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After the demise of the Cafe, through the efforts of Acoustic Live to promote under-the-radar talent, we kept in touch with Paul. On a cold rainy night, we met in Cafe Dante, a small West Village coffee shop, one of his favorite haunts, for an interview. From Brooklyn, the Williamsburg Bridge spills into Delancey Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, out onto the fringes of Alphabet City, a few blocks to the north: Avenues A,B, C and D from 14th Street to Houston Street. Paula€™s father, Danny Sachs, was an actor and writer and had worked in Hollywood under the stage name Danny Jackson, particularly in Preston Sturges films.
Paul was preturnaturally creative, but not especially suited for the rigidity of the public school system. One of Paula€™s counselors took an interest in Paula€™s writing and told him that hea€™d learn from reading the work of Arthur Rimbaud. He had a job as an usher at the Orpheum Theater on Second Avenue and management would allow him to busk at intermission. While his father did his best to see that Paul avoided being a a€?street kid,a€? insisting that he stay in school and get an education, elements of the street would chew away at the edges of Paula€™s life, threatening to consume him.
He had two sets of friends during high school -- one was his old friends from his childhood, and the other -- guys who rode motorcycles and engaged in larceny and consumed large quantities of alcohol and other recreational substances.
During the holiday season, he was selling Christmas trees in a very treacherous Hella€™s Kitchen. Paula€™s mother was in the hospital again, so Paul was left alone, adrift without his anchor and his champion. Then, out of the blue, his name was called amidst about four others, and he was taken out of his cell. Although he juggled work, high school and an ongoing drinking problem, Paul managed to stay in school and graduate. On that issue, number 804, Paul can be heard singing his song,a€?Better Man Than Mea€? (it can also be found on his album No Trouble Here). During his early days as a solo artist, Paul was living on Saint Marka€™s Place, at the heart of the action.
Additionally, Paul had been looking after his mother, all through the years of her hospitalization and various treatments. About 8 years ago, he met the woman who would become his wife, and they became good friends. I asked him if it was a true story and he told me it was about the owner of the used bookstore. After the Fast Folk Cafe closed, Paul began sporadically attending Fast Folk founder Jack Hardya€™s song swaps.
Most of Paula€™s turbulent early days are found in the lyrics to the songs on his first two albums. We hope our readers will look for Paula€™s name in these pages (and elsewhere) and go to see him live. Inscription on a stone in the Museum of Natural History: Nothing live FOREVER Neither BODY no SOLID ROCK. It would be smart if each of us would developed hearth-holds and hearth-clans where we actually live. Develop deep relationship with the dragons of your own bio region, those who dwell where you actually live your day to day life. The Akashic records are ways of looking at information stored in the molecules of our living worlds.
The tail of the dragon was brining the past and the head of the dragon, going north of the equator was the future. An astral journey to the Earth Conclavea€™s Clan House to meet with Dragons and other Spirit Allies.
Purpose of this session is the making of treaties and pacts and opening lines of communication throughout the multiverse. Thousands of Dragons of all shapes, colors, sizes and skills, filled the huge beautifully decorated Council Hall.
Grandmother Bear, Hera and Oshun wish to talk to the Red Dragon about Blood Magics hopefully leading to a conference for all who are to Blood Magics and Blood Healing. Ing would like to meet with the Green Dragon,Idunna, the Ghost Prairies, Cherry Tree, the Three Sisters, Burr Oak, Bridgett, White Dragon to organize a conference for all who love and adore the Green Bloods.
The River Folk, Oshun, Quan Yin, the Blue Dragon, the Snow Ponies and the Salty Seas are developing a conference for those who cherish all of the free untamed waters.
Hera, the Gold Dragon, the Black dragon and the Three Queer Brothers are organizing a conference for all who are interested in the equitable distribution of wealth, power, abundance and plenty. Tyr, Bridgett, Idunna, the Three Sisters: Bean Squash and Corn and the Three Queer Brothers are organizing ongoing times to meet in order to inform and inspire each other.
Singing Bear, Red Dragon and the Bees are organizing a conference for all who are deeply committed to the health and nurturance of the Good Green Earth.
Burr Oak, White Dragon and Inanna wish to meet with all who are committed to the restoration of the Sacred Traditions of the Sexual Arts. Yew Tree and Holly Tree would like to address the Red and Green Dragons on the earlier mentioned conference about Blood Work. From an unknown author, or possibly several, a€?The personal is political is not just for seventies feminists. I can never be truly liberated as a sentient being until I can be comfortable with the idea of being food for another sentient being.
Janus meets with Freya and Freyr to discuss the Nordic time versus the Latin view of past present and future and how it affectsA and or effects on divination. Black dragon, Kali and Anubis met to discuss increasing entropy and rot to handle all of the new compost that is will be needed.
