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In her lifetime, she has survived abandonment, kidnapping, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, divorce, and the death of a child. Join us here today, and Celebrate her Life through this tribute that we offer to one of our world’s great souls. Melody Beattie is one of America’s most beloved self-help authors and a household name in addiction and recovery circles. Although she was rescued the same day, the incident set the tone for a childhood of abuse, and she was sexually abused by a neighbor throughout her youth. Beattie began drinking at age 12, was a full-blown alcoholic by age 13, and a junkie by 18, even as she graduated from high school with honors. After eight months of treatment, Melody left the hospital clean and sober, ready to take on new goals: helping others get sober, and getting married and having a family of her own.
During her work with the spouses of addicts at a treatment center, she realized the problems that had led to her alcoholism were still there. Driven into the ground financially by her husband’s alcoholism, Melody turned a life-long passion for writing into a career in journalism, writing about the issues that had consumed her for years.
She and her books continue to be featured regularly in national publications including Time, People, and most major periodicals around the world. Although it almost destroyed her when her twelve-year-old son Shane died in a ski accident in 1991, eventually Melody picked up the pieces of her life again. Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something to which a bond was formed. In most cases, parents find the grief almost unbearably devastating, and it tends to hold greater risk factors than any other loss. Intervention and comforting support can make all the difference to the survival of a parent in this type of grief but the risk factors are great and may include family breakup or suicide. Feelings of guilt, whether legitimate or not, are pervasive, and the dependent nature of the relationship disposes parents to a variety of problems as they seek to cope with this great loss.
First every step of the process is natural and healthy, it is only when a person gets stuck in one step for a long period of time then the grieving can become unhealthy, destructive and even dangerous. Despair and depression is a long period of grief and the most painful and protracted stage for the griever.
She began skydiving, mountain-climbing, and teaching others what she’d learned about grief. Years ago, in 1978, Life showed me a formula for working with what I had that turned it into more.
If you’re willing to give less than ten minutes a day to this simple activity, you can change your life in less than two months. When the miracles we create are for the Higher Good, they’ll appear (usually) more quickly.
I am writing this letter with the sincerest desire that anyone who reads it will be willing to allow themselves to have a similar transformation experience that I did when I was divinely guided to sign up for the “Teachers Of God 40 Day Transformation Program. This program is free which shocked me when I learned about it, It’s also really simple to fallow and complete, the way that it is set up.
Taking the program has helped me make breakthroughs that I haven't made previously, not because the spiritual books I have read haven't helped me - everything I have experienced encouraged me.  I would not be where I am today, literally had I not been divinely guided (during what I consider to be my "rock bottom" period)  to Gabrielle  and her work, but especially, Spirit Junkie which brought me to A Course In Miracles)  The only difference is that this program gave me a new way to hold up a mirror to myself.
During the 40 days, It was revealed to me that the root cause of all my suffering was my belief in and addiction to guilt and self-blame. In the past, I had spent so much time stuffing down my authentic self and denying my psychic intuitive gifts working with angels.
God was clear, though that holding on to the role I TOOK ON in my "old life" was doing nothing but holding me back from giving my life over to God.

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Here are a few modern day miracles that make moms surprised, overwhelmed, and think they might actually survive motherhood after all. When your kids are in bed and asleep and no one is asking for anything, it feels like a miracle every. When you finally don’t have to help a kid buckle himself in because they can all do it themselves.
The first time you go on a family vacation that they’ll actually remember and find yourself relaxing.
The first time you and your husband have a night out after having kids, and you don’t worry. When you can have a conversation with your spouse with kids present, it definitely feels miraculous.
When you stay out past your kids’ bedtime for the first time, and no one has a meltdown.
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Her international bestselling book, Codependent No More, introduced the world to the term “codependency” in 1986. Her mother turned a blind eye, just as she had denied the occurrence of abuse in her own past. I finally realized that if I put half as much energy into doing the right thing as I had into doing wrong, I could do anything,” Beattie said. She married a former alcoholic who was also a prominent and respected counselor and had two children with him.
She discovered that her husband wasn’t sober; he’d been drinking and lying about it since before their marriage. Her 24-year writing career has produced fifteen books published in twenty languages and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimensions. Parents who suffer miscarriage or a regretful or coerced abortion may experience resentment towards others who experience successful pregnancies.
When going through the grieving process it is not the same for everyone, but everyone does have a common goal, acceptance of the loss and to always keep moving forward. Shock is the person’s emotional protection from being too suddenly overwhelmed by the loss. In this stage, one shows a new interest in daily activities and begins to function normally on a day to day basis. The forum divided itself naturally into three sections: Help, What to Expect, and Success Stories. She’ll come up for air and respond to your comment or question — but you may have to be patient. As the need presents itself, we’ll continue to grow and expand – allowing visitors to post pictures if they want. If you can take 10-15 minutes to watch a Youtube video, or read an email with an open heart, you can do this program! I really began to apply A Course In Miracles lessons on a mach deeper level, instead of reading about the goals of the course in a book.

I actively looked for situations, relationships, career path choices that I could use to attack myself. Funds are used to cover the operating costs of the site and to support our non-profit organization. Thanks for visiting!Much like the first time your first baby sleeps through the night and you wake up, heart pounding, running to their bedside to see if they’re still alive, kids do surprise us every single day. Because maybe you’ll all actually make it through this whole family experience and not kill each other. Millions of readers have trusted Melody’s words of wisdom and guidance because she knows firsthand what they’re going through. While the terms are often used interchangeably, bereavement refers to the state of loss, and grief is the reaction to loss. The goal is to reorganize one’s life so that the loss is one important part of life rather than the center of one’s life.
I began a course in learning to live in a way that connected me to the essential creative power that we’ve each been given. The fun part of this site is that enough people are becoming experts at creating miracles and doing the activity that the Miracle Community is self-sustaining.
I literally recommend this program for every receptive soul on the planet, because it has helped me so much.
I didn't do this consciously, it was very unconscious, because had I known what I was doing to myself - I would have chosen differently.
Most importantly, become familiar with the growing community of people who have learned to make miracles a way of life. It operates the way a good group should — giving and receiving support whether Melody shows up that particular day or not.
You will receive daily messages that will give you practical tools, you can instantly apply and begin begin to view every situation in your life from a LOVING perspective.
I used to be a person who hated my body to the core (I chose to come forth n a body the world labels "physically disabled.") For years , I believed I was ugly, and that if I could just heal my body, then people would see the real me and everything else I wanted (Soulmate Romance, money, Spiritual career), would just fall into place. There is no cost involved, but if you choose, it will enrich your life in countless ways as it has mine.
When our needs are met, we’re in the strongest position possible to serve others altruistically.
I wouldn't allow photos of myself to be online anywhere even into the first year of my ACIM studies.
I used to believe that my role as a light worker in the world was to ease peoples pain and suffering.
Having not been fully aware of my addiction, if I "failed" at helping someone be free of their pain and suffering, I would then use that as a reason to beat myself up - keeping myself stuck in the addiction of guilt and self blame - so that the cycle would continue. Whatever your need, a miracle waits around the corner, one that meets your needs perfectly. I want to be clear that this message is proactive, it's about sharing something deeply personal with you because this program is POWERFUL and you CAN experience the same shifts I have had, and will continue to have as I practice these principals If you are reading this.

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