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Many women know the physical and emotional balancing act that occurs between career, marriage and children. After 10 years of marriage and the birth of two children, Jillian has reached a turning point. Jillian does break away, for 10 days of aloneness in the Manistee National Forest that runs along Lake Michigan. Lesert moves between the present -- Jillian's 10 days in the wilderness -- and the past, both near and far. Readers must be attentive to Lesert's shifts, but that attention pays off with a deepening understanding that Jillian isn't abandoning her family but instead is forging a new way to live with them and herself. Her dream of space travel is nearly over as she approaches 40, her dream of bringing her "mask" technology into space is crumbling under the weight of family responsibilities.

SE."But Jillian was sick of excuses, sick of the responsibility to make her failure OK for everyone else. She sets up her tent, digs a sand chair and prepares to watch the stars as she searches for answers, understanding and a future. SELesert, who teaches creative writing at Grand Rapids Community College, does a remarkable job in several respects.
She slowly unveils Jillian's dreams, her childhood, her relationship with Jack, her life-and-death struggle to get herself back, her future. Lesert's writing and message resonates, putting into words and perspective my own struggles, dreams and burdens. Because, whether husbands or anyone else wanted to admit it, they were all waiting -- cheering for and at the same time fearing the Jillians and the other wives who would eventually break away," Lesert writes.

First, she reflects the heroic struggle so many women face as they falter under the weight of motherhood, marriage and -- the bottom line -- love. Readers will learn more about space and stars and telescopes and research than a semester-long class.
I recommend this novel to all who are finding their way through the maze of motherhood, marriage, love and dreams.

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