Isis and Thoth meet with the White Dragon to discuss new types and methods of lore keeping and how to get beingness to recognize it. Ganesha dances the center with KokopeliA and offers a transformative performance piece to aid the committee on the sexual arts. Renewing old connection, learning new connections and deepening of relationships, especially with dragons.
Develop deep relationship with the dragons of your own bio region, those who dwellA  where you actually live your day to day life. Hera,A  the Gold Dragon, the Black dragon and the Three Queer Brothers are organizing a conference for all who are interested in the equitable distribution of wealth, power, abundance and plenty.
Ia€™ve had my favorites among the more contemporary performing songwriters -- Greg Brown comes most readily to mind -- but, for sheer longevity and ability to cover the big three in subject matter -- social commentary, satire, and personal relationships -- there just isna€™t anyone in his league. If you were to dream about an American everymana€¦ someone with the ability to verbalize every quality needed to uphold the ideals of democracy, then demonstrate it to the masses, this would be your guy. Wea€™d normally cover the artista€™s life story in an interview, but Tom has put it all down in print. Through high school, in an area where country music was king, it seemed that he was the only person who liked folk music. After a brief, unsuccessful stint in graduate school, Tom followed an impulse he now derides and joined the Army.
After his discharge from the Army, he was sitting in the Gaslight Cafe and was prodded to audition for an opening in the Chad Mitchell Trio.

Tom had begun working on and off at The Gaslight after his discharge, beginning a 9-month run on the 4th of July weekend in 1962.
In January of 1963, he got what he calls, a€?the biggest break of my life.a€? It was while he was playing at the Gaslight that he met Midge Cummings, the woman who would become his wife. In spite of Toma€™s prodigious songwriting ability, he watched others get record contracts while he went without.
Our observation of Toma€™s a€?deana€? of songwriters status is, of course, not without precedent. In 1963, just before Tom married Midge, he got his first invitation to sing at the Newport Folk Festival. After the British tour, with stops in Paris and Cannes, Tom and Midge returned to New York. During the 60a€™s when I was making my first attempt to join the legions of amateurs trying to play folk music, like many others, I made a€?The Last Thing On My Minda€? a part of my repertoire. The film segments on YouTube of Tom sitting at a table with Pete Seeger, chatting about his impetus for writing a song, then singing it, are treasures. Tom had a way to take a polarizing subject like the Vietnam War and present it in an a€?everymana€? fashion. One of his songs that I will always find haunting is a€?Crazy John,a€? written for John Lennon.
These include some songs that first saw the light of day during the 60a€™s and 70a€™s and came in handy during our current run of madness. Lyndon Johnson told the nation, have no fear of escalation, I am trying everyone to please.
He ends the narrative in his songbook with these words: a€?So I teach, I write and record, I travel and perform -- all with my partner, Midge, without whom none of this would be still be happening. Ia€™ve had my favorites among the more contemporary performing songwriters -- Greg Brown comes most readily to mind -- but, for sheer longevity and ability to cover the big three in subject matter -- social commentary, satire, and personal relationshipsA  -- there just isna€™t anyone in his league.
He played numerous showcases for Acoustic Live and took out ads with us for new CD releases. Gentrifying now at warp speed, in the 60a€™s and 70a€™s it was a winoa€™s heaven, a junkiea€™s paradise.
He also worked on the venerated 50a€™s TV variety show, Sid Caesara€™s Show of Shows, as a comedy writer, for a year and a half. His father would type the poems for him at first, but taught Paul to type, so he could do it himself. So, like many before him, Bob Dylan included, Paul dove into the maelstrom of words, astounded and inspired by what he found.
Paul would play outside the Orpheum, then a€?hita€? the intermission at the Astor Place Theater, before heading back to work the end of his shift at the Orpheum.
The City As School Alternative High School at Clarkson and Houston Streets in Soho was where they sent the misfits, kids who were considered unteachable in a a€?normala€? classroom. One night, when he was in possession of various illegal substances, in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was surrounded by the police and taken into custody. The cop who had arrested him drove him home and gave him some well-meaning, but double-edged advice: a€?Kida€¦ Stay out of troublea€¦ Dona€™t buy drugsa€¦ dona€™t do drugsa€¦ just drink!a€? Paul took this to heart and never used drugs again. For those three years he wrote all the songs and played in a a€?power folka€? acoustic group called the Contenders. While many listeners may hear the influences in his voice; Springsteen, coming back to his acoustic roots, John Hiatt, breaking through on Bring the Familya€¦ others will reach past those easy comparisons and see the poet beneath. Ita€™s no shock to learn that his drinking resumed.A  However, this time, a see-saw battle raged inside of him as he engaged in a form of a€?controlleda€? drinking. There was a new baby in the community, wrapped in one dark blue and one light blue blanket. Diana Bee told stories about how the Red Dragon informed much of early Earth Conclave magic: shit, compost, the mosquito spell.
