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In 2014 the Department of Women children and People with Disabilities Minister Lulu Xingwana  welcomed the decision to adopt a new bill that calls  for the progressive realisation of at least 50% representation of women in decision-making structures. In light of the above this three day conference has been packaged in a way to work towards the realisation  of woman in decision making structures .
The 7th Leadership Development for Women conference will provide leading edge techniques, peer-to-peer, networking and excessive knowledge exchange hereby equipping you with the skills to advance your career. There are 7 C’s of effective communication which are applicable to both written as well as oral communication. Moreover, they are cost saving as no crucial information is missing and no additional cost is incurred in conveying extra message if the communication is complete. It underlines and highlights the main message as it avoids using excessive and needless words. Concise communication provides short and essential message in limited words to the audience. Clarity - Clarity implies emphasizing on a specific message or goal at a time, rather than trying to achieve too much at once. Concreteness - Concrete communication implies being particular and clear rather than fuzzy and general.

Courtesy - Courtesy in message implies the message should show the sender’s expression as well as should respect the receiver. Courtesy implies taking into consideration both viewpoints as well as feelings of the receiver of the message. Correctness - Correctness in communication implies that there are no grammatical errors in communication.
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This  annual platform caters  for women across Government and State Own Enterprises to address current concerns, as well as looking a new ways to propel women forward and share best practice.
The sender of the message should be sincerely polite, judicious, reflective and enthusiastic.
The sender of the message must take into consideration the receiver’s mind set and convey the message accordingly. Make an attempt to envisage your audience, their requirements, emotions as well as problems. Ensure that the self-respect of the audience is maintained and their emotions are not at harm. Modify your words in message to suit the audience’s needs while making your message complete.

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