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We collect and use the information provided to us (on this form, via a web page, via a web application or by email) in order to provide advice, information, services, or assistance. When contacting us by email, we recommend that you only provide the personal information that you think we need to respond to your concern. It is the policy of the California Lottery to share your personal information only as strictly necessary to provide services or assistance.
You may review the records we maintain that contain your personal information, as permitted by the Information Practices Act. There are more than 22,000 Lottery retail locations across California.Find a Lottery retailer near you.
From Scratchers games vending machines to draw games terminals, learn about more ways to purchase Lottery tickets. We're committed to supporting California's communities by maximizing our funding for schools; leading in consumer protection and promoting responsible play. The Spreadsheets Direct South Africa Lotto Plus Checker file allow you to quickly check multiple lines of lotto numbers against historical results and pick your winning numbers based on past draw data, try number combinations out to see how lucky they have been and find hot and cold numbers.
The Line Checker sheet allows you to enter a single set of numbers and will show you all the times that any winning combinations of your numbers came up. The Multiple Line Checker sheet allows you to enter more than one line of numbers and quickly check them against any historical results by simply selecting a date from a dropdown, making it ideal for syndicates to quickly check their tickets.

The Most Drawn Balls sheet lets you see which are the hot and cold numbers from any given date. Lotto Number Predictor The predictor will produce a set of random numbers but will favour those that have come up most since the date you set.
Johannesburg, South Africa - The Lotto winning numbers from Wednesday, April 4, 2012 are 12, 46, 9, 7, 19, 35 and Bonus Ball 10. As of April 5, the five biggest lottery jackpots in the world are Italy's Superenalotto ($108 million), Powerball ($80 million), EuroMillions ($42 million), Canada's Lotto Max ($30 million), and Spain's El Gordo ($29.2 million). On April 14, Spain's Loteria Nacional will hold a special lottery draw with $110 million in cash prizes. California Lottery - The SuperLotto Plus winning numbers for Wednesday, April 18, 2012 are 5, 7, 8, 10, 29 and Mega 16. As of April 18, the biggest jackpots in the world are Italy's Superenalotto ($112 million), Powerball ($131 million), Mega Millions ($65 million), EuroMillions ($34.1 million), and Australia's OZ Lotto ($31 million).
Daniel Martin matched all five Fantasy 5 numbers on last week’s Friday the 13th draw to win $151,787. The 62-year-old Martin said he was both “shocked and happy” when he found out he was the winner.
Also on Tuesday, Khanh Pham claimed his $247,125 Fantasy 5 prize in the California Lottery’s Santa Ana District Office.

Pham knew he won last week but when he told his wife, he explained with a laugh, “She thought I was lying, but when she realized I wasn’t lying, she was excited!” Pham, who only plays the Lottery when the prize is large, doesn’t know how he’ll spend his newfound wealth yet.
Officials remind winners to sign the back of their ticket, to keep winning tickets in a safe place, and to contact California Lottery as soon as possible. If, however, you do not give us enough information, we may not be able to contact you or help you resolve your concern. This may include disclosing your personal information to Lottery affiliates and to other government agencies.
Excellent for seeing how lucky your number combinations have been or for trying out new ones.
Martin purchased the winning ticket at the 7 – Eleven located at 11853 Downey Avenue in Downey (Los Angeles County) and it matched all five numbers – 13, 7, 37, 35, and 18.

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