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The primary aim of the new Michigan Lottery was to provide funding from its revenues to assist state education programs.
The Michigan State Lottery is also one of the states that participates in the multi-state lottery - Mega Millions. Classic lotto 47 is drawn every week on Wednesday and Saturday evenings with the draws taking place at 7.29pm local time. Jackpots for the Classic Lotto 47 always start out at $1 million and increase each time the top prize is not won. There are other cash prizes to be won as well, for matching either 5 of the numbers drawn, 4 numbers or even just 3.

So, playing the Classic Lotto 47 is easya€¦just select your own 6 numbers or let the computer randomly generate them for you.
The overall odds of you winning any prize in the Classic Lotto 47 are a very competitive 1 in just 47. Citizens right across the state of Michigan benefit from the funding made available by the Michigan State Lottery.
The Mega Millions consortium a€“ who administer the MEGA MILLIONS game a€“ and the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) a€“ who administer the POWERBALL game a€“ have entered into an historic cross-sales agreement across the USA.
All US Lotteries that previously sold MEGA MILLIONS tickets can now ALSO sell POWERBALL tickets.

This means that with effect from January 31st 2010 a€“ in addition to the existing MEGA MILLIONS a€“ USA Lottery players in Michigan will now ALSO be able to buy lottery tickets for the POWERBALL.

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