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About Alliance AbroadFor 20 years, Alliance Abroad Group has been helping international students and youth—just like you—turn wanderlust and dreams into enriching, real-life experiences around the world. Professor Adam Galinsky and William Maddux of the Kellogg School of Management conducted creativity tests on people who had lived abroad vs.
Students who have lived abroad are far better prepared for a global, multi-cultural business world. Living abroad fosters a sense of independence and adaptability, and prepares students to take on challenges they might not otherwise have approached. Finally, I’ve talked to hundreds of these students when they’ve returned from a summer in Australia. Readers of Living Abroad in Costa Rica sometimes email me with questions about starting a new life in Costa Rica.
I am 58, and have about 4 years before I can get Social Security, but have a bit of money in my 401k plan (I lost a fair amount in the stock exchange). Thanks for your note, and I’m glad Costa Rica dazzled you and provided some relief from rough times. The first thing I want to suggest is that you come back to Costa Rica, as soon as you can, for as long as your life will allow. If you come back and stay in one place for a few weeks, you should also think about enrolling in a Spanish course. Check out the Costa Rica craigslist to get an idea of what rental houses are going for in various parts of the country.  A quick look shows me several options within your budget. Your openness to living in some sort of intentional community also signals to me that you may be able to economize that way. The non-profit Fellowship for Intentional Community has a Costa Rica page that lists over 30 communities (and there are probably dozens more not yet on their list). Many note that they are in the process of forming, so now might be a good time to look into them–to get in on the ground floor, so to speak. I’ve worked with Angela Passman, creator of Guardian Angels Costa Rica and World Pet Travel, and I found her an excellent resource for news and tips on how best to bring your pets to Costa Rica. This approach could cost you a bit more (furnished short-term rentals go for more, and each move will cost a bit), but it is better than shipping everything at once and then finding out that you really don’t like where you landed. Don’t forget to have a cushion for things like medical and dental work, travel back to the states (family emergencies, for example), vet bills, etc. In my experience, I can tell you that I have been able to live a bare-bones existence for around $500 a month. Also, I would definitely do some more traveling and exploring, as CR has many different micro-climates. While you’re in Costa Rica I recommend checking out the work Feed My Sheep Association is doing in the Osa Peninsula, Tibas and San Miguel. Thanks Erin and all, I learned a lot, yes I know I have to learn Spanish .I am working on that now. We can help you with getting your babies to CR when you get ready for that hurdle in your life.
How do my wife Ora and I connect with Angela (above) to get more information concerning travelling with pets to Costa Rica? Dan, my significant other and I live in the country, with beautiful mountain views and super sweet neighbors. It’s pretty cheeky to tell someone in another country where you hope to be a permanent GUEST that you feel at liberty to haul your baggage of an unwanted social agenda into a society far less disfunctional than your own.
If you are an avowed leftist, why not move to one of the many societies in the world whose people thrive on a socialist agenda? I am spending my year abroad in Nanjing, China, the southern capital with a population of around 5 million.
It is also less expensive to live here than in a larger city, but it offers the same amount of foreign food, amenities, and infrastructure that you would expect of a modern city. Aside from learning some Chinese, you should prepare yourself mentally for your trip to China.
Carefully choosing a program based on what you want to get out of your abroad experience is very important.
