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One interesting thing I found out about this song is that it’s co-written by Ed Sheeran which perhaps explains the deeper meaning in the song as compared to some of his other work. So most likely she said she didn’t like his friends because his friends didn’t like her and now he’s saying that it turned out they were right about you, and that you were the problem. This most likely sparked argument during the relationship where she would manipulate and belittle him. Further evidence he was belittled with the line “For all the times that you made me feel small”.
The first two lines are more paradox, obviously he does care and he did enough to write a song about it. We also learn that she still tries to contact him and that he is now saying in the song that he’s moving on, however, we all know that most relationships have a lot of post arguments or phone back and forths that linger on as everything is collapsing. He’s either saying that he wanted her to be something in his life and that he didn’t want to wait or hold back or he’s saying that she should go be something else and he doesn’t want to hold her back or be held back. Because of the tone of this song I’m going to go with the second option and say that he wants her to go be something else to somebody else because he doesn’t want to be hold back or hold himself back from getting what he truly wants.

Although all of the hopeful Bieber fans probably wish for him and Selena to be together again as a power couple, so there’s always that line that could possibly indicate he wanted her to be more than she was.
This next verse makes her sound conceited which maybe she was obsessed with how she looked not just physically speaking but she may have liked the way she looked and the popularity and spotlight she gained by being with him. So in this part he’s basically saying, if you care about appearances that much, then you should go and just love yourself and leave him out of the picture because he’s not holding on to anything so shallow. He’s shifting the blame and responsibility for their downfall to her or at least pointing out the parts of the relationship he didn’t like and making her seem very superficial only caring more about appearances than about him. I agree with everything you said, but don’t you think it could be Jayde Pierce rather than S. The meaning of this song is letting go of the girl who seems to annoy him instead of making him feel loved.
Presenting Love Yourself Chords, Sheet Music, Piano Notes by famous Canadian singer, songwriter and performer Justin Bieber. His lyrics seem to be gaining more depth and meaning as he advances further into adulthood.
He’s basically saying you think you hurt me good but you didn’t, which is an obvious paradox because if he felt strong enough about it to say something then he was definitely hurt in some way.

Now he’s questioning falling in love and letting this person into his life, maybe thinking this was all a mistake.
It is quite feasible this song was written in response to an argument gone wrong or a final argument gone wrong via phone. He probably defended her and their relationship to his mother and in the end he had to crawl back home to mommy and say he was wrong. We gain some insight about Justin and his relationship with possibly Selena, assuming that this song is about them. I hope you enjoyed this philosophical analysis, if any of the parts mean something different to you please feel free to add a comment, I would love to hear your take on it. Even though some of the lyrics in this song are kind of immature and “high schoolish” we can still find meaning and relate to the scenarios described in the lyrics well into adulthood and mature relationships. Philosophy isn’t about what the song “actually” means but rather what it “could” mean to each individual listener.

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