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We have heard about all the stories out there, where lottery winners have misplaced their winning tickets only to have to go on a massive treasure hunt to retrieve them.
Most of us already have a bucket list of what we would do and what we would spend our winnings on, should we win the millions promised by our lottery tickets. Whether it was greed or the mistaken notion that their winnings would never deplete, or sheer absent-mindedness, or the mistaken sense of ‘I can get whatever I want now’; but these ten have been lucky enough to win their millions and stupid enough to lose them all on their own accord! Most of them claim to have rifled through their trash, retraced their steps and even went so far as to turn their houses upside down in search for them.
Hamilton would have used it leading troops during the Revolutionary War and as an aide to Gen. Yet, almost everyone who buys a ticket knows, the hope of winning is much larger in the head than the actual probabilities of winning are.
For a lot of them, the hard search has paid off, with them finally staking claim over their monies, but there are a few unlucky ones out there who have been living with the thought that they may have lost their millions because of their absent-mindedness!

Still, the hope that each lottery ticket represents is enough to get us dreaming. So, everyone knows what they would do if they ever won the lottery, right?
Ian Galtress, an engineer from Merseyside, faced the very same emotions when he realized that he had lost his winning, one million pounds lottery ticket! You’d be surprised at just how many people have got it all wrong, despite having it all planned out in their heads. It goes up for auction in person, online and by telephone on what would have been Hamilton's birthday, Jan.
Yes, the usual spending of that large mansion, the fast car and the haute couture wardrobe are always there, but just because someone has won some money, does not actually mean that it is an inexhaustible supply! Well, because he had purchased another ticket for his girlfriend and it was just one digit away from his, which of course, turned out to be the winning one, when he had lost it! The opening bid is expected to be $10,000.Hamilton has lately become the unlikely subject of a smash hip-hop musical on Broadway that's the hottest ticket in town.

Written and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show tells the true story of how an orphan immigrant from the Caribbean rose to the highest ranks of American society, as told by a young African-American and Latino cast."Hamilton" was a sold-out sensation this year when it debuted at the Public Theater, with people paying well over 10 times the $120 ticket price and a crush of fans seeking tickets through a lottery.
There were 2,004 visitors in October 2014, compared with 6,735 in October 2015, Warren said.The Hamilton family was deeply in debt when he died in the duel, and his family had to sell many of his possessions. But the home, in the Hamilton Heights section of Manhattan named for Hamilton, does have several original furnishings, Warren said.___Associated Press Drama Writer Mark Kennedy in New York contributed to this report.

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