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Our life is so little so we should enjoy every moment of our life we should spend our time by saving beautiful memories. Life is too much complicated so we have to become a strong we have to face many issue or problems in our daily challenges we must be papered for every problems. You can also use these amazing life quotes as wallpaper for your desktop or you can use these mind –blowing quotes on your bedroom wall as advice for your children hope so you like these pictures enjoy your life and don’t let it go like that enjoy every moment of life.
But, today I’m jumping up and down celebrating the fact that my book, Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life is finally published – out in the world, for sale, and available for everyone to read! It is a dream come true that began almost 4 years ago in 2008, when a colleague of mine, Hallie Crawford, wrote a book. I said to myself as I read the news in her latest newsletter.  “How could she have written a book?
In that moment, using one of my favorite coaching tools myself – turning jealousy into inspiration – I knew that I was going to write a book.  I, too, had something important to share!

This book is for you, amazing mom!  I wrote this book because I resolutely believe that everyone – every single person – can live a vivid and extraordinary life that they LOVE – even you!
When you read the book let yourself be inspired by the very real client and personal stories. Writing and publishing this book is amazing and is definitely something to celebrate in a big way!  And, I will do just that, I promise!  And, at the same time, my Vivid Living journey is just beginning. What is one thing you can do today, and each and every day this month, to get yourself closer to realizing it? If you haven’t yet, then begin your Vivid Living journey today.  Buy my book, do a coaching group, get some individual coaching, or just go make YOUR dreams come true! Ups and down are the part of our life we should fight with our problems and we should have courage to solve these problems and get rid from these issues. Here I m presenting for you 26 best life quotes which will defiantly help you in different problems and give to courage how to solve your problems as well as to motivate you how you can handle your life by applying these quotes on your life.

Did I have what it would take to go through revision after revision – edit after edit – hurdle after hurdle? This book is designed to give you the tools you need to do it – to live your uniquely vivid and extraordinary life.  You’ll find the tools here to figure out what that looks like.
The most important part of the journey is ahead of me now – the part where I share my passion, my dream, and my belief that everyone can live a vivid and extraordinary life and share the tools to actually do it, around the globe. And you’ll find the tools here to actually go and live it.  You’ll learn how to tap into the innate wisdom of your body and how to combine that with the wisdom of your mind to trust yourself more solidly than you ever thought possible.  It will make your path clearer and make the journey so much more fun!

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