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Watch this video to hear directly from Dan about the program’s powerful benefits for Piedmont’s properties.
Only occupied commercial office buildings and industrial buildings are eligible for the BOMA 360 Performance Program designation. According to new analysis by Kingsley Associates, buildings that have earned the BOMA 360 Performance Program® designation have higher tenant satisfaction scores in all rating areas as compared to commercial office buildings without the BOMA 360 designation. Kingsley Associates, the global leader in tenant satisfaction studies, measured tenant satisfaction in a total of 54 quantitative rating areas including property management, leasing, maintenance, security and property features. The BOMA 360 Performance Program of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International designates commercial buildings that satisfy criteria in certain areas of operations and management. Therefore, BOMA makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, about the accuracy of any information provided or implied, and does not guarantee, warrant, or endorse the office or other space, functionality, safety, products, or services of any facility, building, firm, or person.
The names and marks BUILDING OWNERS AND MANAGERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL, BOMA, and 360 PERFORMANCE are the proprietary intellectual property of BOMA and may not be used in any manner without prior written authorization from BOMA. Our clients would like to have their portfolio grow, have a sound long-term plan but all of this is done for the purpose of enhancing their happiness and have peace of mind.
This program provides our clients a structured solution for enhancing their overall satisfaction with life. Our LIVE 360 program shares the latest research on happiness with clients, provides them a four month structured program of activities that can contribute to happiness, gives them access to online resources to measure their progress and deliver one-on-one guidance with the Compak Happiness Coach.
Studies show that 50% of individual differences in happiness are determined by genes, 10% by life circumstances, and 40% by our intentional activities.
The practice of repetitively replaying your happiest life events serves to prolong and reinforce positive emotions and make you happier, whereas systematically analyzing your happiest life events has the reverse effect.
People high in mindfulness - that is, those who are prone to be mindfully attentive to the here and now and keenly aware of their surroundings - are models of flourishing and positive mental health.
Studies have shown that nostalgic experiences spawn positive feelings, reinforce our sense of being loved and protected, and even boost our self-esteem. No wonder so many individuals take so many steps wrong when it comes to selecting the solution that will be the backbone of their business.
It’s folly to imagine that, just because a piece of software is created by a known manufacturer, it’s going to be functionally flawless and come out of the gate poised to meet your every need.
The decision-making process that provides the steep and rocky path to CRM certainty is rife with potential for error. Sometimes, says the article, ego and fear inhibit business owners from being straight about the lay of their lands. The report we produce amounts to a thorough snapshot of your IT infrastructure, offering details on its every aspect, from power protection to disaster recovery. Before barreling into an expensive purchase, a company needs to first evaluate how it actually works — its processes, and how its people use them. 360’s Needs Analysis recognizes the need for every company to make clever choices with respect to which technology will best serve their business interests and requirements, present and future. The massive undertaking that is the signing-on of a new CRM system is a scary, exciting thing. With 2010 drawing to a merciful close, it’s instructive to reflect on the various IT preoccupations of the year past, with a practical view to the year on deck. With major vendors added new functionality to existing products, enterprise software competition galvanizing and vendors introducing new applications that facilitate progress in this arena, it’s clear this is the spot to watch as the calendar pages flip into another decade.
The surging popularity of social networking—the convergence of technologies that makes it possible for individuals to communicate, share information and form funky new communities of all stripes online—is irrefutable. By acquiring tools—such as those in Microsoft’s evolving stable of customer relationship management products—that let you manage your social networking initiatives alongside traditional marketing, sales and service activities, organizations can develop relationships with customers they could never have imagined. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is currently used by some 23,000 organizations and 1.4 million individual users, in 80 countries, in more than 40 languages.
Microsoft’s Social Networking Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an add-on module that allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to explore the possibility of identifying and engaging with influential individuals on social networking sites—to say nothing of the potential revenue that awaits their profitable tapping here.
The announcement of new research that finds that 3.4% of global advertising spending will be on mobile marketing by 2015—a compound annual growth rate of 41%—augers well for the future adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft recently announced that in 2011 its Dynamics CRM will be available to be hosted locally or in the cloud--with relatively painless movement between the two environments.
Be confident knowing you are working with a company rated 4.5 out of 5 on Microsoft Pinpoint. Stakeholder Value Enterprises are holistically managing their so called Reputation Drivers such as Communications, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social and Societal Responsibility, Quality and Innovation.
Globally operating enterprises are confronting a growing number of stakeholders inside and outside the company. NominationenIn dieser Phase werden die Feedbackgeber und die Feedbacknehmer nach den vorher bestimmten Richtlinien ausgewahlt und uber den Prozess, dessen Ziele sowie die Feedbackregeln informiert.
