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UCa€™s new Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management program capitalizes on two of the universitya€™s existing academic strengthsa€”engineering and medical technologies.
The objective of the new Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management is to prepare emergency responders, corporate and school security and emergency management officials to manage emergency situations on every scale. In August, UC Fire Science launches 7 new graduate certificate courses and 4 new undergraduate courses. With the knowledge of his teaching teams, Bennett guarantees students will learn the best practices and procedures to deal with emergencies of limited or large scale.. To ensure that their lessons are driven home, each professor assigns students a field assignment to give them hands-on learning experiences. Undergraduate courses are centered on the collegea€™s bachelora€™s degree in fire science technology. The certificatea€™s value is further enhanced as an Articulation Agreement with Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) enables certificate holders to complete a mastera€™s degree at EKU.
UC Fire Science is hosting a preview of the entire Fire Science Graduate Certificate on June 12, 2012.

If you experience a bug or would like to see an addition on the current page, feel free to leave us a message. Over 30 experienced educators and practitioners team teaching a solid well-orchestrated curriculum, world-class research and advanced technology combine to provide the knowledge required to confront and master 21s century challenges. Apart from standard university offerings, UC utilizes a diverse team of over 30 professors who are experts on different subject matters. Its courses encompass homeland security, hazardous materials, hospital security, private industry preparedness and related fields.
Building on UCa€™s strengths in the fields of medical, legal, engineering and law enforcement, students take courses spanning the many aspects of an emergency and its aftermath.
For instance, Bennett charges his students with the task of seeing how much ammonia nitrate fertilizer they can purchase at one time. To turn firefighters into fire chiefs, students take a Budget, Finance & Communications course taught by both a Fire Chief and a speech professor.
The seminar is free, includes a special lunch program and counts as 6 hours of Continuing Education.

These experts, like the courses they teach, include firemen, policemen, private security consultants, federal agents, and administrators from assistance agencies at all levels from the community to the federal government. Due to the breadth of knowledge within each course, professionals are able to take courses with content in or closely related to their field. The certificate is designed to complement any bachelora€™s degree that first responders already hold.
Utilizing their combined skills, students learn how to build a budget and also how to a€?sella€? it to a board of trustees. In EMS Legal & Political Issues, students utilize a new electronic textbook so as to emphasize current issues and developments affecting firefighters and emergency personnel. The preview allows those interested in the program to interact with instructors following course capsule overviews.

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