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These days I play Supreme Commander, which is probably the greatest RTS you've never heard of! Can you figure out why my Minecraft is crashing everytime I open a new world with these mods? All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. I'll just highlight some of the notable changes in this snapshot:Further optimisation to try to reduce the increased resource requirementsChanges to fix bugs with pistons. Based on the bugfixes in the last 2 snapshots we are probably getting towards a release of 1.3 soon. Perhaps a week or two now?Single player servers are now in their first (buggy) working version. After last weeks update, it's not like it can match up, but it seems mostly like a polishing snapshot, improving and fixing various aspects. You cannot break or place blocks in adventure mode, but you can interact with switches, doors and villagers. This will really help with control and design of adventure maps, and be a somewhat more immersive experience in my opinion.Enchantment system has been rebalanced. Includes traps :3Villager trading has been improved, the option to trade two items is now available, as well as new trades.

Villager trading is really starting to take shape now as something that can actually be useful rather than a bit of a gimmick.Tripwire hook! Place tripwire blocks apart from each other and then place string on the ground inbetween them to join them up.
Once the tripwire blocks are connected, if you step onto any of the tripwire string, a redstone pulse will be emitted from the block attached to the tripwire blocks. Obviously it is useful for traps, but it can also be used for intruder warning systems or automate any other function you want - turning on a light, opening a door, playing a doorbell, just about anything you can think of!The new golden apple is here! It gives you 30 secs of really powerful Level 4 regen, 5 mins fire resistance and 5 mins of another ability I do not know - it looks like boosted defence maybe? Emerald is approximately 40 times rarer than diamond and only spawns within certain biomes.New currency and trade systemEmerald forms the new currency item, and the ability to trade with villagers you find. Different villagers have different trades, and returning to the same villager can give you new trades to choose from! You can also trade them your items to get more Emeralds.New buildingAn interesting new random temple can spawn in desert biomes, For the moment I think it seems mostly empty.
The chests also give particularly good loot, and if you're clever you can also harvest some of the materials used in the traps :DEnder chestThis is cool, I'm very fond of it.
It means you can make multiple ender chests anywhere in the world, or the Nether or the End, and they share the same inventory - you can place stuff in your Nether chest, and then take it out from your home chest.

Alternatively, you could make an Ender chest in the End and withdraw wood you had already stored there.In SMP, every Ender chest is linked, rather than having a seperate ender chests inventory for each player.
From what I can analyse however, this is useless as anything you put in an Ender chest will merely be stolen by someone else!6b ChangesThe 6b hotfix has fixed some bugs that prevent you from playing single player and made the emerald ore green like it should be. Hopefully a working version in the next snapshot?Cocoa beans are now easier to obtain, they have been added to jungle biomes.
Good for cookies!The sandstone blocks have been named 'Chiseled Sandstone' and 'Smooth Sandstone'.There is now the option to generate worlds as a 'large biome' type. This is a move towards unifying the system to make it easier to add new features, and make multiplayer hosting much easier.
This stops your graphics card exploding from running at very high FPS it was not designed to run at.Chat history Very neat :DChanges to cats They sit on your chests!

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