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A couple of years ago, I was asked to create a Project Management Office (PMO) for the International Operations Division of a large Financial Services Organization. To make sure I was being consistent with industry practices, I conducted research to understand how PMOs were designed in other companies.
PMOs ranged from Project Administrators to Strategic Portfolio Managers to Managing Reductions In Force. Having the PMO became a critical part of the way this organization did business and contributed to approximately $115 MM in reenginnering savings that year. As a Manage Leader, it is imperative to identify your strengths that enable you to lead others. We strongly believe in engaging our business clients in the process of solving their business problems, identifying their strengths, working within their core values, helping them make profits and retaining the right talent. What I’ve found (and is still accurate today) was that there wasn’t an industry-wide standard in designing a PMO. Up until the last few years, PMOs typically had a short life cycle and would self-destruct once the office objectives were met.

It was more of a project support office and we never knew if we served the project managers or the Directors.
MartinLMD can identify the core strengths you posses and will help you apply those strengths that will lead to business success.
Having MartinLMD assess your organization allows for a objective perspective that can provide key feedback to move the organization forward.
The people sampled are encouraged to share their opinions, answer questions and provide feedback on the topic or product.
You are right on with all 4 points … with the end result of project transparency being key. MartinLMD has taken this same strategy to help organizations solve both internal and external challenges that exist.
We have found that developing a scenario based approach to interviewing helps select the right people who can effectively do the job they were hired to do and that will be a good fit with the organization. Organizations at time face problems that hamper business profits or causes an unhappy work culture.

Once those traits are identified and effectively applied we guarantee employee growth that will make for a more productive and effective team. Employee retention starts when the potential applicant enters your organization for the first time.
Engaged focus groups can identify present and future areas of concerns that could affect the business operations.
Let us help you develop hiring processes to identify and retain the best and the brightest employees. MartinLMD can help facilitate this process that can lead to positive solutions and outcomes.

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