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Would it be okay if I sold the finished products I made like at a local craft fair or on etsy as long as credit is given to you from where I learned how to make these? Use these printable alphabet letters and these directions and make your own alphabet collage book.
I so want to try this, it looks really simple with your clear instructions, but looks so professional!
The idea of getting these fabrics at IKEA is also a good one; I never thought about buying my fabrics there before but they indeed do have some pretty patterns!

You could even write a little story for each letter.Once all of the glue has dried on your pages, you can put the pages of the book in the proper order bind them together.
You can staple the edge of the pages together or punch holes down the side and tie the pages together with ribbon.
You can use the entire alphabet or use select letters, such as the letters in your name.Print out all or some of these alphabet letter templates onto your heavy paper or cardstock. Once you have all of your letters, page through magazines and find pictures of objects that start with that letter.

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