Another way to experience Chinese culture is to be here for holidays, especially the New Year. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There are no bad choices among Italy’s cities and regions, though some are more practical than others. These pages highlight Italy’s two largest cities, Rome and Milan, each of which offers greater numbers of job opportunities for foreigners. Indeed, while the monuments are what initially attract foreigners to Rome, the Roman way of life is what makes it so hard to leave. For many foreigners, Milan is defined as a fashion capital, where models rush between sleek office buildings for photo shoots and others shop frantically to catch up with the trends. Milan is also the hub of financial services and the headquarters of the country’s biggest businesses. The northeast corner of the country, bound on the north by the Dolomites, on the south by the Apennines, and on the east by the Adriatic Sea, has produced some of Italy’s most prosperous cities, which enjoy a very high standard of living. Verona, for example, is small and picturesque, a fitting setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which may be a reason that many foreign couples, especially from Britain, have begun to call it home. Piedmont and Liguria contain the best that Europe has to offer, condensed into a mountainous corner. The two regional capitals of Turin and Piedmont don’t draw many tourists, but they do produce jobs. It is little wonder, then, that surveys regularly name Piedmont towns as offering the best quality of life, while the region of Liguria has an equally convincing claim to fame as home to the oldest inhabitants in the world. As Tuscany and Umbria outprice themselves, Le Marche has become the next frontier for foreign homeowners.
While the entire South may seem like a foreign country to the rest of Italy, there is something familiar about it for Americans.
I’ll grant you that Australians speak English, which makes the transition easier for native English speakers.
According to the Graduate Management Admission Test site, employers look for candidates with international experience for that very reason. How much would I need a year to live, renting a house somewhere in a town outside San Jose or around La Fortuna? I will take a stab at answering some of them, and hope that other readers will chip in with their two cents. Seven days gave you a taste of the place but you need to see and feel more before making the commitment to relocate.
Knowing (even a little of) the language will make your time in Costa Rica much easier and more rewarding.
There are communities focused on eco-sustainability, like Finca Las Brisas (near Nosara, on the Nicoya Peninsula) and Rancho Margot (on the shores of Lake Arenal), others focused on yoga and alternative lifestyles, like Pachamama, and even some that emphasize treehouse living, like Finca Bella Vista in the Zona Sur. He’s a southern boy born and bred, but his latest post is written from Mexico, and he spends part of the year in Belize. As it is mentioned above I would seriously recommend to spend a bit more time in country before making the final move. Perhaps (1) leave everything behind (motos, furniture, etc), and rent a small furnished place for a month. In addition to my luggage, I brought with me a Minnesotan way of living, cooking, traveling and shopping. I drove a car here from MN and while the trip was gorgeous, the process of nationalizing the vehicle was so byzantine that I actually tried to sell the car for parts.
It would behoove you to have an understanding of the variety of these before you make a decision to stay in one place. My advice is to just be a little careful rushing into a situation where it might be much harder to find a way out. We plan on getting our Pensionado Residence on arrival and lease our home in Texas for one year and rent a small house in Atenas or Grecia and hopefully we will make it our permanent home. Employers give 39 hour workweeks to avoid health insurance, require overtime work without paying, and since the jobs are disappearing, people have to just take it. If none spring readily to mind, perhaps it’s time to wonder why you think Ticos would welcome your presence.

I agree that to adapt to CR (or to any new place) you have to take the trouble to see it as it is and not as you might wish it to be.
The streets are lined with red lanterns, character posters, remnants of fireworks and offerings, and at nearly every corner fireworks are sold next to signs prohibiting their use.
I started learning Chinese in high school and have been studying the language for nine years, but most people I’ve met have either been learning for a year or two or are just beginning their study in China. For China, this is relatively small, especially compared to Shanghai and Beijing with populations around 20 million. There is a large expatriate community in addition to a large exchange student population, so if you are missing home or your native language you can easily connect. While Chinese hospitals are pretty up to date, China is still strongly influenced by eastern medicine, and therefore Advil, Pepto-Bismol, and Nyquil will be hard to find. Oftentimes a university will be partnered with another school abroad and offer courses that are matched one-to-one for credits, making it an easy transfer. Customs don’t take long, and thanks to the high-speed railway systems throughout China, going from Shanghai to Nanjing takes an hour and a half.
Tutoring and teaching jobs are in high demand here, and starting salary is RMB100 per person per hour (around US$15).
Most stores only accept cash and it will only be at international stores like IKEA that you will be able to use your credit card. Trying traditional Chinese medicinal practices is a great way to open your mind and experience the culture of the country.
