drama skits in special programs on Zonal, State and National levels. Will and Ashley’s only saving grace would come from the godly foundation given to their children.
She had to thrive in an environment of zero tolerance for any error, and make it through with body and soul undefiled, yet temptations abound, while the glitz of the world beckons, and darkness looms all around her. Thus, began the foundation for many years of formal education, which served him well in his later years. He continually drew inspiration from many of his spiritual leaders during these formative years and trusted God for everything. Wole continues to do God’s work as a true leader and is a great source of inspiration to others around him. He believes that as workers and Volunteers we are not in the “Pastor’s Business” not even the “General Overseer’s Business” and certainly not our Personal Business but in “The Father’s Business”. The Lord has also extended the ministerial border of the Ministry beyond the shores of the state of Texas. Till date he sacrifices his time by holding leadership and training sessions, trying to ensure that the vision of Drama as the end-time tool is carried along throughout North America.
He is an ordained minister of the Gospel serving the Lord tirelessly with his family at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Church, Arlington, Texas. The present wave of spiritual revolution wherein people are becoming interested is not only the word but also through the action make drama indisputably a formidable soul-winning weapon. The Lord is gracing our efforts with signs and wonders, and showing forth His greatness in the drama outreaches.
God showed Jerry some tough love, but will it be enough to lead Jerry away from the path of destruction?
Every action is a seed and according to the law of harvest, the seed will bring fruit, at times, even when The Lord has forgiven you. In other words, Jesus came for the Father’s Business and in the same manner we are in the Father’s Business.
He is also graciously helping the ministry infiltrate mainstream society, to reach the hungry souls who rely greatly on getting their information and entertainment through visual means, such as watching movies.
As a result, the ministry is now getting busier on film productions, even more than stage drama ministrations.

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