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TO DO LISTThe first thing to do is to draw up a to-do list with a list of tasks, ranked according to their importance and when they need to be done by.
If you want to succeed in your new business, work to increase sales relative to costs: ?10million of sales with ?10 million of costs makes the same profit as someone who has not started yet! In most entrepreneur based businesses, costs literally come out of the owner’s pocket. As the internet was getting going, greedy investors were happy to put billions in the hands of twenty-something technical experts. Don’t spend years drifting to a slow inevitable end, hoping for that big break, instead, take all that you have learned and make a better attempt next time. Have you ever had a great idea and proudly told your friends of your innovation, then done nothing about it and actually watched somebody else do it and make it succeed? Comcast Business online account alerts allow you to stay on top of important items such as bill payments and service appointments.
Sign in to your Comcast Business online account and select Edit my profile at the top right of the page. In the Sign up for mobile alerts field, enter your mobile phone number (or a phone number capable of receiving SMS messages) and select Register. On the User settings page, select Edit in the Manage your alerts box to activate the notification checkboxes.

Comcast Business allows you to manage emails that provide information about products, offers and business improvement ideas. Cancel or reschedule a Comcast Business service appointment directly within your online account. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark Logo, and Norton, Norton 360 and Norton by Symantec are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation ©2014 Symantec Corporation.
After two weeks theya€™ll have an idea of how much time theya€™re wasting.a€?How much of that time was spent achieving the strategic goals of the business and how much was spent doing things that probably could have been put off or not at all?a€? he says. Business is as simple as this equation; everything in business boils down to this relationship. This seems obvious to me, but the papers are continually full of companies throwing away millions on trial marketing campaigns, clearly not really knowing what they are doing. Your objective is to have the taps on full while making sure that all the leaks are plugged. Read the biographies of any famous entrepreneurs and you will realize that the secret of mirroring their success is not to be found in studying how they succeeded but how they reacted to their failures.
To disable alerts for a specific Business account, sign in and follow the steps above to access your alert settings. The problem is often that there is a separation from the managers who make those decisions and the people whose money is being spent.

To navigate your ship you have to have constant updates of a changing situation in order to make meaningful decisions.
I have seen so many owners rushing to get more sales to maintain the level in their leaky bucket, when what they should be doing is managing their costs more effectively.
For instance, if you have a list of all the phone calls you need to make, you could use a spare 10 minutes between appointments to get a couple out of the way.The second advantage is that it helps with prioritising tasks. A business owner might have a dozen things they need to read and seeing them all laid out in a list would allow them to decide which is the most important and has to be read immediately.BREAK WORK INTO CHUNKS AND STOP PROCASTINATINGOne of the key reasons people procrastinate is that they have a large or complex project to undertake and dona€™t know how to begin. That way the time is blocked out and wona€™t be subject to other demands.a€?One of the most important things you can do is seize control of your time and make appointments with yourself,a€? he says. He recommends setting aside specific times for telephone calls and trying to limit them to three minutes.Shut your office door to send a message to would be visitors that you are not available and set aside specific times to take visitors. Another tip is not to invite visitors to sit down a€“ theya€™ll leave more quickly if theya€™re standing.

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