We noticed that the Green Dragon is now targeted by the conservative movement for eradication. They also explored how to address the disconnect between science, spirituality, religion and magic.
Between the covers of his songbook, Tom Paxton, The Honor of Your Company, is a treasure trove of stories and photographs from his childhood and his career. When his dada€™s health began to fail, for his convalescence, the family moved to Wickenberg, Arizona, a locus for dude ranches. He first heard a€?Shenandoaha€? from the Fred Waring singers Even in that a€?dressed-upa€? version, it drove straight to his core. It wasna€™t until he got to the University of Oklahoma, that he discovered other classmates who shared his musical tastes.
While stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey, he whiled away the boring hours in a clerk typist class writing his first commercially viable song, a€?The Marvelous Toy.a€? While stationed at Fort Dix, he began visiting the clubs and cafes in Greenwich Village on weekends, crashing at the apartment of a former classmate. He won the slot, but it lasted only a week when his voice didna€™t blend well with the other two. With no record contract and not much money, initially the apartment was threadbare, with almost no furniture.
After four years, his manager, the legendary Harold Leventhal, convinced Electraa€™s Jac Holzman to listen to Tom. The workshops were hosted by Pete, who joined Tom on a€?Ramblina€™ Boy,a€? a real thrill for Tom. The folk clubs there were really clubs with memberships, not just commercial establishments that, in New York, might be nearly empty on a Monday. Along with others making it in folk, the college circuit opened up a new and better source of income than clubs. Of course, it would also speak reams to any college kid who wanted to wrap its meaning around his own scared, searching existence. Pete, the standard-bearer of the first American folk wave welcomes Tom, the most literate of the newer generation.
The tragedy of a€?Jimmy Newman,a€? for anyone ready to listen, reached across the gulf between the a€?longhairsa€? and their parents.
For those who attempt to run their con game on the American populace, Tom Paxton watches, ready to pounce and skewer the miscreants.
Though it isna€™t really war, I am sending 50,000 more, to help save Vietnam from Vietnamese. Tom has kept his touring at around 40 shows per year, so ita€™s a good idea to catch him any chance you have.
He first heard a€?Shenandoaha€? from the Fred Waring singersA  Even in that a€?dressed-upa€? version, it drove straight to his core. The tragedy of a€?Jimmy Newman,a€?A  for anyone ready to listen, reached across the gulf between the a€?longhairsa€? and their parents.
Onto the streets around Ninth Street and Avenue C, a young Paul Sachs walked, to make his acquaintance with the world. His powerful voice didna€™t set well with some bystanders, and he endured an occasional shower from a cup for water hurled at him and his guitar and case. He liked motorcycles, wearing leather, drinking, smoking, and using said recreational pharmaceuticals.

For a number of years he continued to play his music, while drowning his sorrow and fear in gallons of Southern Comfort. Continuing to stay connected to the performing arts, he had a job working at the Village Gate, handling the spotlight. One day, sitting on a rooftop with a pack of cigarettes and a couple of six-packs, he had a moment of insight. Do we add them to the book and then wait and see if they come up in oracle work for the group vs personal gnosis?
We cana€™t possibly include the myriad of experiences he relates or capture the range of wry humor, but will hit some of the high points. When most of us were young, many of us had dreams of being firemen, soldiers anda€¦ cowboys. He and his friends would borrow albums by Josh White, Theodore Bikel and Oscar Brand and share the job of transcribing the lyrics.
He got to hear acts like Ed McCurdy (an early hero), The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Josh White and Len Chandler.
Tom OKa€™d the use of his song a€?My Doga€™s Bigger Than Your Dog,a€? for a dog food commercial.
It was a thrill, even though that first time he was only slated to perform at two afternoon workshops.
Night after night, even Mondays, when Tom played, the club members packed the rooms (sometimes upstairs at a pub). What other songwriter could write: a€?Ita€™s a lesson too late for the learnina€™ made of sand, made of sanda€¦In a wink of an eye my soul is turnina€™a€¦ in your hand, in your handa€¦a€? Ita€™s fingerstyle patterns were perfect for a beginner learning new licks.
Seeing Pete join Tom on a€?Ramblina€™ Boy,a€? playing banjo and harmonizing in his high tenor, is a gift to all those who couldna€™t be there at Toma€™s first Newport Festival. As an injured soldier waits to ship out for home, he continues to entreat his unmoving friend lying in the next bed to, a€?Get up, Jimmy Newmana€¦ youa€™ve only to open your eyes,a€? we know his friend is dead.
