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My book is called The Secret Life of a Binge Eater – How to Beat Binge and Emotional Eating For Life. If it speaks to you, get the book and if you feel it could help other people I’d love it if you share the link. Anyway, as mentioned above I’d already been working for some time on what I want to live my incredible life and incredible business in 2013. But today, and particular after the last few weeks of reflection, planning and dream-creating, I’m thinking beyond even the detail of goals. I really encourage you to do the same in your own life, to dream big and make life happen on your terms. As my business has grown my level of personal input both physically and emotionally has grown accordingly and it’s become the norm for me to operate on sub-par sleep, too much coffee, too much adrenalin, always 8 windows open at once. And it’s what has allowed me to create so many wonderful books and programs within a short period of time. My business vision for this year is to inspire at least 10,000 women to change their lives in a big way. My vision is to be a guide, a source of motivation and inspiration to you in living your dream life, in pressing play in all areas; not just the physical. If you’d like to work one on one with me, what I do is I work with you intensively through private coaching sessions.
I’ve lived a life of pushing myself to train day in and day out even when exhausted, of putting Bikram yoga or the gym ahead of social stuff or family stuff in cases where I haven’t had time for both, of monitoring and thinking about what I eat both before I eat and after I eat it, and you know what? By letting go of the need to control every part of who I am physically, I’ve actually found much greater control and happiness. The other thing with money for me is that up until recently I’ve prided myself on being busy, a superwoman, doing more than everybody else.
I’ve held the (false) belief that being successful financially has to mean a LOT of time and emotional sacrifice. I’ve set some pretty audacious financial goals for this year and I feel really good about them.
In my business this ties in with what I said above, about choosing to work less, to work on the 20% that makes a difference and to trust that after all I’ve done I do know what that 20% is.
We’re also talking about things like taking off for a year and traveling the world, or maybe 6 months traveling Aus. Opening with the instrumental “African Breeze,” Butler reinterprets an early work featured 30 years ago in the film The Jewel of the Nile.

I’ve been consumed with 2 things and have let a lot of things slide in the meanwhile. I’d also love to hear from you after you read the book, either with an email or comment here or if you really loved it then an Amazon review would be amazing! Truthfully I’ve never really done it at all, the reason being that I tend to set goals constantly through the year and so end of year is really no different. Other parts will, I hope, inspire you to look at your own goals and expectations in a different light.
I’ve thrived on living that way, on knowing how much more I get done in a typical day than the average person. Also because I realised that a high majority of my Biosignature coaching sessions had actually morphed into life and discovery coaching sessions of their own accord. My writing is my biggest focus for this year, as I mentioned mainly I want to finally get all the books I’ve written up on Amazon.
And I can see that even at the times where I was physically pretty much perfect, I still didn’t see myself that way at the time.
I’ve bought a few more sets of dumbells for home and am doing most of my workouts lately at home. For years it’s been my dream to make a living as a writer, working only an hour or two per day from cafes and having an otherwise very spontaneous and blessed life. I used to hold this stuff back from him as I thought he’s not into that sort of stuff, that he would think it a waste of time.
I’m consciously doing only the work that counts, doing only the stuff that makes a big and lasting difference in all areas of my life. I’ve stopped feeling as though I have to pay off all my debt right NOW in order to be a worthy person. Now living in Los Angeles, he reflects on life’s struggles and blessings on his latest album Living My Dream. On the contemplative instrumental “Be Still,” he enlists George Duke on piano and Marcus Miller on bass. And for the first time I feel okay about sharing the truth about how I see our lives going, not just with Enzo but also with you and the world. Logically I know that people can be wealthy without being workaholics and also whilst being nice and giving people! I actually participated in 2 rounds of The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and also did some private mentoring with Denise.

Whereas his previous release Grace and Mercy explored the gospel side of jazz, this time around Butler returns to urban contemporary jazz, offering 11 tracks interspersed with his soulful R&B vocals. I must admit I’m quite proud to have come as far as I have without ever writing a business plan! I’ve also found that when you start looking at why you want what you want physically, you then start to address what you actually want in your life. I feel as though I’ve been holding off on this one big dream of mine for EVER and now that I’m *there* nothing is going to hold me back! Women who know they want more and know they can have more but yet aren’t sure where to start. I can go to the gym because I think I’ll have a better workout there, but it requires 2 hours out of my day really (I always end up wandering the shops a bit!) and means I put my daughter in gym daycare. I’m now opening myself to the possibility that that can also be my reality, that I no longer have to keep paying my dues or that success no longer has to be a struggle. This is a very soft announcement but we are offering a 33% discount to the first 10 ladies who take up Biosignature coaching in 2013!
And finding somewhere within themselves, finally, not only the belief that they can change their body and their life but also the big WHY as to why they would want to.
Or I can do an equally killer session in my garden while she plays around me on the trampoline or naps. This has meant being open with Enzo about how much money I spend in my business but also about the direction it’s taking, and what that requires of me as well as of him. And I have worked my butt off to get to where I am, but the truth is that I’m now at a point where I really am living my dream life. I know how to get a bit leaner in a week if I want to, and I can also trust in my body’s ability to do right by me if I do choose to eat a little chocolate each day!
Previously this felt too hard for some reason, I felt as though I had to be in the right environment to push myself, and without interruptions.
There’s a video with me on the bootcamp page, in which I talk about how working with Denise increased my income by over 60% in a 6 week period!

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