Language partners and classmates make great friends, and they will show you around the city and take you to places you never would have gone to otherwise. The Jiangsu Sainty are the local soccer team in Nanjing and they have games every fall and spring.
Reading about the 15-day celebration is nothing like being in the middle of it, and the fireworks that go off, while making you feel like you’re in a war zone, is also magical. When you take taxis you don’t get a sense of where you are or how you got there, but when you walk you get to explore, take random turns, and find unexpected gems. China has so many different regions all with their special dishes, and you should try every one. China has public bathrooms all over the place, but none of them have toilet paper or soap. Stay open minded and try new things and you are sure to come back a more enriched and interesting person than you were before.
If you’re a career person, for instance, remote southern locations should probably be scratched off your list. Though it lies on roughly the same latitude as New York City, palm trees lazily grow out of ancient ruins, and the most you’ll need to wear in winter is a lightweight jacket.
These people have spent millennia identifying the essential and enduring elements of life, and the answers almost never include work. For that reason, it is known to Italians as a place to make money and a career, and that’s about it.
This Alpine lake is so well connected to the city, in fact, that many locals enjoy the best of both worlds by residing near paradise and working downtown.
Emilia-Romagna, traditionally the wealthiest regions in Italy, and the Veneto, once upon a time among the poorest, have little in common historically or culturally, but foreigners will find a similar style of life in these two regions today.
Expatriates have also flocked to Bassano del Grappa and other northern towns, especially since the provinces of Treviso and Vicenza house important military installations.
The region starts at the Alps’ tallest peaks, rolls through foothills that produce truffles and Barolo, and then melts into the Italian Riviera. Turin is home to the nation’s largest private employer, Fiat, which has fallen on hard times in recent years as car sales have sagged, but will always hold a place in history as a driving force behind the Italian economy in the 20th century. The secret to longevity, its centenarians say, is a relaxed lifestyle and one glass of wine per day. There are loads of bargains in this mountainous region by the sea, although admittedly it is further away from international airports than its famous neighbors. This is the Italy the rest of the world came to know when mass emigration emptied out its rural towns at the turn of the 20th century. Campania, Puglia, and Sicily have still failed to catch up with the rest of Italy, if they care to do so at all. And when they return, simply by virtue of having lived abroad, they’ll be more creative, more innovative, better able to devise solutions to problems than they would have been otherwise.
Their research, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, showed ones who lived abroad were better problem solvers and demonstrated more creative insight than the other students. They had made new friends and discovered things about themselves and their capabilities and passions they might never have discovered in the comfort of their own culture and geography. At the time I was going through some rough times (death and divorce), and I decided to travel to Costa Rica to just get some relief. I came on my own, and found that struggling to make a new life in an unfamiliar place had the added benefit of helping me regain my confidence that I could do more than I’d come to expect of myself. It takes many people to answer these kinds of questions-they touch on everything from cost of living to transporting pets to medical care. Maybe spend a few weeks in the Arenal area to see if it’s for you, then come back again and explore some of the towns closer to San Jose. Whatever happens, Dan, buena suerte (good luck) and keep us posted on your progress towards a new life.
This means changing your diet, growing your own food, not traveling very much and using public transportation. Get to know more of the positives and the negatives, bit more of everyday life, talk to some expats and their experiences living in CR. I’ve never been there, but it is a very beautiful area, and there may be some like-minded people that could give you first hand information. I realize I just cannot run away from here I have to make preparations,I still have a house here I have to figure out what to do with it, rent it or sell it? I have been planning my future in Costa Rica for the last 4 years and plan on living the rest of my life there and am not concerned about the money issues as much as some due to good planning. I also went to a preparedness convention recently and met a man with Swiss America who advised me on how to transfer money legally to whatever country I want to which was a concern… how to do it and be legal. We’ve done the math, traveled several times to CR, looked at several different areas and consider it a beautiful country but not always easy to live in.
