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Ottawa – Once again, no one has the winning ticket for the $50-million jackpot in Friday night’s Lotto Max draw. There were also two MaxMillions prizes of $1-million each up for grabs, and one was claimed by a ticketholder in British Columbia.
Lotto Max’s grand prize was last won June 5, when the $50-million was divided among four ticketholders. With Lotto Max, any amount over the $50 million jackpot is divided into $1 million prizes called Maxmillions. OLG says since its launch in September 2009, Lotto Max players in Ontario have won more than $2 billion in prizes, including 40 jackpot wins and 220 winning Maxmillions tickets. The jackpot for next Friday’s draw on July 3 will remain at $50-million, and there will be approximately 12 MaxMillions prizes available.
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Have you ever receive a phone call, e-mail or text message notifying you that you just won the lottery?
Never give your credit card information or banking information to somebody over the phone or e-mail that you do not know. Be weary of Jamaicans and Nigerians as these are the geographic originals of most lotto scams.
To protect yourself and others: if you receive an e-mail or phone call notifying you that you won the lottery or a contest and you are required to pay a fee to collect your winnings call crime stoppers 1-800-222-8477. In his defence, Ndabene claims he purchases hundreds of tickets every month and his winnings are legitimate. With no evidence of Ndabene buying hundreds of thousands of tickets each week, and Ndabene stating he only purchases a few hundred tickets per week, it seems he either got really lucky or he found a way to beat the system.
Antonin Koprnicky later rescinded his claim and it was proven in court that Ndabene’s ticket was not part of the group purchase. One year after the $17 Million win, Antonin Koprnicky won $300,000 but he did not buy his winning ticket from his brother-in-laws location.
Ndabene has bought and won from other retailers including one located in Yellowknife, NT, and Calgary, AB.

Ironically, both winning tickets were purchased from Heron’s convenience store in Fort Smith, NT. For a chance to win $15 million, odds to matching seven out of seven numbers are 1 in 28.5 million.
Winning numbers are generated from a machine that randomly dispenses balls with the winning numbers on them. Tickets are purchased from retailers and each lottery terminal is connected to a central computer system that records the time, date, location, and numbers selected. Hartwig was Elk hunting in Killaloe Ontario when he stopped in at a terminal to check his lucky ticket. When asked what he planned to do with the money, Hartwig stated “I want to keep this simple. Nick Takticos, a 35-year old Hamilton auto worker won $30,000,000, stemming from a lucky Lotto Max ticket he purchased on August 30, 2013. The Powells have been playing Lotto Max as a family since its start in 2009, and their diligence has finally paid off. After winning the $50 million jackpot on July 5, 2013, the family of 6 from Ontario cannot believe their good fortune.
Executive Director of Lottery Marketing OLG, John Mahoney, shared words of excitement and encouragement as he presented the entire family with the check for $50 million at the OLG Prize Centre on Tuesday. The 66 year-old mother of the family, Lynda, was the one to purchase the winning ticket and discover their fortune. Lynda shared the news with her husband John, 71, who could hardly believe what he was hearing. Lynda purchased her winning ticket in Peterborough at the Walmart on Lansdowne Street West. Well according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), you should be cautious because in 2012 the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre received 5,478 complaints of prize or lottery fraud. If someone tells you that you won a lottery that you never entered just ignore the message all together. Ndabene threatens to sue the WCLC for temporarily withholding his $17 Million Jackpot prize.

Ndabene’s winnings were part of a group purchase and should have been shared with the rest of the group members. In this particular case, the former Fort Smith NT couple shared an $11,000,000 Million Lotto 649 ticket, purchased in 2007. Each ball contains ten numbers ranging from 1 to 49 and the numbers facing closest to the camera are deemed the winning numbers.
It is possible the retailers could steal winning tickets from unsuspecting customers who come to claim their prize.
I want to share some money with family and friends, give some to charity and maybe buy a new car. That number includes 28 jackpot wins and 169 Maxmillion winning tickets from across the province. Is it a coincidence, old fashioned luck, or is there something suspicious when it comes to Ndabene’s excessive lottery winnings? Yet, Ndabene and a few other lottery winners who have won large amounts of money, numerous times, all share a similar story. Four years later and after being separated from Heron, Lepine won again, only this time for $7,700,000. In order to win this many times in a row he would have to purchase hundreds of thousands of tickets per week. He said he bought his ticket at a 7-Eleven location on MacLeod Trail SE, just south of Chinook Mall. I checked the ticket on the self-scanner after grocery shopping and was shocked to see all the zeros,” she said.

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