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Nicki Minaj is known best for her colorful clothing they have given her a recognition as a fashion icon. There is nothing against her bomb body but the problem is that makeup artists are doing something that puts us a big doubt when we see the celebrities without makeup. Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to get the latest news about celebrities without makeup. In order to keep Adams' make-up flawless during the film's many torrential rain set-ups, Ledermann "used Linda Seidel waterproof make-up [try Linda Seidel Natural Cover Cream or Linda Seidel Natural Cover Performing Powder, which worked great on face and body, and an eyeliner brush to proof the eyeliner and mascara to the lashes," she said. She likes to experiment with her look she has worn some outlandish outfits and her bubblegum pink lips completely complete her recognition signature look. It’s a shock to see her without makeup is very different from her usual heavily makeup wearing.
We are used to see them in a Red carpet with lots of makeup but do they look that beautiful without makeup? In this page we are going to enter everything related with celebrities without makeup and everything that papparazi has cought.
Launched in 2000, Makeup411 features beauty breakdowns on leading actresses in upcoming films, television shows, and music videos. Every beauty breakdown comes directly from the make-up artists who actually create the looks we love.

A little of it does not harm you and no girl really minds looking prettier than she already is.We all are makeup lovers, some are a pro at it, some are on their way to becoming a pro and some are beginners looking for help at this blog as to where to get started.
In those pictures we can see Nicki very good looking as a Barbie but also in the other pictures fresh-faced. She does’t look that good she totally disappointed with her look, without that bold eyeliner, mascara and without being smeared foundations of shimmers. Here I list out the basic products that you would need to get started and then let your interest take you its way.1. If you have a perfect facial skin with no scars or marks to hide, you just need a tinted moisturiser on your face and you are good to go. Now again the question is which tinted moisturiser you should pick up from so many available in the market.
If you have oily skin, go for the one having runny consistency, for dry skin a thicker one and for combination skin, go for something mid way between the two.If you wish to apply something that would give you a lighter skin tone and would even out your skin as well, you should be opting for a foundation.
If you have pimple marks, scars or heavy dark circles that you need to hide you should opt in for a concealer first and then wear a layer of foundation.Girls having oily skin may even need compact to set their foundation, concealer at the end. Kohl or kajal is the one that we use on the water line and eyeliner is the one that can be used on the lower or upper lash line. You need to ask the SAs at the counters whether the eyeliner you are looking for is water line safe or not.

There are lengthening mascaras to lengthen your eyelashes, volume adding mascaras for dramatic look, basic everyday mascara which just defines your eye lashes without bringing much of a change in its volume or length and then there are colored mascaras too nowadays. You can have two of them in your collection, one which would be your everyday mascara and another for special occasions or outings.4. Depending on your choice (or even mood) you can go for a lip tint for subtle hint of color, lipstick in nude or light shades first or a lip gloss. Start with basic colors of pink, peach, nude shades and slowly advance to darker shades if you want to. Choose your lip shades wisely as they can fill in life to your face or completely make you look like you just had a break up.I would probably do another post for lipsticks for beginners. BlushWe look the best when we naturally blush- you know those rosy cheeks make you a step prettier. Start with light natural shades of blushes for day time- peachy ones would be good to start with.

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