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Now what I like about the Lotto Max that I learned is that you have a chance to win $1 million dollar draws as well. I do like the game and format and the extra chances that you have at winning money with Lotto Max.
Best of luck to you all on the next draw for Lotto Max as it’s still a big one ready for someone to win and change their lives forever. Answer: This varies from region to region, and players are advised to check locally for ticket sales closure times. Answer: To win a prize on Lotto Max, you will need to match a minimum of three numbers out of seven.
Answer: Yes, you can buy your tickets through an online ticket concierge service which allows players from the rest of the world to play the Lotto Max.

Answer: There is usually no tax to pay on Lotto Max winnings, but players are advised to check with their local authority if playing from outside Canada. Answer: The Lotto Max has a jackpot cap of $60 million, but once a $50 million jackpot is reached, the Maxmillions prizes come into play, so there are more jackpot prizes.
Answer: $50 million is the most won by one person on the Lotto Max, but the maximum prize fund generated was $100 million. Answer: If the Lotto Max jackpot is under $50 million there will just be one draw, and the lottery results will be available shortly afterwards. The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. I checked the winning numbers this morning for June 4th, 2010 and what would you know, they were not mine.

However, if the Maxmillions are in play, each $1 million prize has a separate draw, which means the draw can take some time.
If the jackpot for the following draw is below $50 million, they will be added to the Lotto Max jackpot. However, of this fund only 17 x $1 million prizes were won plus the jackpot, making the biggest prize pool ever won $67 million. However, if the Maxmillions are still in play they will remain as Maxmillions prizes and will increase the total for that week.

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