Feedback einholenDie nominierten Feedbackgeber beantworten die vorbestimmten und validierten Fragen mittels einem internetgestutzten Fragebogen und innerhalb eines definierten Zeitraums.
FeedbackgespracheDie Feedbacknehmer erhalten in einem personlichen Gesprach Hilfe bei der Interpretation des Feedbacks und haben so die Gelegenheit, mit dem Coach auch Abweichungen zwischen dem Eigen- und Fremdbild zu reflektieren.

Digital SubscriptionClick here to receive a free digital subscription of Aggregates Manager. Please download and read the instructions in their entirety before starting your application. The certification must be renewed every three (3) years, at which time a new application must be completed in full and fees paid. Most notably, 94 percent of tenants in BOMA 360 buildings report high overall satisfaction. BOMA 360 buildings outperformed commercial office buildings without the designation in all 54 categories. The purpose of the designation is to promote standards of operational and management excellence in commercial properties, and to provide a valid and objective evaluation of these properties as a service to the public, namely tenants, and the industry. Designation by BOMA indicates that a building has met the specific requirements of the designation process, but is not a guarantee of any aspect of a particular facility or building.
We sincerely believe that each one of us can be happier and Compak is dedicated to providing every possible tool to our clients to enhance their experience. People in some cultures, like Russia, are less likely to believe that happiness is a reasonable, desirable, or attainable goal to pursue. The richest Americans, those earning more than 10 million dollars annually, report levels of personal happiness only slightly greater than the office staffs and blue-collar workers they employ. One example of such a "happiness benefit" is that those who are happy as college freshmen have higher salaries 16 years later (when they are in their mid-30s) without an initial wealth advantage. Another example of such a "happiness benefit" is that women who express sincere joy in their college yearbook photos are relatively more likely to be married by age 27 and more likely to have satisfying marriages at age 52. In a study of 792 well-off adults, more than half reported that wealth didn't bring them more happiness, and a third of those with assets greater than $10 million said that money bought more problems than it solved. Happier people rate themselves as more attractive than do their less happy peers, but objective judges cannot tell the difference.
In a landmark study, 25,000 residents of West Germany and East Germany, including citizens, immigrants, and foreigners, were surveyed every year for 15 years. A 22-year study of about 2,000 healthy veterans of World War II and the Korean War revealed that life satisfaction increased over the course of these men's lives, peaked at age 65, and didn't start significantly declining until age 75.
What distinguishes good and poor relationships is not how the partners respond to each other's disappointments and reversals but how they respond to good news. Students at Penn State who were instructed to give or receive a minimum of five hugs per day over the course of four weeks and to record the details became much happier. The more time older adults spend reminiscing, the more positive affect and higher morale they report. Four months of aerobic exercise has been found to be just as effective at treating depression as four months of Zoloft, or as a combination of exercise and Zoloft. Ten clinically depressed women whose depressions had not responded to treatment by either drugs or psychotherapy were administered Botox to their frown lines. Participants undertook a 4-month-long weight loss program involving diet, exercise, and behavioral changes.
Better to work in the other direction and put together a prioritized account of each department’s requirements, a summary of your organization’s corporate goals — and the challenges keeping it from meeting them. The global PSA software market will hit a staggering $7.63 billion by the year 2017, according to new research from Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Professional Service Automation is enterprise software that’s particularly designed for companies engaged in the delivery of accounting, management consulting, engineering, and agency and PR services, among others. Not surprisingly, the omnipresent Cloud hovers above this aspect of operational efficiency, too. The Service Performance Insight research also shows that PSOs simply cannot realize all the powers of their CRM systems unless they’re well integrated with their PSAs. An integrated CRM-PSA application offers users the ability to track the gamut of their business activity—from fingers-crossed leads through in-the-bag deals—on a single platform, with a single interface, employing a single data repository. By amalgamating their CRM and PSA platforms into one, goes the news, professional services firms benefit from larger project backlogs, improved executive visibility, better success with winning bids, higher billable utilization, an enhanced percentage of billable employees, more revenue from new clients and a greater proportion of projects that are completed on time. Just the same, another burst of research from the same organization, this exploring the challenges of Salesforce CRM customers in the professional services industry, reveals that precious few of them have taken the steps to see through such a profitable integration. They would sooner lay claim to a well-oiled machine than pause to highlight the cogs holding them back.
Only with these data in hand can you reliably understand what software might address your problems — and solve them.
That many corporate entities still struggle to translate this elephant in the room into specific strategies from which they might authentically benefit is, too.
