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IT Security Management has evolved into an essential element in the 21st century workplace. These IT professionals have primary responsibilities that include the utilization of the CIA Triad principles to ensure information systems are secure.
Over the past several years there have been standards organizations around the world worked together to create, modify, and maintain Information Technology Security standards. The critical need for IT Security professionals that can facilitate secure systems and data has resulted in many IT Security certifications.

The Information Security Management industry continues to evolve in a rapidly changing innovative world that requires constant reevaluation of systems and vulnerabilities resulting from new and emerging technology around the globe. Keeping up-to-date on emerging trends in the areas of standards is paramount to your success as an IT professional.
Organizations thrive and gain competitive advantage using information technology by way of information systems and other electronic means. There are many ideas and thoughts of what makes a system secure, but the IT Security Management industry follows standards and guidelines to ensure consistency and effective means to securing critical systems.

One way to ensure you are up to date is with lifelong learning and a certificate in your area of expertise. IT Security Management is the practice of protecting information systems from internal and external network attacks.

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