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This content area package offers topics that address the theory behind wellness and health promotion, with an emphasis on self-care and stress management. Nurses interact with all kinds of people—from clients, to clients' significant others, to healthcare providers and co-workers, many of whom are experiencing illness or situation-related stress.
Information in this content area package presents the theory behind nursing informatics and patient care technology, evidence-based practice, as well as their role in providing and improving healthcare. In this content area package, students experience challenges associated with leadership and management as experienced by a charge nurse.
Graduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State College are designed to transform students into industry leaders and to meet the demands of working adults. The College?s students consistently say that the convenience and flexibility of online study are important in their decision to enroll.
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies allows working professionals to study with an applied perspective, leveraging what is learned from the rigorous study of the liberal arts in their chosen field.
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MALS) prepares teachers and administrators to become educational leaders, serving the complex environment of elementary and secondary education. Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology (MS) is designed to meet the advanced, multidisciplinary educational requirements of students pursuing leadership positions in their chosen professions.
Master of Science in Management (MSM) focuses on organizational leadership, serving management professionals by integrating management theory and practice as they apply to a wide range of organizations.
Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) helps human resource professionals become strategic partners in their organizations. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a relevant and rigorous graduate program that is offered completely online.
Master of Science in Homeland Security (MSHS) is a 36-credit program offered completely online that is designed for adults interested in leadership positions in the fields of homeland security and emergency preparedness. Master of Arts in Educational Technology and Online Learning prepares graduates to become leaders and practitioners in educational technology and to develop and administer online programs for all learners, from pre-school to higher education, including adult learners. Master of Science in Management (MSM) - Public Service Careers Public service areas of study include: Community and Economic Development, Environmental Policy and Environmental Justice, Information and Technology for Public Service, Nonprofit Management, Public and Municipal Finance, Public Health, and Public Service Administration and Leadership.

Master of Science in Management (MSM) with an Area of Study in Accounting offers graduates the ability to hone in on core management and leadership skills while supplementing their knowledge in accounting. Master of Science in Management (MSM) with an Area of Study in Project Management prepares students for PMI and other types of certification as project management professionals. Master of Science in Management (MSM) with an area of study in School Business Administration is uniquely positioned for individuals seeking to become certified School Business Administrators in preK-12 school districts and in other educational settings requiring this endorsement. GRADUATE CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Clinical Trials Management, Homeland Security, Human Resources Management, Online Teaching & Learning, Organizational Management & Leadership, Public Service Leadership. New Jersey Educational Leadership Supervisor (awarded by the New Jersey Department of Education). In this package, students will also be given the opportunity to identify therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication techniques using video-based client care scenarios. With this content area package, students learn the personal and professional skills needed to become a responsible and effective nurse whose behavior reflects a professional attitude of caring and integrity. Graduate degree programs are available completely online and integrate management and leadership theories and practices as they apply to a student?s career.
To meet these needs, the College specializes in providing flexible, high-quality graduate programs tailored to the working adult student. All graduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State College include three integral parts: core courses, electives that may include a professional focus, and a capstone project. The program focuses on links between the liberal arts and professional life, with a core curriculum drawn from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, challenging students to examine their professional values and ways of approaching problems.
The curriculum presents a coherent set of learning experiences, building and deepening students? The program provides graduate study in the modern tools of business management, leadership, applied science and technology, and developing the research, analysis and critical evaluation skills necessary to support decision making and problem solving required to lead today?s technical competencies. The program addresses areas critical to managerial success: leadership, organizational understanding, activity management, effective resource use, and managerial self-development.
The degree was developed in consultation with key members of the Society for Human Resource Management in New Jersey and across the nation and is fully aligned with the society?s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates.

The program?s unique format allows undergraduate nursing students to take up to nine graduate credits toward the master?s degree as they pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.
The MBA program offers areas of specialization in Data Analytics, Health Care Management, Finance and Marketing and can be completed in less than two years. The program infuses a well-grounded series of applied professional studies in educational technology, online learning, educational leadership and curriculum development. Each area of study features an applied orientation toward building capacity and leadership within the public service professions. The Accounting Area of Study builds knowledge in the principles of financial accounting, theoretical structures of accounting, stock market transactions, and auditing and investigative fraud techniques. The 12 graduate credits earned are applied to the Master of Science in Management degree program at Thomas Edison State College. The 12 graduate credits earned are applied to the Master of Science in Management degree programs at Thomas Edison State College. Students at Thomas Edison value the ability to control their own schedules and fit work on their graduate studies into their already busy lives.
Students focus their degree program on their own interests by selecting the learner-designed area of study. The MBA is a practitioner focused graduate program that prepares career minded professionals to attain leadership positions in multinational companies, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurial enterprises.
Students of this degree program may also earn credits toward state requirements to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Students must complete the 24 core credit requirements of the Master of Science in Management degree program.. The program was granted Initial Accreditation by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) for a period of five years, from December 11, 2009, to December 11, 2014.

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