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And if the admonition is to live more simply, why in many cases is the verbiage used to explain what this means and how to accomplish it so convoluted, esoteric, and hard to follow?A With Life Lived Simply, Ronald Hays has written an invitingly simple, yet engaging and practical, blueprint for helping you to simplify your life. Right from the start, his casual, everyday language defines what Simple is and how to Simplify in a way that allows each to be clearly understood by everyone. From there, he shares how to meditate, use positive thinking, and connect consciously with a Higher Power in order to create simplicity in the three core areas of life: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

It is part meditation book, part positive thinking book, and part spiritual book all rolled into one.A Ronald explains that the keys to living a simple life are implementing common sense and having a conscious relationship with the Divine. The challenge in this world of bigger and better and flashier is that common sense has trouble keeping its appeal.
Once your simple life is created, like a house, it will need maintenance and periodic modifications to ensure that it continues to remain simplified and provides you with the benefits of living simply.A Through analogy, fascinating and fun exercises, and easily applied tools, Life Lived Simply provides you with deeper understandings of your mind, body, and spirit, and the practices to apply these in your everyday life.

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