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Hitchcock was a self-proclaimed lover of quiche.A  He even featured it in his 1955 film To Catch A Thief. To make the pasty crust, chop cold butter into small pieces and blend it into the flour with your finger tips until the texture is like coarse, wet sand.A  Add an egg yolk, water and salt and mix until a dough forms. Pack and roll the dough into a ball.A  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Saute the onions in a couple Tablespoons of butter until softened and just starting to brown – about 12 minutes.
Bake the quiche for 35 to 40 minutes at 375 degrees until the custard is set and the top is golden brown.A  Mr. Watch Nathalie Morris, a curator at the British Film Institute, make a version of this recipe while discussing the treatment of food in the films of Alfred Hitchcock.A  Somebody give this girl a show! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive updates (about once a month) by email. We start with bright green spinach seasoned with a touch of nutmeg, sauteed onions and melty sharp cheddar cheese. Using the heel of your hand, push one portion of the dough along the work surface with an outward movement.
Next, pass a rolling pin across the top of the quiche mould so that it cuts through the dough and then lift the excess dough away from the mold.
You’re now ready to add the quiche filling to complete your delicious authentic Quiche Lorraine!

This entry was posted in Le Cordon Bleu Recipes, Pastry and tagged Cordon Bleu Quiche Lorraine, fraiser la pate, French dough techniques, le fraisage, Quiche Lorraine, sabler by Fran. I used to not like this quiche because the only experience I had of it was the frozen variety when I was a teen but a fresh home made version is gorgeous! Doing the pastry the ‘proper’ French way takes more time, but is definitely worth the effort!
I love quiche, but always afraid of the crust, therefore just go for frittata, but I love a good flaky crust. Thank you for the reminders about classic techniques – interesting how this crust is made, when we are so often told to avoid excess handling these days.
I have never before made Quiche Lorraine but your recipe is so good, easy to follow the step by step.
This was such a great tutorial to follow mine came out perfect and it is tge first time I have made a quiche. Then we add fresh organic cage-free eggs, whole milk and a touch of cream to make this luscious vegetarian quiche. But here are a few techniques I leaned at the Cordon Bleu School in Paris that will help you to make an authentic Quiche Lorraine.
Rub the butter and flour together briskly between the palms of your hands and tips of your fingers until it becomes like sand. Prick the dough with the ends of a fork, add parchment paper and pie weights to the quiche tin, then blind bake for 15 minutes (see instructions for my post on White Chocolate Tart with Cherries in Red Wine Sauce).

I can see a lot of subtle differences in the way I make mine to this recipe so I am really curious to try the “proper” version!
I’ve recently moved back from France after a few years of living there and struggled to walk past a boulangerie that made it without buying a sneaky slice or two. I’m not too good at making pastry so I am definitely going to try your tips to make mine better.
My daughter is such a fussy eater and she gobbled this up and wanted more I added broccoli in there as well and She didn’t mind at all. Transfer the rough dough mixture onto a floured surface and gather into a mound shape, using the aid of a pastry scraper. This technique is called fraiser la pate or le fraisage (the final blending of flour and butter).
Love making them too, usually for a family gathering or party as I can’t be trusted on my own not to polish the lot off.

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