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Today, with experience on my side, with Life on my side, I see that these words are clearly duh-like when I apply them backwards to the ex-boyfriend situation (and many others). Do I know myself?  Not in a yes-no answer sense, but do you truly know who you are?  Who are you?  Not your labels (mother, teacher, nurse, coach, singer, gardener), but who you are beyond your labels? Do I know my needs?  Beyond food, shelter, and other basic needs, what are your heart’s-desire-needs?  What are the needs that extend past your body, the ones that feed your spirit? Lastly, ask yourself, do I love myself?  Again, not in a yes-no response, but rather ask yourself to describe what loving yourself looks like.  And also what loving yourself does not look like.  How close are you to where you’d like to be? What will it take to love yourself enough to break whatever bad habit you are currently living? And hey, no one is suggesting you shake up your world and turn things upside down until your life is unrecognizable (unless that’s what your heart’s desire is telling you).  All I’m suggesting is ask the questions, take the time to honor yourself with real, true answers (no self lip-service).
Thank you for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed this week’s post.  If you haven’t signed up for your weekly dose of Love and Trust, please do!  I’ll only send you original posts I hope will inspire and ignite your heart. It seems to me that many people fall into one of two categories: 1) they trust themselves more so than in others or 2) they trust themselves less than in others.
But maybe the bigger underlying question is: if many of us find it hard to love ourselves, do most of us innately feel like love is an emotion that we have to search for continuously until we feel like we have it received it adequately?

I standby my suspicion that the holiday was a secret conspiracy by candy makers to boost sales while waiting until the next Halloween holiday but I digress. This is a topic that could be expanded upon into a whole other chapter or several chapters. Kris, can I just start this response by saying thank you for your thoughtful comments and YOU MAKE SO MANY EXCELLENT POINTS!?
Last summer before offering a kid’s camp, I was brainstorming topics with a friend on what I should present. The answer to finding a wonderful,loving connection with someone else is having that union with yourself.the greatest relationship you have, from the beginning of your life until the end , should be with you.
God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not to be, so He put His arms around you and whispered come live with me. Then from there?  Baby steps.  Crawl if necessary, but do take baby steps in the direction of living your truth. With tearful eyes we watched you suffer and saw you fading away, we loved you dearly, but could not make you stay. A golden heart stops beating, your hard working hands put to rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.

I had completely lost my faith in love and I thought I would never find new love in my life . The moment you looked into my eyes I could feel my soul warming up and my heart melting away. Your love brought passion and desire in my life and changed me into a new woman altogether. You are my happiness, my reason to smile, my reason to breathe, and my reason to wake up every day.
You loved me, pampered me and made me feel so special that my world is turned upside down and I feel like I am on cloud nine. I I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I promise I will never give up on our love.
I want to take my last breath in your arms.I am so very madly, deeply, crazily and irrevocably in love with you.

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