His ignorance is met, first by an ultra-hip Captaina€™s, a€?Wassa matter witchoo, baybee?a€? and a€?Waddya think you been sittin on?
Tom still recalls the shock, fear and anger.A  Not long afterward, he got his first stringed instrument, a ukulele.
Night after night, even Mondays, when Tom played, the club members packed the rooms (sometimes upstairs at a pub).A  His album, Ramblina€™ Boy had preceded him there and people knew the songs. Seeing Pete join Tom on a€?Ramblina€™A  Boy,a€? playing banjo and harmonizing in his high tenor, is a gift to all those who couldna€™t be there at Toma€™s first Newport Festival. He and his friends created a safe haven, as best they could, playing in the streets and empty lots. Paul replied, a€?These are poems I wrote.a€? The teacher called him a liar, disbelieving that he could ever be capable of writing poetry. Others would approach guitar as a way to become the next Eddie Van Halen, but for Paul, the emphasis was on setting his poetry to music, writing songs. Hearing that, I said, a€?That musta€™ve take a thick skin.a€? a€?It still does,a€? he replied.
He came home for lunch one afternoon, to hear his father stumbling around in the bedroom and went to see what was the matter.
He spent three days in a€?The Tombs,a€? on an express track to Rikera€™s Island, where an uncertain end waited.
He could see his life stretching out before him, the alcohol coursing down his throat, year after year, over and over. Does each hearth-clan, all hearth-kin need to explore this particular style of Pagan Prayer Beads?
A The green dragon exhalesA and burns only the people invading and trying to take over the camp.
In 1956, he got a second-hand Gibson guitar for Christmas and it accelerated his growth as a guitarist.
Although he took some teasing for a€?selling out,a€? he managed to furnish the apartment with the money.
The first album, Ramblina€™ Boy, contains one of Toma€™s most covered songs, a€?The Last Thing On My Mind,a€? and a slew of others that found their way into many a folkiea€™s song-bag. The old bluesman was only three years from the end of his life, but was able to soak up the adoration of players and audiences in that time. About a year later, someone sat on it and, as he writes, it was a€?Aloha, the ukulele.a€? Soon after, an aunt in Chicago gave him his first guitar, dug out of the back of a closet. Still holding onto dreams of being a performing songwriter, I would occasionally play my own set. Danny was obviously suffering from some mysterious impairment -- he couldna€™t function well enough to tie his shoes.
In the mid-1990a€™s the Fast Folk Cafe was born and it was here that Paul found a sense of community and support for him as an artist. One night a rancher paid a visit and sang a cowboy song a€?Tying a Knot in the Devila€™s Tail.a€? It was a€?one more stepa€? in his growing love for folk music. Years later, he writes, with typically arch humor, that, down the road, he got to tell Burl, in person, a€?I just want to thank you for ruining my life.a€? He got no sympathy, he says. John played the Gaslight a number of times and Tom and others, lucky to be on the same bill, got to listen and absorb through many sets. One night a rancher paid a visit and sang a cowboy song a€?Tying a Knot in the Devila€™s Tail.a€? It was a€?one more stepa€?A  in his growing love for folk music.
The WW I soldiers shouted greetings to each other and exchanged small gifts.A  The false report to headquarters in the last line, a€?We have met the enemy and he has been smashed!a€? also recalls that the opposing soldiers in WW I recognized their foea€™s humanity in spite of objections from their superiors. They played a set of six grunge-style songs that Paul wrote, over and over, at high school events. He kept saying a€?I gotta go to worka€¦a€? Paul said, a€?No, you cana€™t.a€? and put him to bed.
Later, after some much-deserved success, theya€™d find a house in East Hampton, Long Island where theya€™d live for 27 years, except for three years (1970-1973) spent living in England and touring Europe. While ita€™s doubtful that much shared humanity was recognized by either side in a€?Nam, the common lot of all soldiers is certainly there in Toma€™s song. Paul had been listening to his records at home, particularly Verities and Balderdash, along with his father.
Then, before his eyes, his father, sensing that he was dying, said, a€?I cana€™t leave you nowa€¦a€? He died right there. Toma€™s ability to write songs for children is a strong part of his repertoire and catalog. Paul had called EMS, but they arrived too late to do anything except tell Paul that his father had had a stroke. The big hit from that album was a€?Cata€™s in the Cradle.a€? This was the first time Paul had ever seen anyone of this magnitude up close and it had a huge impact on him. On any one of my frequent runs to a store outside, to re-stock the snack bar, if he was playing, I could hear him from down the street.

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