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The goal of the scratcher is to pick three of the nine circles to scratch off—and if all three match, you get whatever is revealed in the prize box at the bottom. As I pondered the promises of instant wealth (knowing full well that God could choose to bless someone with a winning Great Grocery Giveaway ticket), I was saddened at how quickly my heart attached itself to the hollow promise of instant wealth.
The views expressed on this weblog are of each individual contributor and not necessarily those of Regent University.Regent University assumes no liability for any material appearing herein. The Lottery Ticket – Movie Review 1 This entry was posted in Comedy Entertainment News Film Reviews movie critic review Movie Review Movies Now Playing Uncategorized Wide Release and tagged Bill Bellamy Bow Wow Brandon T. While on his way to work, Kevin’s Grandma (Loretta Devine) ask Kevin to stop off and but a lottery ticket, since the jackpot is over $300 million dollars. Feeling down, Kevin goes and gets the lottery tickets using his numbers and another set of numbers he found on a fortune cookie. Unfortunately, Kevin can’t tell anyone and he won over a holiday weekend so he has to get through 3 days until he can claim his prize. See it in the Theater or Rent it on DVD: Save this one for a rainy day or RedBox or Netfilx rental. It’s not an actual lottery ticket, mind you, but rather a scratch & win ticket from The Great Grocery Giveaway. After my kids unsuccessfully scratched through half the stack, I grabbed one and, using my fingernail, scratched off three circles really fast and, lo and behold, all three matched!

There’s always a part of me that’s looking for an escape—and escape from the demands of work, from the expectation of being a good provider for my family and from the reality of having to trust God daily to meet my needs. My kids thought I was superman and immediately exclaimed, “Daddy, scratch the prize box to see if we’re rich!” All of a sudden, the possibility of winning up to $250,000 warmed my soul and placed a spark in my eye.
I am sorry you didn’t win, but it was probably just so that we could still be friends.
Instead reality is that he’s broke, works at Foot Locker and is secretly in love with his best friend (who’s a girl) but will not own up to it. As Benny and Kevin make their way through their neighborhood, they encounter all sorts of blocks that makes Kevin late to work. The mall cops were called out and Lorenzo tried to frame it all on Kevin, but did not comply. Will Kevin be able to claim his money scott-free or will he come up against ever test known to man to see where his fortune really lies? Although sold as first a comedy, it does a good job of showing the greed and animalistic nature when it comes to money. For some reason, the checkout gal at Food Lion handed me a stack of 47 of them the other day. I want my heart to be energized by the grace and hope of Christ—and the love that’s been shed all over it by the Spirit of God (Rom.

One of those blocks, a local thug, Lorenzo (Gbenga Akinnagbe ) has been released from prison and wants Kevin to hook him up with free Jordan shoes.
How the one that is the most good hearted person can be turned to an untrusting, selfish person at the turn of a dime.
So I brought the stack home, handed my kids a few coins and ordered them to start stratchin’ so we could start winnin’. The fact is that the cash prize awaiting me is probably $1.00—like most of the other Great Grocery Giveaway tickets.
For, indeed, even if that veiled prize box were to reveal the grand prize of a quarter million dollars, deep down I know that, apart from the Spirit of God, every post-tax cent I got would eventually disappoint me.  And to the degree that I place my hope in such potential idols-in-the-making is the degree to which my contentment for the life God has graced me with is sabotaged. What I loved about this winning ticket (besides the fact that I wasn’t officially gambling because I didn’t pay for this ticket) is that it gave me the power of hope—hope for the promise of a better life. This hope energized me, causing me to daydream and fantasize about what life could be like for me and my family if we became instantly rich.  No more tightening of the belt every month.

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