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A holistic and business-oriented approach to managing information security, and a common language for information security and business management to talk about information protection. What if there was a model that would help security professionals address the complexity of security while encouraging a balance between protection and the business?
The Business Model for Information Security, provides an in-depth explanation to a holistic business model which examines security issues from a systems perspective. Explore various media, including journal articles, webcasts and podcasts, to delve into the Business Model for Information Security and to learn more about how to have success in the IS field in today's market.
The information security principles provide a guide to help those in the security profession add value to their organisations by successfully supporting the business and promoting good practices. THIS WEBSITE USES INFORMATION GATHERING TOOLS INCLUDING COOKIES, AND OTHER SIMILAR TECHNOLOGY. Most organizations can build or adopt technology faster than they can organizationally deploy it and they tend to feel that they have achieved success once they “go live”. CGN Global change management methodology ensures that technology and business processes are applied in a manner that enables the users and the organization to realize their full potential.

1.     Success requires that the change efforts must be heavily focused on the people affected by the change.
3.     Though many effective Change Management methodologies have been developed, the optimal change management approach for a given action will include a combination of elements specific to each client’s unique circumstances. Our clients’ success is the only thing that matters; CGN helps sort through the available options to determine how they can be successful.
4.     Client personnel must be actively involved in designing and implementing change initiatives. Change Management Plan - Once the change inhibitors are identified, action plans to address and resolve these inhibitors are developed. Organizational Design - The current organization and its ability to optimally support the proposed changes are reviewed. Change Management Workshops & Corporate Training - Training that focuses on the change inhibitors and targets is the key to creating a culture that supports change. Signing this compact means that participating institutions will agree: a) to teach courses included in the Compact at the lower level as listed in the Academic Course Guide Manual, updated and published each year by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and 2) to accept the courses listed for transfer into the bachelor's degree program at the university level as specified in the Compact.

However, the real value of the technology or processes is not realized on the start date or the initiation of the process – it is realized over a period of time and based on business results that are actually resulting from its implementation. Our experience has shown us that in order to succeed in complex change initiatives you need to fully understand the context in which the change is occurring and focus change management efforts at the point where organization, process, and information technology intersect. A detailed project plan to deploy these action plans is developed, including assignments, target dates and accountability.
Although enterprises have improved security technologies, there are still gaps in areas such as security governance, human factors, culture, and planning for the unexpected.
Institutional Participation by DisciplineFor further or more specific information regarding transfer to a Management Information Systems program in a Texas university, it is recommended that you contact the science department at the institution in which you are interested.

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