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The 2010 film Lottery Ticket is a comedy that has much more underneath the surface than one would expect.
In this critical review we will be looking at the entirety of the 2010 film Lottery Ticket.
The movie follows the story of the main character, Kevin Carson, who is played by Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. Erik White says in an interview with Voice of America News that he wrote Lottery Ticket with the intention of making a film with a deep meaning, but still components of comedy.
The primary myth illustrated in Lottery Ticket is the way the African-American culture is portrayed. Lottery Ticket takes place in a neighborhood that is a very stereotypical “hood” that would be in a predominantly African-American part of the city. The slang used and the way the characters talked was another stereotype that was prevalent in the movie. Another stereotype is that the women all dress in provocative, racy clothing and appear as sexy. One significant event that was left out of the movie was what happened to Lorenzo after Mr. Another omission from the movie that leaves interpretation for the viewer is what else Kevin does with his money in the future.
Meanings and Possible Interpretations:Lottery Ticket portrays African Americans in a way that makes them look lazy and dangerous. Comparison With Rational Models: This movie has so many universal stereotypes that we have seen so many times in portrayals of African American urban communities. Potential Effects (Harm):Lottery Ticket can give people the wrong idea about the projects that Kevin lives in. I don’t think that Hollywood would implement my idea, but I think they should consider making endings to movies more creative and less predictable. I know this has happened in a couple movies I have seen, but I cannot recall a specific one even after researching. Personal Harm from Myth: These “myths” about African American culture can be harmful to our society and can lead to racism. After winning the lottery many people choose to take a vacation or holiday to some place nice. While this isn’t an item that you buy, it is one of the first things that lottery winners choose to spend their money on. For many the dream of owning a Ferrari is too good to be true, but if you win millions in the lottery, you can have one. Whether they be stock options, bonds, a piece of a company, or just some money left to sit in the bank and collect interest, investments are another thing that lottery winners most commonly buy.
Research has also indicated that most lottery winners are kind individuals that want to give gifts for their friends and families.
A new home is, unsurprisingly, the most common thing that lottery winners spend their money on. Those that win it big can now afford to own mansions and premium homes in nicer areas.
I’d pay off my student loans, buy myself a house (am currently renting), and my dream car (a Prius C). A modest house, a simple car, pay off my debts, do some traveling of small consequence, then come back home and finish my degree, and pay for my daughters’ educations.
Depending on the size of the win, I would definitely need a lot of professional financial help. Yeah, because if you won tens of millions of dollars you somehow wouldn’t have enough money to both take care of your family AND help the needy.
Then you would be a rich 1% person and according to the OWS types , you need to have it forcibly taken from you and redistributed in all the ghettos and liberal towns in the country !
Overall, it plays off of many stereotypes in an attempt to convey its message to the audience. After an unfortunate encounter with the neighborhood bully, Lorenzo, he finds himself in a bit of a slump.
This church service, as everything else is turning out to be, ends up asking for some of Kevin’s funds.
He was quoted saying, “I really wanted to get across a story with some moral fiber to it, to give people something to think about when they leave the theater” (Silverman). The movie takes place in a city, and the main setting is the neighborhood where Kevin lives. The sound of the voices were stereotypical to how other African-Americans in the projects are portrayed in Hollywood. This is a stereotype not limited to race, and shows up all over media outlets and makes women of all different races and ethnic groups seen as sex objects.
The fact that everyone in their lower class neighborhood was African American gives them a bad reputation because it shows that all white people are too good to live there and only African Americans would live in such a place.
People are unemployed, everyone has a gun, people go nuts at Church, and everyone asks Kevin for money when they heard about his new found wealth.