That the software is also strongly aligned with the concept of XRM (Anything Relationship Management) and its promises to users of effective management of any kind of relationship—customer, partner or supplier—is significant. As more organizations work to increase their revenue streams along customer relationship pathways, programs that facilitate their mobile marketing potential are poised for growth. This option offers companies the ability to create sales forecasts and cash-flow predictions without the burden of internal hosting responsibilities.

Stakeholder Value companies are constantly monitoring their universe of stakeholders and their specific and constantly changing needs and expectations. 21 2010Sparring Partners Latin America unterstutzt “Mi Sangre”-WeihnachtsgalaOFWI Conference 2010, Key note speech pdf ( 575 kb.
Learn how to holistically manage your most important asset and implement a sustainable Reputation Management Programme in your organisation. Welches Feedback mochte der Feedbacknehmer nachstes Mal erhalten und welche Entwicklung musste er dazu anstossen? Oft gibt es gemeinsame Entwicklungsthemen, die ein spezifisches und massgeschneidertes Training im Unternehmen ermoglichen. So konnen Fortschritte gemessen und die Entwicklungsmassnahmen auf ihre Wirkung gepruft werden.
Designees will be contacted well in advance of their renewal date with further instructions. BOMA is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Illinois, with headquarters in Washington, DC, and which is also tax exempt under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. Lyubomirsky, a world renowned researcher on happiness, we have created a unique program called LIVE 360. Over the course of 30 minutes, half the participants reported feeling progressively better, and half claimed to feel progressively worse.
Two months later, 9 out of the 10 participants were no longer depressed, and the tenth had much improved. Of those who embarked on the program alone, 76% completed it and 24% maintained their weight losses in full for an entire 6 months. Layer that reality with the considerable expense of the stuff, and you’ve got a veritable minefield for potential error.
The news is surprising, considering the hit this market took during the recent global economic dip, as those companies purchasing such products opted to hold back their purse in infrastructure-enhancing purchases. Indeed, PSA software suites are increasingly emerging as bona-fide recession-proofers for corporate IT department principals inside professional services organizations anxious not to suffer the same shortfalls again. With it, companies enjoy increased productivity and efficiencies across their operations, along with a much-enhanced view of what’s actually going on within them. But its usefulness increases manifold with recent developments that link the software’s various disparate modules in a way that reveals the full breadth of available integrated solutions. As more and more companies adopt the off-site approach to their data-management efforts, the opportunity to bundle all of their corporate activities—from sales to service to finance—under a single umbrella is too appealing to pass by.
He wisely argues in favour of a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the importance of treating this business essential with kid gloves.
Recognizing that the stakes are high and the risks considerable, 360 can step in and help an organization determine what CRM solution makes the most sense for its very individual needs. A burst of interest in the social CRM (SCRM) space, and the increasing role Microsoft Dynamics CRM promises to play in it. Over time a unique Corporate Culture is being created which encompasses the whole operations and includes partners and stakeholder across the value chain. If you wish we go beyond and help you implement the 360° Reputation Management Programme within your organisation. In diesem Gesprach werden auch die personlichen Anliegen sowie mogliche Entwicklungsmassnahmen besprochen.
Die Fuhrungskrafte werden darauf vorbereitet, ihre direkt Unterstellten bei der weiteren Entwicklung zu unterstutzen. Im Sinne einer standigen Optimierung tragen wir auch deshalb die Erkenntnisse aus dem Prozess zusammen und bauen mogliche Verbesserungen fur die nachste Durchfuhrung bereits mit ein. BOMA undertakes its activities in accordance with its nonprofit and tax exempt status and all applicable laws. Reliance on the designation with respect to any facility or building should be undertaken only after an independent review of all relevant factors by the tenant or any other person, firm, or organization. In contrast, of those who engaged in the weight loss program with three acquaintances, friends, or family members, 95% completed it and 66% maintained their weight losses in full. Hier entsteht das Design fur den Prozess und wir planen zusammen die Kommunikation und Information im Unternehmen.
The BOMA 360 Performance Program determinations are based on self-assessment information provided by applicant facilities and buildings. BOMA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGE, INJURY, CLAIM, OR OTHERWISE, WHETHER AN ACTION IN CONTRACT OR TORT AND SHALL FURTHER NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOST PROFITS, OR DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND EXPENSES). While there is no substantive review to verify the accuracy of all applications, BOMA reviews the applications for completeness and a certain percentage on a random basis are subject to further investigation. Hier kreieren wir zusammen Ihren Plan, so dass der Prozess reibungslos und professionell laufen kann.

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