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A few years ago I wrote a post about the power of writing your goals and wishes out, to get them out into the open Place Your Wish Here . Instead of opening the post back up I thought I would give it a dedicated page so readers can add their wishes here and the comments will never be closed down.
I believe that the hopes, dreams and wishes we keep inside our head will stay there if we don’t act on them.
It’s important to understand that there is no perfect CV, they vary according to the industry you are involved with and need to be customised for each job you apply for, whether it’s for a kindergarten, primary, or even university teaching position. Less is more, the white space on the page is just as important in drawing attention to your main selling points, avoid a CV cluttered with ‘show off’ detail. This is important for identifying you but should include only those details necessary for the initial interview stage – crucial details the employer might want to know for making decisions.
This is your opening gambit and should summarise your profile as a professional teacher, your unique soft skills and strengths, and extent of your experience and qualifications. A dynamic and fun teacher capable of managing large classrooms and engaging students in effective ESL learning. Beneath this you can include several bullet points of your particular specialist skills, such as Maths teacher (BSc in calculus) or private tuition one-on-one, homeroom supervisor, computer skills tutor etc. Recruiters are primarily interested in your previous experience and how applicable it is to the vacant position. Repeat this for two of your previous jobs, each time with less detail, remember: you are limited for space. Next you get to list your qualifications, applicable to your teaching career, along with date and place of qualification. Slip this one if you have achieved awards of note (even unrelated to teaching) which might impress the recruiter, provided they are notable.

List any skills, such as computer tools, first aid course, other languages, etc., which might be useful to the job. And finally, this is the footer of the CV which rounds up your information with some interesting character points that might demonstrate you personal side and ability to fit in with the team. This is an addendum to your CV which you should try to fit within the two recommended pages. You can keep it brief, limiting yourself to one or two paragraphs that repeat one or two relevant points from your CV, matching them to the job description to show a personalised application.
Remember to be succinct and sound professional, double checking your English, with assertive but polite language.
Saving your CV as a pdf is the safest means of keeping the formatting intact, otherwise present it as a word document. One that is sensibly laid out and includes all the necessary details succinctly is more likely to get you short-listed. For starters, dispense with the traditional old format and adopt the more contemporary templates. TEFL qualified with four years experience teaching Thai students aged between 5 and 18, specialising in IELTs preparation. If you are new to teaching then include two of your previous professional jobs, or leave it blank, stating you are new.
Be careful not to include anything that will appear to be a distraction from your job, such as ‘passionate member of a rock band’.
It is critical and should comprise of two persons (make sure they have agreed to give you character reference) who (preferably) are relevant to teaching. In it you can mention specifics not included on the CV, such as ‘available for an interview after 3pm, able to start June 1st’.

Usually it’s stated on the job description advertised, or the role should give you an idea of salary range. No matter how silly, grand, small, or impossible it seems get it out of your head and onto your screen.
In Southeast Asia there is a frenzy of CV writing and emailing going on as schools firm up their teaching staff for the forthcoming school year. Not only will it stand out from the others but send out a professional message about your approach to logical tasks. They should be listed along with their contact number and email, and professional designation.
It can be annoying going for an interview only to discover they have unrealistic expectations, but when it comes to the offer and negotiating stage it’s helpful if you leave the other side to make the opening gambit. When other people read your wish your thoughts are automatically merged with theirs, in other words they are thinking about you, therefore strengthening your wish. An extra line disconnects thoughts, length accentuates the connection.Curved lines give visual rhythm and variety and so are easier to remember, more pleasant to draw and less boring to look at. The Mind Map allows you to catch and keep whatever ‘thought ball’ is thrown by your brain.8. Have fun!Add a little humour, exaggeration or absurdity wherever you can.Your brain will delight in getting the maximum use and enjoyment from this process and will therefore learn faster, recall more effectively and think more clearly.

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