I think that foreigners who come to China without previously studying the language are very brave because they come here and cannot understand a thing, but through immersion they also learn very quickly living in a Chinese-speaking environment. If you want to do an internship, look for a program that specializes in placing students in their field of study. If you choose a program without consulting with your advisor it might not be an approved program, which will make it more difficult to transfer credits. Teaching experience is preferred if you are teaching a class, however most individuals just want to practice their spoken English because many Chinese schools emphasize reading and writing over speaking and listening. Make sure that you have sufficient money in your checking account, and take out money in larger sums to avoid lots of surcharges (US Bank has a Chinese partner, but most other banks do not).
When you get to China you should sign up for a QQ account, the Chinese version of instant messaging. The skies light up, children run around in the empty streets, and you get a sense of how community-oriented China continues to be in the midst of its modernization. A waiter might suggest a few specialties, but you’re always going to wonder what you missed.
Other places, like the choicest towns in Tuscany, will be financially out of reach for the average homeowner. Millions of Americans come to this hub of Western Civilization every year, and many of them refuse to leave. On any given afternoon, well-dressed Romans will let the hours roll by at lunch, then glide off on their motorini to their next appointment with pleasure. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Milan stole the fashion-capital title from Florence, and it is now the home of the big-name labels and all the catwalk shows that count. Yes, it looks a little drearier than the nearby Riviera or the Alpine scenery just to the north, but the indoors lifestyle contributes to the city’s mystique. The suburbs of Brianza, which stretch from the city limits to the lakeshore, are attractive in their own right. Both are composed of comfortable, medium-sized cities boasting world-class universities and hospitals, with fertile farms and vineyards surrounding them.

If you choose to live in Emilia-Romagna, the greatest hardship you’re likely to face is picking the city itself. In late spring, you can ski snowy slopes in the morning and bask by the Mediterranean in the afternoon, stopping off for some excellent wine and cheese in between. It and the region’s high-tech industry ensure that Piedmont will never be just another pretty place to visit.
Turning onto a dirt road, you see your house come into view: a stone-walled villa with a large garden and a vista over the hills. There has been some progress in cleaning up organized crime (without which, the national statistics bureau likes to point out, the South would be on financial par with the North). Or, for that matter, than their fellow classmates who stayed home, according to a lot of recent academic research. For example, Americans tend to share how hard they worked to get something done in order to gain appreciation. And under them all is a deeper question: How can I live a simpler but more satisfying life? And you can start to pare down now, even though you still have a few years to go before you plan to move. Check out his posts, like Moon Over Gringo Gulch, It Ain’t Easy Being White, and Escape from America. I am not wealthy by no means so I have done these things with a salary that befits any average American.
My better half is of Mexican decent and speaks Spanish but a little rusty,I Myself will need some classes on arrival.As I read the Blogs and Forums on how to adapt to CR I believe that absorbing their lifestyle will be the key on making it last, and much more enjoyable. Costa Rica has a system in place to not only protect workers but has a socialised healthcare system that Americans will never have (Obamacare doesn’t come close). I walk along the street to my house, exchanging greetings with neighbors and strangers, occasionally getting a response, but mostly met with surprised stares. Learning when the city is at its busiest (in the mornings from 7 to 9, from 12 to 2 in the afternoon, and at night from 4 to 6) will help you navigate your way around and know when to avoid highly populated areas. CIEE offers great programs for working and traveling, and Nanjing University, the university that I studied at, has a large and renowned study abroad program run by the Institute for International Students.
Offering to be a conversation partner is also a great way to practice your Chinese and make some friends! There is nothing quite like standing on the seats and jumping and chanting with hundreds of Chinese people.
Only try foods that are hot (so that the germs are boiled away), and always boil or buy your water (the tap water isn’t safe to drink un-boiled).
