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The first NZ Lottery tickets went on sale on July 22nd 1987 and the first NZ Lotto drawing was then made on August 1st 1987.A significant development was made when Lottery NZ launched its own internet platform MyLotto on May 26th 2008 facilitating the sales of lottery tickets online for players both at home and abroad.
It has been going now since 1987 and is still the most popular game amongst the majority of New Zealand Lottery players. The NZ Lotto jackpot starts off at a minimum of NZ$ 1 Million and each week it is not won the top prize will rollover up to a maximum of 4 times until a winner is found.If no jackpot winner is produced by the 5th rollover draw a€“ it becomes a draw that "must be won" and should there still be no jackpot winner a€“ the top prize will then be shared amongst winners in the next prize category. Having introduced the New Zealand Powerball game into its portfolio a€“ Lotto NZ made the first draw on February 17th 2001. The New Zealand Powerball draw is conducted at the same time as the NZ Lotto a€“every Saturday at 8pm New Zealand time. Zealand games including the NZ Lotto and Powerball NZ from absolutely anywhere across the world. NZ a€“ there is no age limit for playing either the NZ Lotto or the New Zealand Powerball whereas with most it is 18.
For any prize you have won on the NZ Lotto or Powerball NZ you must make your winning claim within 12 months of the draw. Of course a€“ if you play lottery online with the NZ Lotto a€“ you will not need to be concerned with any of this as your online lottery ticket agent such as TheLotter will take care of all of these details.

The mission for the New Zealand Lotteries Commission right from the outset has been to raise monies for the communities.
The player who purchased their ticket at Pak ‘n' Save in Tauranga is one of 15 people who won the Second Division prize pool.
One lucky player from Matamata has extra reason to celebrate after also winning Powerball Second Division, bringing their total winnings to $22,123. Powerball First Division rolled over on Saturday night and will be worth $7.5 million for this Wednesday's draw. Whatever Happened To 2009 Mega Millions $75.6 Million Winner Joe Denette?Do You Really Have To Reveal Your Identity?
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This year is shaping up to be the luckiest ever for Lotto players, with a record number of big wins. In just nine months, 10 ordinary Kiwis have scooped the Powerball jackpot, becoming millionaires several times over.
The latest Lotto players to join this exclusive winners club is a couple who won $5 million on a ticket bought in Tauranga over the weekend.

The winners, who wish to remain anonymous, knew a major prize had been won but never imagined they would have the lucky ticket. It wasn't until late on Wednesday night that the winner finally got around to checking that yellow piece of paper - a decision that would change his life forever. After checking the ticket against the numbers on MyLotto several times, the winners decided to do one final check by scanning it using the Lotto NZ app. With the winnings safely in their bank account, the winners are looking forward to deciding what to do with their newfound fortune. So far this year, 28 Kiwis have become instant millionaires with Lotto, joining an exclusive winners club of just over 730 who have become millionaires since Lotto began in 1987. To make way for an additional Lotto draw on Wednesdays, Lotto NZ will say goodbye to Big Wednesday with a Must Be Won draw on Wednesday, September 30, meaning the entire $15 million jackpot will have to go next week.
If still not won a€“ the Lotto NZ will hold a draw whereby the jackpot "must be won" and should there still be no top prize winners a€“ the winnings will then be split amongst players in the next winning prize category.The jackpot aside a€“ there are a further 5 ways in which you can win on the New Zealand Powerball game.

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