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This dynamic Communication Program provides participants with the essential tools to communicate effectively with other people. This program is open to private groups with 10 participants or more for a half-day, full-day, or multiple days. Jeffrey has great energy and facilitates the learning process so that every member learns something of themselves to communicate more effectively.
As a business owner I have to deal with every personality type that comes through the door.
This class really helped you determine how to communicate and how to best approach a co-worker, an employee - anyone you are leading in life. Jeffrey Benjamin facilitates the best teaching tool for learning, understanding and moving into everyday practice of communication skills that are the key to success. The biggest take away from the Breakthrough Training is the communication styles and the day-to-day interaction with my coworkers and team mates. Breakthrough teaches you how to communicate well with others in a way of understanding communication styles that you are talking to, not just you own.
The skills I learned aided in strengthening my department from the inside out, enhanced my overall communication and directly resulted in increased performance from my team. The communication styles has been a real eye opener in the way people relate to one another in your personal and professional life. Jeffrey Benjamin and Breakthrough Training has been a unique experience in my personal and business life. The hands on training and group discussion taught me how to better communicate in my work environment and in my personal life. The interaction with like minded professionals from multiple industries allowed me to expand my communication skills, listening and interpersonal communication skills.
Head Start in Reno hired Breakthrough Training to facilitate a team communication skills training seminar in Reno, Nevada.
Breakthrough provided a team communication skills training seminar for Madan Marketing in North Carolina.
Breakthrough worked with Sacramento charter school Fortune Education to provide serving customer service training through effective communication skills.
North Sails hired Breakthrough Training™ to work with employees on improve communication skills within the organization.
Microsoft Licensing worked with Breakthrough Training to provide a communications skills seminar and team building seminar in Reno, Nevada. Communication Basics (1300EN) – You're convinced that you said it clearly, but the person you were talking to just didn't seem to get it. Developing Strong Customer Relationships (1301EN) – Your customers will make you or break you, and developing relationships is the bottom line. Customer Loyalty Improvement (1302EN) – This course will provide employees and managers with a basic understanding of and tools for building customer loyalty. Handling Difficult Customers (1303EN) – Today's information-age customers are the most informed and demanding shoppers ever. Creating Winning First Impressions (1304EN) – First impressions are made within minutes, but they last much longer than that and can seriously affect a client's decision to choose you and your company or to go elsewhere.

Creating Valuable Customer Relationships (1305EN) – Good customer relations are a key success factor in any business. Communicating Proactively (1306EN) – This course presents three proactive communication models and provides multiple examples that will help you identify the components of each. Work Process Basics (1307EN) – Every work process is part of a larger process that may be made up of smaller ones. Practice Active Listening (1308EN) – How often have you attended a meeting and walked away without a clear recollection of what was discussed? Telephone Techniques (1310EN) – This course provides an introduction to effective telephone techniques.
At the same time studies show that we are distracted, preoccupied or forgetful 75% of the time we are listening.
The program focus is on practicing positive personal and business communication skills and habits that propel participants along the path to career success and personal achievement. For individuals, or groups with 9 or less participants, check out our Public Workshops or Leadership Programs open to the public. If your company blocks videos from your computer, check out our videos on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer. We have worked together for so long we needed some new input on how to better relate to each other. This is one of the best classes I have ever participated in and would recommend everyone take this communication training program. I have used the leadership skills from class in every aspect of my life and they have definately helped me be more successful in both my personal and professional relationships. Breakthrough Training offers the tools we need to consistently improve our communication strategies with each other. The two things I am getting out of these modules is how important communication is and teamwork. I have experienced the benefits that his programs can provide and I can recommend them to anyone who is looking to advance their career or move to the next level of development both personally and in business. If any one is looking for leadership, motivational, communication and success training, you got to talk to Jeff. If you are able to identify other communication styles, you can adapt your communication to be more effective. I have had Jeffrey work with my team on several occasions in developing methods to communicate and work together in a practical fashion that translated to a better work environment and more productivity for the company. The important thing I took from the program is the communication styles and public speaking. Any company that would like to see an improvement in their employees work, their attention to detail, their motivation and communication skills then Jeffery is the one to hire.
Learn to create and maintain valuable customer relationships, make a winning first impression, overcome communication barriers, diffuse tensions, and improve telephone skills, listening skills, and communication skills. Find out how you can provide consistent and legendary customer service to maintain your competitive position. It covers basic principles and approaches to dealing with customers and creating loyal, repeat customers.

For a service representative, meeting the demands of one of these savvy customers can be a customer service nightmare! Making a positive first impression requires knowing the elements that influence them, and learning how to control them. This module will help you discover the advantages to you and your customers of reaching out to each other and communicating openly.
Understanding the process flow and scope is the key to establishing 100 percent conformance in a work process. You will learn useful skills whether you are sending internal e-mail or composing emails to send to clients or customers.
Many people overlook the importance of telephone communications, yet the telephone is the most common means for customers to contact a firm.
Being able to understand personalities and management styles helps you to better interact with others to achieve goals. The most beneficial thing from the course is understanding the things I forgot about and don't do. If you have a chance to engage Jeffrey, you would do yourself and your company well for it.
Learn the basics of effective communication and you can be on your way to having greater confidence in your ability to make sure that your messages are understood. Taking this course will wake you from the nightmare and show you how to calm angry customers and resolve their complaints while keeping your cool.
In addition to what happens in the first few minutes, however, there is the need to maintain the impression, and this requires effective communication skills. You will examine issues such as rapport and trust, and identify what clients want in terms of communication. This course will analyze work as a process by identifying the requirements necessary to produce quality work, defining process flow and scope, and looking at inputs and outputs.
Lack of understanding about effective telephone techniques can lead to lost sales or customers. You will learn some techniques for establishing trust and eliminating negative messages from your communication, both of which will have a significant impact on your client relations. The course will also show you how to keep quality number one, and examine listening skills to ensure that customer requirements are met.
Active listening is a skill that few of us possess, but it is a skill that is worth learning because it will improve your ability to provide quality service to your customers. Finally, you will discover some challenging personality types and learn strategies for dealing with them.
This module will help you improve your listening skills by explaining the difference between hearing and listening, and by outlining the steps involved in becoming an active listener.
In this module, participants assess their own listening skills, practice active listening, and then apply skills to their organizations.

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