The streets in both places are so crowded with English-speakers in the warmer months that it hardly feels like you ever left home. The aura of the ancients is present in every little act of modern life in Rome, whether it is setting an appointment to meet friends in front of the Pantheon, driving to work on the Appian Way, or coming home late at night to your apartment behind the Colosseum.
Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, and Parma are all very comfortable places to live, with blossoming industry and a transportation infrastructure that is second to none.
But Southerners don’t seem to be in any hurry to reverse their fortunes if it means changing their pace of life. In fact, when asked to share stories of their time abroad, at the same time students who hadn’t traveled recounted stories of some other learning experience in a new place, the travelers were far more creative after the exercise…as evidenced, apparently, by their ability to draw cooler space aliens. Australians are more likely to de-emphasize the work they did, to gain appreciation by showing how easy it was for them to accomplish it.
I have always been a man of the left (social democrat, democratic socialist, trade union type).
I would also need to buy into the national health insurance; would that be about $60.00 a month? And since you’re interested in the La Fortuna area, check out this Arenal-area community forum.
You need connections which you cannot find if you do not speak Spanish, or at least are on very good terms with a friend who does.
It also means being part of a network of like-minded people and especially Costa Ricans with a campesino-style of life. I have already bought and paid for a small home ( 1000 sq ft ) that I am truly in love with and also 2 cars which are also paid for therefore I will have no rent or car payments of such.
I’m sure he will be a wonderful addition to any neighbourhood and to Costa Rican life in general!
They have regular programs beginning each semester and short-term summer and winter break programs.
Many businesses and attractions have discounts for students, so be sure to carry your ID on you! The eternal monuments are a constant reminder of the greatness of this city and the wisdom its people have attained through the centuries. This feature of daily life will be off-putting to those who demand efficiency, but for those armed with sufficient patience and seeking a relaxed lifestyle, there really is no other place to be.
Terni, for example, is an oft-overlooked corner of Umbria, which is surprising when you consider that it is only 40 minutes from Rome by train.
Family values are still very strong, and old traditions like chivalry have never disappeared. These and other differences force students to stop and think consciously about the way they operate with people of other cultures, rather than just accepting that the American way is the “right” way. I own two motorcycles–I would ship both to Costa Rica, also mountain and racing bicycles. That rules out urban areas and anything having to do with so-called developers who prey upon gringos. I do have the cost of up keep of the cars and the taxes on the house etc etc but no where near the cost of renting a home or having to give up the luxury of having a car.
We are considering Lake Arenal because we don’t want to have to use air conditioning all the time and neither of us loves heat and humidity so the mountain areas are perfect for us. We must respect the CR culture and people even if we might disagree with them sometimes as is the case in USA also. Look around; in a city as large as Nanjing there are many opportunities to find a program that fits your needs. Another great way to save money is by eating at small restaurants or buying food at markets and making meals at home.
Those with discerning taste and a penchant for epicurean pleasures need look no further than Emilia-Romagna. It’s also not too far from Perugia, a mecca for foreigners, thanks to its university.
The point might be that when students were asked to negotiate a solution between a buyer and seller with incompatible price points, the ones who had lived abroad were better able to negotiate a solution that worked.
We have owned one of our cars for 4 years and have spent very little money on maintaining it. We are the ones that must try to fit in if we’re to be accepted by our Costa Rican neighbors. Foreign food can be expensive and Chinese food is so much better than what you think it is (Americanized Chinese food is almost nothing like the real thing)! If you know any community or communal style living, like a religious or spiritual group, I may be interested. Veneto and Tuscany have so much to offer outside of their famous capitals that you might as well take advantage of these lesser-known places and live like a local, saving the tourism in Florence and Venice for weekends in the off-season.
You can always (assuming you leave your things in some kind of storage) bring down more stuff whenever you visit MN. I also cannot recommend enough that you learn to speak and understand conversational Spanish before you move. Of course, you’ll still have to get used to the Tico accent and all the slang they use. I don’t recommend buying a Costa Rican Spanish book (there is at least one that I know of).

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