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It is safe to say that communication is the single most important thing there is when it comes to working with others, resolving conflicts, and spreading ideas and information. Communication skills are a vital tool for managers and so are taught as part of both our management training and leadership training courses. If things in the workplace are not running as smoothly as they should, you can bet that poor communication is at least partly at fault. Many people focus their attentions on what they want to say next, even when others are talking to them. Instead of formulating your response while the other person is talking, wait until you’ve heard everything and then take the time to process what was said to you before responding. Often, what is being said is not nearly as important as the meaning behind what is being said. For example, if you ask an employee to work a Saturday and the employee says, “Well .
Non-verbal cues can tell you a lot about the meaning and emotion behind the words you hear.
Also, make it a point to use open body language (arms at your side, body facing them, and good eye contact) when communicating with your employees; this will let them know you are receptive to open communication.

Whether your company wishes to train its managers in specific aspects of (project) management by means of an individual workshop, your university (of applied sciences) wishes to incorporate modules of study skills training into its programme or your organisation requires a complete and integrated series of communication training, New Life Coaching offers the full range of communication, management & study skills training.
Company departments that wish to improve specific skills, for example teamwork, communication, etc. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Achieving this goal means aligning the interests and skills of individual employees with MIT’s organizational needs. How do we communicate job and career information about our department to encourage development plans and attract potential job candidates? How do I determine the critical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve department priorities and goals? Therefore, as a manager, you simply cannot afford to overlook the importance of good communication.
Fortunately, there are things you can do to remedy problems caused by faulty communication. Therefore, as a manager, it is your job to search for deeper meaning in employee communication.

Watch for subtle changes in stance, posture, hand gestures, and eye contact in order to uncover the deeper levels of communication that are going on underneath the verbiage.
Fortunately, deficits in communication can be improved upon with practice and conscientious application. Both modular and integral in design, we tailor the the training to your specific training requirements.
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself, if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.
It is an ongoing process and a shared responsibility of the employee, manager, and organizational leaders. MIT’s Office of Career and Talent Management develops strategies, planning tools, resources, and programs for MIT’s schools, departments, labs, and centers to stimulate communication about work and development planning and to help employees develop in their current roles and prepare for future opportunities. In this example, it is fairly easy to sense that your employee really does not want to pick up that Saturday shift.

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