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Since this is our last blog week for the fall I decided to do my hands down all-time favorite movie, The Fast and the Furious. This entry was posted in Passion Blogs and tagged fastandfurious, Lux, movies, passion, pisanibabich, rcl1314, week10 on November 7, 2013 by Kimmy Lux.
Despite my love of action movies I have manage to avoid watching these movies, and I am regretting that I never had! This classic action movie is not only all about the art of street racing, but so much more.
Vin Diesel (one of my favorite actors) plays the mechanic, street race legend, criminal, and somewhat mysterious Dom Toretto. Family isn’t always blood, family can also mean the people you are closest too and the ones who would have your back through anything. It sounds like these movies are not only engaging and entertaining, but also have a fairly deep meaning as well. Brain is assigned to go undercover to attempt to find the people behind a chain of truck burglaries by a team of highly skilled driver. I think everyone can relate to at some point where they wanted to press the accelerator down hard and drive as fast as they could.

The team of racers trust Dom to keep everyone safe, and to be almost like a “father figure” to the group. Brain begins dating Mia and thinks of the rest of the team as family which makes his job as an undercover cop even harder.
But the Fast Franchise, especially the first one has a story at the heart that makes them so great.
I have loved how you have chosen your favorite movies, even though they are not the most popular! Before I was allowed to drive a car my dad taught me how to change a tire, change the oil, jump a car when the battery died, etc. He sets his focus on Toretto and the rest of his team.  Dom is the best street racer in all of LA and is the leader of a group of really good drivers. The whole aspect of fast cars is defiantly an adrenaline rush and makes this movie so exciting to watch. Dom trusts his team to help him pull the jobs, and he trusts Brian (probably more than he should). While in no means do I consider myself a mechanic, I think I could hold my own if something happened to my car while I was driving.

Dom’s sister Mia and his girlfriend Letty (played by Michelle Rodriguez) are great characters.
The team is loyal to each other, and Brain is loyal to both the team, and to his job as a police officer. They aren’t just the typical girls who sit back and watch, they race, and can drive just as good as the rest of the team. No one can handle everything on their own trusting others is so important to keep balance in your life. Without those two the team would fall apart they both prove themselves important in the movie.
The rest of the team Vince, Leon, and Jesse are also great characters that their own flare to the team.

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