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And one of the luxuries would be that once these practical matters are attended to, there really isna€™t a great deal of capital left. Will A?148m EuroMillions jackpot winner share his fortune with long-lost half brother he has never met? I needna€™t outline the well-documented dilemmas facing anyone who comes in to a large sum of cash, except to say that practically every person theya€™ve ever met will be in touch to offer their congratulations in the hope of a large cheque winging its way to them in the post. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. MPs broke cover for the first time to insist that Mr Clegg must go - with Vince Cable being tipped as his most likely successor. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. SCOTTISH mum Gillian Bayford and her husband Adrian have been catapulted to number two on the National Lottery rich list thanks to their staggering £148 million EuroMillions win.
They sit just behind Ayrshire couple Colin and Chris Weir who scooped over £161m in the same lottery last year.
Married for 30 years and with two children, the life-changing £161 million prize catapulted them into the Sunday Times Rich List above Beatle Ringo Starr and Sir Tom Jones.
Psychiatric nurse Mrs Weir, 55, and Mr Weir, 64, who worked as a TV cameraman and studio manager for 23 years, have reportedly bought a fleet of cars for friends since their win as well as a mansion.
Children's nurse Gillian, 40, and record seller Adrian, 41, from Haverhill, Suffolk, plan to fork out on a luxury trip to Disney World, while an Audi Q7 is also at the top of their wishlist. Adrian joked to his wife that he had not bought any tickets, before she told him to be quiet as she was trying to get their children to sleep as he celebrated the win. Dave Dawes, 47, a shift supervisor for Premier Foods, and Angela Dawes, 43, a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, hit the EuroMillions jackpot in October last year.
It was only the third time the couple, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, had played the Lottery. Self-confessed white van man Nigel Page, 43, scooped a cool £56 million in February 2010.
The skydiving enthusiast, who lived in a three-bedroom semi near Cirencester, Wiltshire, married his girlfriend Justine, 42, and moved into a mansion in the Cotswolds. One British ticket scooped the massive prize in February this year but decided not to go public. Unemployed mechanic Les Scadding, 58, and his wife Samantha Peachey-Scadding, 38, from Caerleon, South Wales, bought one of two winning tickets which shared a £90 million jackpot in November 2009. Grandfather Mr Scadding was £68 overdrawn on his bank account on the day he bought his lucky ticket and had also beaten testicular cancer. The other £45 million-winning EuroMillions ticket was bought by a syndicate of seven office workers based in Merseyside.

The winners - dubbed the Magnificent Seven - were employed by Hewlett Packard to carry out IT work at a BT office in Liverpool. Ms Carrington, 22, from Stapleford in Nottingham, banked the staggering total after matching all five numbers and two Lucky Stars in a EuroMillions draw in February this year. The Iceland store supervisor said she planned to marry painter fiancee Matt Topham, 22, in September following the Lucky Dip win.
Mansfield husband and wife Gareth and Catherine Bull scooped the bumper prize in January this year - less than three weeks before fellow Nottinghamshire resident Cassey Carrington won £45 million. Mr Bull, 40, a self-employed builder, said he planned to splash out on an executive box at Manchester United and a new carpet. The couple also said they planned to take their two sons, aged nine and 10, to Disneyland, Florida. LIBBY McRAE insists meeting Mo Farah brought her luck after she scooped over A?2m in the lottery. The modern-day fairytale of winning the lottery sometimes plays out more like a soap opera.
In addition to treating his family to the good life, Dampier wisely chose to invest some of his winnings into a successful gourmet popcorn shop in Florida.
He held onto this winning ticket until his divorce was finalized, which didn't go over well with his savvy ex-wife, who sued him.
He was broke and on disability when he won, but later said he preferred that life to the trail of controversy and destruction that followed his jackpot. On the day he was laid off from his tree-planting job, Gerald Muswagon bought a lottery ticket and gained a lot of friends.In fact he's said to have bought eight big screen TVs for them in one day. This retired taxi driver vowed to spoil his family but hea€™s now living in a seniors' home and his son and daughter-in-law are dead.
I suppose you would try and invest whata€™s left in the pot, and if that works out do a bit of what the Chancellor calls a€?sharing the proceeds of growtha€™ with some of the rest of the family. From now on, legions of lawyers and financial parasites will be forever trying to wrestle control of their fortune.So why bother confounding their fragile position by publically announcing their new-found wealth to the world as they did yesterday?Last night, newspapers received a legal warning from the Bayfords' solicitors, expressing concern about their childrena€™s privacy. Following their A?101 million win on the EuroMillions lottery, Dave and Angie Dawes of Wisbech revealed what they would do with the cash. In some cases, being a millionaire means being much worse off than before -- and not just financially. Post was $500,000 in debt within three months of receiving his first cheque, according to the Washington Post. Muswagon struggled with his new life, coming from rural Norway House with a criminal record dating back to 1981. But otherwise, everyone else who approaches cap in hand can be told that the larder is well and truly empty.

Bit late for that, dears!Not only have they already exposed them to public fascination, they have also chosen to let them know exactly how much money the family has.
Instead of doing what Dave and Angie have done and turning dozens of people into millionaires, the new idea is to make one or two richer than Ziggy himself. His business partner Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore was sentenced to life in prison for his shooting death in 2012. His legal drama wasn't over though -- Sobeski sued his ex's lawyer for libel over comments made to the Globe and Mail in 2005. After a legal dispute with his landlady over the ownership of the ticket, run-ins with the law, six wives and bankruptcy, he died in 2006.
He had trouble with alcohol and spent some time in jail for dangerous driving and sexual assault. Will these children now remain in school and embark upon fulfilling careers in the knowledge that they need never work? The summer before he hanged himself in his parents' garage in 2005, he was working on a friend's farm to support his girlfriend and six kids. For the Bayfords' sake, I sincerely hope so.These newly-minted millionaires seem like decent folk.
You could see that yesterday as they stood spraying champagne around, smiling in the knowledge that their lives would now never be the same.But sadly I cana€™t help feeling that sooner or later, the fizz is going to turn flat.
Not only has someone trousered a huge amount of money, but they have set about the process of spending it with significant good grace. Their first instinct was to share their largesse, do a bit of social engineering and turn Wisbech into a fenland Beverly Hills, awash with freshly minted millionaires. Maybe David Bowie should write a song about the laughable inversion of values these mega-wins produce.
Mind, even if such a ditty got to number one, he’d still be lingering well behind Dave and Angie in the rich list. But the revelation stung that our society rates the random selection of a group of numbers more than the provision of more than 35 years of unalloyed musical joy. David Bowie, a man who has produced a canon of work which has pepped up the lives of millions, who, in 1982 at the Milton Keynes Bowl presided over the finest 90 minutes of live performance I have ever experienced, a provider of solace, cheer and understanding throughout my life, is apparently not as valued as somebody who, while standing in their local newsagent, chose the right set of figures.

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