The fact that every person they show in their community is an African American could make people think that that’s how all African Americans live. It was an all African American cast and it was supposed to appeal to an African American audience.
After a fistfight erupts in the middle of a heavily populated area, Kevin is on the ground with Lorenzo standing over him. If I were the director I would have chose a different way in which this scene could be recreated. The fact that this movie featured many hip hop artists such Lil Bow Wow, Ice Cube, and T-Pain almost made it seem like a hip hop music video where all the girls act like objects and all the guys have to assert their masculinity. The lack of diversity in this movie only gave people more of a reason to think less of African Americans when we shouldn’t be thinking that at all.
For doing virtually nothing aside from purchasing a few lottery tickets, it’s pretty great when you are granted a large sum of money. From student loans, medical bills, to credit card debts, lottery winners also spend a chunk on their money to pay off their various debts. According to data and research from Camelot and Oxford Economics, a new car or even multiple cars is one of the most common purchases that lottery winners make. If you win hundreds of millions of dollars, you can choose to spend the money, or save and invest some of it.
These gifts can range from new cars, boats, or a new house to even paying off a family members mortgage, for example. Now more taxes come along with this, however if you are living in a small apartment and then win a few million dollars, you’re probably going to upgrade your living space. Set up college funds etc for my children and their closer cousins, pay for private schooling, etc. Buy a house in the USA and move my parents into it, big enough to house me and my family when we visit from Australia. The Lottery Ticket es la proxima comedia dirigida por Erik White y protagonizada por Bow Wow, Ice Cube y Brandon T.
It aims to cause viewers to think about many hard-hitting issues, such as urban struggles and how shallow humans can be.
Kevin’s true friends and family consist of his best friend Benny, his other best friend Stacie, and his grandmother. The people in charge of his company, along with himself, are his true friends who stuck with him through everything. Stereotypes are viewed in most aspects of the setting, as the neighborhood is a stereotypical ghetto with a bunch of thug-looking guys wearing du-rags and blasting hip-hop music. The whole movie focused on how much of a bad boy Lorenzo was, and the fact that he just got out of prison. However, as a viewer I was curious to see what else Kevin might do with the money he won from the lottery. Despite the negative stereotypes portrayed in this movie, there are some good messages that the movie teaches. The worst stereotype displayed is the gold digging woman who tries to act like she has feelings for Kevin, but really only wants to have sex with him without him using a condom so that he can get her pregnant and she can get money from him. Also, the way people act around Kevin before and after he won the lottery gives people a bad impression of selfishness in the African American community.
It’s just that the stereotypes portrayed in this movie are so cliche and it doesn’t make African Americans look good at all. Fortunately this film was a spoof or else it could give a very negative portrayal of African Americans.
Personally, I can do this by talking to people when I hear the use of a stereotype or racial slur.
Winning a few thousand dollars in a lottery is exciting, but there are many other there that have won hundreds of millions of dollars in larger lotteries.
Cruises to the Caribbean, extended holidays in Europe, or renting an expansive villa somewhere in Fiji are examples of the types of vacations that lottery winners opt to go on. This is obviously a no brainer and once your debts are paid off, you can live a more care-free lifestyle not having to worry about those types of things. Even if they only won a couple thousand dollars, lottery winners almost always spend their money on a new car. Many people opt for the latter and set up investments for themselves, their friends, and their children to ensure they will live comfortably down the road. I would help out family and friends, then if some was left over, some might go to a couple of deserving charities. Jude’s Hospital , Wounded Warriors Project , Salvation Army , Catholic Charities , and numerous food banks around the state . He uses the lucky numbers from this fortune cookie to purchase a lottery ticket, despite him not believing in it.
When Kevin tries to cash in his ticket, he sees a sign saying the store is closed for the weekend because of the July 4th holiday.

After having an epiphany about how he should spend his money, they almost have a passionate relation; it gets interrupted by Stacie’s mother.
It’s very stereotypical and not always true, making a very hasty generalization about the predominantly African-American neighborhoods in cities. Everywhere the camera pans and changes scenes there’s hip-hop music playing in the background. For example, one of the characters says to Kevin, “N****, you can’t put rims on a helicopter. It shows the importance of selflessness giving back to your community when they are in need. The truth is that there will always be lower class people living in the projects, and there will always be greedy people who only care about themselves. There are some good morals behind this movie that Kevin displays, such as knowing who your true friends are and never forgetting where you came from.
If I see similar things in other movies I can contact the media outlet and share my beliefs with them. When you go from making maybe $75,000 per year to having a bank account filled with $300 million dollars, for example, this opens you up to many new possibilities. When you win $150 million dollars, that $20,000-per-night villa located on the beach in Mexico is suddenly attainable. While I certainly would do the same, there are many things to consider about owning a high-end car like a Lamborghini. According to that same data from Camelot and Oxford Economics, around 30% of a lottery winners winnings are spent on some form of an investment. So one of Kevin’s newfound friends brings him to somebody else in order to get some extra cash from Sweet Tee. He meets up with Benny the next morning, and the set out to find Lorenzo and get the ticket back. Other stereotypes included was the bully-jailbird of the neighborhood, the slang and the way the actors in the movie were talking, and the use of the n-word between African-Americans. It’s the same stereotypical “gangster rap era” persona that every rapper had in hip hop and how African-Americans are portrayed in other movies.
Ain’t got no damn wheels!” as well as another time when the stereotypical, fresh out of jail badboy, references other stereotypes in culture.
Nikki and Kevin were about to have sex and Nikki basically told him she only wanted to have his baby to make money off of him. It leaves open interpretation to what happened, as he could have gone back to jail for assaulting Kevin and also attempting to steal his lottery ticket. When Kevin ends up with his money in the end, he stresses the importance in using that money to improve his neighborhood and improve the community.
This movie just didn’t do a good job showing that those kind of people can be of any race or religion.
I believe that if we make an effort we can curb the use of harmful stereotype that our society doesn’t need anymore.
Now obviously lottery winners are going to spend that money on a variety of different things that they couldn’t have afforded otherwise. Obviously the initial cost is great, but everything about maintaining it is also a lot of money.
No more 10-12 hour shifts for my sick mum, no more debts and loans, no more having to fear my relatives coming for us at any moment, no more worry of crackheads and drug dealers, my dog would have a yard to play in, and we’d have food stored up and maybe have a stocked bomb shelter in case something happens and we have to hide for a while.
It makes women look bad as a whole, since not all women are gold diggers like the movie makes them out to be. He always stands by his neighborhood, even when the neighbors kept trying to get a piece of his fortune. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this and there is no chance at completely abandoning them. It is known however, than many lottery winners end up going bankrupt as they seemingly cannot control their purchases.
Nearly all lottery winners end up quitting their jobs as they now have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. In almost every movie the villain is stopped just in the nick of time, usually coming down to the final seconds.
That’s love, man,” is what Lorenzo says to Kevin, while making more stereotypical comments about crime culture in neighborhoods.
He tells Kevin about how the riches that came with his career as a boxer only ruined his friendships.

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