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The list post is a tried and true way to get your reader’s attention as well as generate new readership and authority for your blog. This post was written by James Adams, a writer who spends his time covering new technology developments and reviewing hardware such as the HP Q6000A at a leading supplier of toner cartridges based in the UK.
This entry was posted in Blogging and tagged controversial, headliens, list post, list post writing tips, Spelling, writing tips on September 8, 2010 by Guest. Goal of Activity: Your child will generate a list of ideas of thing she would like to do over the summer and come up with a plan of how to accomplish each item on the list. Print a copy of the Summer Bucket List worksheet (seen above) and tell your child she’s going to put all of those ideas in a bucket to carry them around this summer.The Summer Bucket List Activity Talk with your child about your plans for the summer.
With your headline, you are giving your readers specific expectations on the contents of your post. Make it interesting and relevant: You may know the seven ways to make the perfect sandwich, but that might not be appropriate content for your blog about dog training.
These printable list templates are great to put on the writing table or use as a literacy centre.
Skills Targeted: critical thinking, writing, setting goalsAlthough you may typically think of a bucket list of a list of things you want to accomplish before you die, there are actually a number of different kinds of bucket lists you can create, all of which serve the purpose of helping you clarify what you want to accomplish before a certain date or milestone. For example, if there are things you want to do before your next big birthday, tell her there are on your “birthday bucket list.” If there are places you’d like to go in your lifetime, share those with her as well.

Attract your readers through the headline, then provide solid content to back up the points promised within your headline. Put all of your attention on the headline and think about the most exciting ways to convey your information. Your readers do not want to embark on a dissertation about your subject, they want to know the fifteen reasons that you like ham.
While you are removing the qualifiers within your list, make sure that you are not removing the truth from your statements. If you are writing about a subject which inherently bores you, save that one for the time when you have absolutely nothing to say. Your writing needs to be focused and simple, especially when writing in the short bulleted format. You want the topic to be wide enough so that others will read but narrow enough so it is relevant to the topic of your blog. Don’t be controversial for the sake of the controversy, but take one side of an argument which will spur your readers to respond. The template provides students with a topic and matching picture, and 10 lines underneath to complete the list.
Make your headline something of a curiosity, something that dares your readers to take a look at what you have to say.

Your passion should shine through on your lists, starting with the headline, traveling through the copy and ending with that final punctuation mark.
Six reasons why X public figure is wrong makes a great topic of debate and can draw attention from all around the blogsphere. Ask her to think about some short-term goals she has for the summer, whether it’s new foods she wants to try, new friends she’d like to make or simply a place she wants to go this summer. Whatever is going on for the summer, open the discussion about they all provide opportunity for your child to try, learn, eat or do something new. Many of your readers are skimming the headlines rather than delving into the thorough nature of your post. Give your child the printed worksheet and ask her to fill in the number of new things she’s going to tackle this summer in the blank on the shovel. Follow your great headline up with some astounding content, and your readers will be clamoring for more.

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