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Your ability to develop the qualities of effective leadership, the essence of what it takes to be a leader, is more important to your success as a manager than any other factor.
Here we have six great short courses on Leadership and Management that you can do online – to save you time and money. Health & Safety Professionals CPDContinuous Professional Development - Strategic Leadership.
Leadership is often considered a mysterious quality, often linked with charisma and other exotic personality traits.
The leadership process can be institutionalized with careful selection, nurturing, and encouragement. Leadership and Change Management book deals with the theories of leadership, and the skills needed to be an effective leader and change agent.

These courses will take you through the key qualities of effective Leadership and management. It means you can go back to the DVD modules as many times as you like to refresh yourself AND you can play the audio in your car when you are driving, or on your Ipod while you work out – how amazing is that?
All Health and Safety Professionals need to be able to think and communicate strategically to senior management. However, such assumptions have no place in a study of leadership and management of businesses. Organizations grow by expanding into new competitive spaces, attaining a complex mix of financial, material and knowledge assets, expanding market scope, and replicating and standardizing their wins in similar market spaces. Instead, they choose the more convenient and less risky option of trying to get the best out of the old opportunities.

Well-led organizations do not wait for leaders to emerge on their own, but actively seek out people with leadership potential and groom them into leaders, while exposing them deliberately to varied work experiences. Any newly espoused strategy, however explicit and sensible, inevitably comes up against an implicitly enacted strategy supported by all the aged, compounded steering mechanisms that the company already has in place. Overcoming this resistance to change is one of the greatest challenges facing leaders today.

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