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OK, so I have decided that time has come for me to start making my own logos rather than hiring others :) I have photoshop 6 on my PC.
Also, be sure to check out my design course that shows you exactly how to create awesome logos and websites in photoshop and illustrator!
If you do not have Photoshop, you can try or buy the Elements 10, or you can try or buy CS6.
If you want to replace the in-game sky with a more realistic one, follow these steps and get a picture of a sky that has a similar angle as your picture. Are you struggling with, RCTgo, RCT1,2,3, NoLimits, Thrillville or Thrillville: Off The Rails?
In this tutorial, learn how to make reflections and shadows using Photoshop, and end up craving for this delicious jelly candy inspired logo.
This how-to focuses on using custom shapes in Photoshop to explore possible ways to create a shaped-based logo. In this instructable, you will learn to make a cool logo for yourself like the pros in 5 minutes or less! The bottom line is that making a simple logo is not as difficult as it sounds, even for those that are not good at design. This hub page will show you in a few simple steps how to create a logo with a transparent background in Adobe Photoshop.
Thinking of creating an awesome logo for your blog and you have no idea how to use Adobe Photoshop? In today's video, your humble Adobe instructor, AJ Wood, gives you a quick tutorial filled with steps to re-create an existing logo in Photoshop.

You can download basic logo templates or create exclusively designed Photoshop logos along with our designers.
Besides tutorials specifically focused on Logos it can also be helpful to check out some tutorials on creating Photoshop text effects. Go to Dasmatze's Background Boxes and select the color that is used the least amount in the picture. If you saved it as a PNG, which I prefer, I'd recommend to set the Interlaced options to "interlaced". If you want to share your photos on the internet, you can use an image uploading site like Imageshack, or you can use the Upload Your Screenshots thread. The introduction of vector shape layers in Photoshop CS6 has opened up a wealth of new possibilities.
You'll find everything from Creating Hipster Text Effect in Photoshop CS6, to designing a Dark . Photoshop is the best software for designers to make very interesting changes in images and that can help . So in this tutorial, I will show you how to use the new Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta to create a vintage logo design as seen above. I am doing an evaluation of Photoshop to see if I can make small logos with it - suitable for business cards and also for larger displays. Creating a logo that has a transparent background is important to ensure that you can use your . In our Photoshop CS6 tutorial today, we will learn how to create a 3D spinning earth effect.

Today's Photoshop CS6 Tutorial on Creating an Oil painting photo effect by using the newly . Photoshop CS6 has updated its 3D tool adding more features and making it easier to use and faster. Photoshop CS6 in particular has some impressive new functions that allow you to easily create a variety of abstract backgrounds. In this tutorial, we will explain how to take a flat logo and animate it using Photoshop's new 3D . This movie introduces Adobe Photoshop CS6, the application photographers, graphic designers, web designers, videographers , and 3D .. Even if you have a little residue left (as shown below), simply make a selection around the problem area, .
DSLR Camera Remote is a must-have for remote shooting applications like high or low angles, self portraits and children.
Make sure you save it as a GIF, PNG, TTIF, or BMP format or the transparency will be replaced with whiteness. Today we are going to showcase the best and must see Photoshop CS6 tutorials to help designers and to make them known .
If the selection is gone, press CTRL + z (CMD + z on a Mac) until you find it again and repeat the steps above.

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