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In May last year, Google announced that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches for the first time ever. In order to stay competitive in 2016 businesses must optimise their websites for mobile or create a mobile-centric experience for their audience. In 2016, businesses should be investing in improving their websites rather than continuously plugging holes to comply with Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates. The big message here is to clean up your website’s code and give it some much-needed TLC.
Next time you use Siri, Cortana or ask Google something by voice, think about the journey and how different your interaction is compared to desktop search.
Although still slightly dodgy, voice search will change SEO in the future; and in 2016, that change has already started. At the moment, Google is yet to announce how voice search will significantly impact SEO, and I think we’re a little way off seeing big changes. Voice searches are typically more conversational than the typical text-based searches we’re used to, and will naturally contain more words. This is just another reason to focus on longtail phrases and keyword topics rather than awkwardly cramming in exact match keywords. Your job is to create compelling content and informative landing pages that answer these queries, target those keyword topics and satisfy your audience. If your business doesn’t rank well locally, you could be missing out on masses of lost revenue. A recent study has shown that the average word count for the top ranked content in Googe is around 1,000 words. Is Google more likely to promote comprehensive pages that fully cover the topics you’re writing about, rather than thin content that only scratches the surface of the topic? Focus on writing longer and better copy exclusively for your audience and not just to rank with Google.
Structured data is all the additional information that appears below a result on a search engine results page. I was, therefore, more qualified to make a decision about which result I was going to click on. Using the wealth of data from Google Analytics you can really get to know a lot about your customers.
How many of your visitors view lots of pages but then don’t fill out a contact form or pick up the phone?
For us, SEO in 2016 will take great strides towards maturing as a practice and as an industry.

Seed Publicity Limited is a creative digital marketing, PPC and SEO agency based in Brighton and London, UK.
If you would like to know more about how we can improve your visibility online please contact us. Yahoo won the deal to be the default search engine in Firefox in November; now after losing some search share, Google's fighting back. Now that Yahoo has gained search share from Google thanks to its Firefox deal, the search giant seems to be finally hitting back with moves to get users to switch to Google.
I’ve been checking each week since the deal was announced in November to see if Google would finally do as I expected, try to prompt those using Firefox to change back from Yahoo to Google. I got this message when using Firefox on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10, a Lenovo desktop running Windows 8.1 and another Search Engine Land editor got it even though his homepage was set to Google Translate. The messages did not appear for me when using Firefox on the Mac, nor when going to Google with Internet Explorer on a PC (though I did get a long-standing message in a different section of the Google home page encouraging me to download Chrome). The tweet leads to what appears to be a new page made up for Firefox users, telling them how to change. Google does have dedicated pages to encourage IE users to switch either their search engine (see here) or home page (see here).
However, the messages for Firefox users are new — and driven, it would seem, because of the reports that Google has lost search share.
I figured it was inevitable Google would do this, if the Firefox-Yahoo deal really did seem to be having an impact. My response has always been that if Google was worried, it could and would fight back in this type of manner.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
And although their announcement was probably missed by the majority of people outside of digital, it was massive news for us all.
You need to make sure it benefits your users and helps Google understand what your webpages are about.
Desktop searches will still be used for in-depth research and searches that can’t be answered with basic results. However, one thing to consider with voice search and something you can action right now is making the most of longtail keywords by writing in-depth comprehensive content.
Research your longtail keywords by finding topics, patterns, and more meaningful questions that your audience are searching for.Your job is to create compelling content and informative landing pages that answer these queries, target those keyword topics and satisfy your audience.

In 2016, make sure you claim and optimise your business across Google Maps, Google Places for Business and Google Plus.
We’ve speculated for some time now on whether Google actively promotes pages with higher word counts. Google is smart and uses semantic search to understand the topic of a page, which means unnatural exact match keyword targeting could become a thing of the past.
This includes useful elements like star ratings, reviews, location, sitelinks, time, date, author, calories, cost, contact info, etc. Before clicking on the search result I was able to see how many reviews each recipe had, what the average rating of the recipe was and how long it would take me to make it. In 2016, you should be making the most of this information to improve your SEO and digital marketing strategy. I rarely hear of black hat techniques anymore, and Google has seriously invested more into organic search over the last 12 months and will continue to do so this year. In the past it was about marketers trying to promote content to the top of Google, ethically or unethically, whereas today it’s about delivering what your audience actually want to see. But on Twitter, others have told me they’ve seen them within the past two months or so.
He’s a widely cited authority on search engines and search marketing issues who has covered the space since 1996. This will encourage click-throughs as well as help Google understand what your page or website is about.
In fact, all the major search engines have done campaigns like that at different times going back for years.
Certainly, I’ve taken enough calls from various press outlets wondering if the deal and subsequent share loss meant a big problem for Google. Danny also serves as Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which publishes Search Engine Land and produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. In the not too distant future, it seems that Google put more emphasis into promoting websites or pages that are lighter and therefore render faster.
Because local prospects will have more intent when they click through to your site due to the proximity and relevance of your listing.

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