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What if, tomorrow morning when you wake up, all your problems are solved and everything you wished for had taken place. Are you looking for breakthroughs and desire to move forward in the pursuit of your goals and dreams? If you are serious about moving forward with your life or in your personal walk with God, I’d love to talk to you and give you a 30 minutes test coaching session—no obligation for you to continue afterwards. Are you searching for God and want to have a deeper and more intimate walk with your Creator?
One of the critical skills of a life coach is knowing the right questions to ask and when to ask them.
A common request I get from our trainee life coaches is to share what I believe are the most powerful questions to ask of clients. The New Insights Life Coach Training Programme incorporates a lot of material on this subject and the fact is that there is no set group of questions that work well for every client. Nevertheless I do have a few favourite questions that I believe go to the heart of the principles we espouse in life coaching. I’ve chosen six here that are intended to make you think deeply about who you are, what drives you and how you relate to the world around you and to your authentic inner being.
The vast and growing number of people living on earth today pose an unprecedented challenge to the ability of our planet and its environment to sustain life as we have always known it. At the same time, despite quantum advances in technology life, for most of us, is more challenging than ever before.
We are living in a time when it is easy to contemplate these issues and conclude that we are, individually, of little or no significance or relevance in the greater scheme of things. A simple glance skywards on a clear night might be enough to reinforce the perception that each of is no more important than a tiny ant in a huge anthill or a grain of sand in the desert.
As the strapline on the weekly Blog alert proclaims, the featured articles are intended for a broad audience – people who want to get the most out of life! However, from time to time the articles I post may be of more direct relevance for readers who are already life coaches or in training to become life coaches.
Nevertheless I would hope that this post may also appeal to others by imparting a deeper understanding of what life coaching is. This Blog, as I trust loyal readers will know, is for people who want to live their best lives.
Recent events, highlighted by – but certainly not limited to – the despicable terrorist attacks in Paris, may easily cause even the most ardent lover of life to reflect on civilisation and whether we really are evolving away from control, hatred, intolerance and brute force, towards living together in peace and harmony with kindness, gentleness and respect. On the 13th November, the day of the deadly attacks in Paris and Baghdad and a day after the dreadful suicide bombings in Beirut, Wikipedia noted that 289 terrorist attacks had already been recorded in 2015.

Tune into the news media regularly and you could be forgiven for sinking into a state of complete despair about the state of our world.
Yet, ironically, for those who can see through the desperation of those who would drag us back into the dark ages and see past the manipulation of the all pervasive media, this is a time of tumultuous change, positive transformation, rising consciousness and real hope for a far better future. This week, I would like to demonstrate the power of life coaching – when administered by a passionate and caring coach – to transform lives. I am privileged to have received an inspiring and beautiful account from a lady who, just yesterday, we featured on our Facebook page for having achieved New Insights certification as a life coach.
Whereas most trainee life coaches expect their coaching efforts to start bearing real fruit for their clients only after they become qualified and start coaching for reward, Carli Clark was able to experience the fulfilment, that comes with seeing someone grow and develop through coaching, long before achieving certification. I’d like to thank Carli and her client Zanele for submitting this story and giving me permission to share it here on the Blog. New Insights offers a free online journaling platform with a 52-week self-guided course that aims to enhance self awareness.
Keeping a journal may not be for everybody – I know that I was less than keen when my life coach first suggested it some years ago – but the fact is that when used in conjunction with coaching it is one of the most powerful tools to enable personal growth and development. One of our journal clients recently posted a public response to her weekly journal question “Who are you now?” that was to provide the inspiration for today’s blog post.
In her response the person concerned went to some effort to outline, not who she felt she was but who she wanted to become. You know you are living on purpose and leading a truly meaningful life when you can honestly tell yourself that you are living these 5 steps. I have been hearing from clients and others that I have been talking to lately that they are feeling there is a deeper meaning to their life.
I believe that you are being divinely guided to step into your greatness and the purpose that you came here to do. Be honest with yourself when you go through these steps.  I want you to fully enjoy your life and know that you are making the difference in the world that you were created to make. Divine source energy lives in your heart center and guides you from that space.  If you are logically trying to figure out what to do in life, you are not following your heart and intuition.
Realize that some results take time.  Be willing to be in the present moment and be aware of what is showing up for you.
Being authentic and truly YOU is the only way to live.  If you are not being you, who are you trying to be?  You have a unique design, are you aware what that is? You are here to be of service not in servitude.  You will fulfill your own divine purpose by serving others with your unique gifts, talents and message. Strive to make a difference in someone’s day every day.  This could simply be sharing a smile with them or by doing something that is greater than you and making a huge positive impact in their life.

The choice is yours but make sure that it feels light and good to you.  If you are feeling obligated to do something, it does not align with your truth and you would be better to choose something else.
Be willing to own the choices you have made in life.  Sometimes we make choices that are experiences from which we have grown, learned and developed new skills from. It is a purpose of mine to raise the awareness and consciousness of women who desire to live a purpose driven life and make a difference in this world.  Schedule a Clarity Strategy Session at no cost to you and step into your purpose driven life today.
Yes Lynn, it is kind of a big pill to swallow as our initial reaction to what is going on in our lives is to blame someone or something else besides ourselves for our predicament. Well said Diane – I really liked each point, but #5 is the one that hits home for me.
Very poignant post Diane, some elements of your points 4 and 5 gave me some thoughts for myself. What Our Clients are Saying…If you are wondering which direction to head with your life or maybe you have some question about WHY you think and act the way you do…. Life Coaching will help you overcome obstacles and piece together some practical strategies to get you from (a) where you presently are to (b) where you really want to be in life! During this free session I’ll do my best coaching you to find YOUR tailor-made solutions. Whether you are passing through a difficult life cycle or you’re charting life with relative ease, you might simply want to experience more of God and His love in your life through the gentle probing of coaching.
Also, questions that may be appropriate during the more advanced stages of the coaching programme can be completely inappropriate during the early rapport building stage – and vice versa.
It aims to inspire and to offer new insights on life, living with purpose and experiencing peace and joy. Having (also) coached for many years, I’ve seen too many people look for any and all excuses for why they are not living their best life. It is always a task to feel one is fulfilling all of ones work and relationship commitments and living our life from our own purpose. When you realize that where you are in life at any given moment is the result of the choices you have made, you can begin to see that you can have a better life if you start making better choices ?? Love it!

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