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Twenty-nine per cent of the small business owners surveyed reported that training and development takes budgetary priority over most strategic and operational initiatives.
Whether you are a new manager looking for a basic grounding or an experienced manager looking to develop your skills, each of our training courses and skill sessions are designed to help you grow and build good habits. By working through real-world management case studies, you get to make managerial decisions with your fellow course mates and share ideas, compare viewpoints and deepen your experience.
Every management training course and skill sessions is designed to be totally interactive – you learn by doing and by trying out ideas.
Many managers take people management for granted – but how can we build this key skill and make a real difference in our teams?
The purpose of staff induction is to welcome new consultants into the firm formally and to prepare them for their job accordingly. Training teams of management consulting firms also facilitate or organize skills development programs from time to time. As consultants climb the ladder, they will be given heavier responsibilities, such as leading projects.
Try your best to land a job in consulting to experience the aforementioned training programs.
Download our free guide that will help you ace the management consulting recruiting process and land your dream job. Our business skills and management courses offer a practical way to develop skills to deal with both common and uncommon situations in the workplace. Course price: ?50As managers and supervisors, you should review the performance of your staff on a regular basis and set meaningful, challenging goals for the period ahead, which are linked to the organisation’s overall objectives. Course price: ?50A lot of people don’t like the idea of having to tell people they can’t do something, or may even feel pressurised when someone more senior asks for something from them. Course price: ?450This course aims to provide workplace coaches with the tools and confidence to coach people as part of your normal working role. Course price: ?50Effective communication of messages and information is essential for any business. Course price: ?95The key to effective business is often in the way that personal relationships are developed between people. Course price: ?95Challenging market conditions create opportunities for those businesses that are able and willing to adapt to the new environment. Course price: ?375Making the transition into a first management role involves the development and use of a different set of skills and can be daunting.
Course price: ?975Making the transition into a role which involves managing people through other managers, supervisors and team leaders in a larger organisation can be very different from other roles and may require you to become less involved in the detail of all activities. Course price: ?375Making the transition into a team leading or supervisory role involves the development and use of a different set of skills and can be daunting.
Course price: ?50Working under pressure can be stimulating and motivating, but when demands and pressures become excessive they can cause stress. Course price: ?50Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results – it applies equally in business as well as personal life. Course price: ?95As managers, a good deal of our time is spent in thinking through issues that arise and making reasoned decisions based on information available to us.
Course price: ?325This course leads to a formal qualification and combines hands-on training with essential knowledge and skills that are required to design and deliver a range of training activities in the workplace and to ensure that the training includes all of the participants  Who is it for? Course price: ?65The way we promote our businesses, products and services to customers, both current and potential, has changed radically with the use of social media and will continue to evolve.
Poor communication in the workplace is rarely A problem, it’s nearly always THE problem. This course is for Team Leaders and Managers at all levels who want to examine how their every action and communication (or even lack of them) can have an effect on the behaviours and beliefs of their team.

As with all Impellus open courses there is no role play and no-one is asked to stand at the front or demonstrate techniques.
This course can optionally be taken as one of the courses that contribute to an ILM Level 3 Award. Level 3 is for all managers and leaders who are (or aspire to be) managing people or teams. To combat this, owners are investing in training and development to create the employees their business needs to thrive.
On average, small businesses spend eight per cent of revenue on training and development, and expect to nearly double spending on training in the future (anticipating and average increase of 7.5 per cent over the next two years). Skill Pyramid courses and skill sessions help you realise your potential, be more confident when challenges arise and enhance your career as an effective people manager and team leader.
By trying things out and making mistakes in a fun, stimulating environment and having the space to reflect on your decisions.
Our expert facilitators guide you, challenge you and support you as you test and develop your management skills on our carefully structured scenarios.
In fact, it may seem costly at first because of the expensive trainer’s fee and logistic expenses. This is the main reason why the process of getting a slot in a firm, especially in big ones like Booz and Bain, takes much time and effort.
It usually includes sessions on the company history, policies, procedures and your role in the organization. For the first few weeks or months, they will be closely supervised by seniors who can share their expertise, transfer their skills and encourage them on a daily basis.
They are usually categorized according to your position in the firm, your training needs and the nature of your job.
Consultants must know how to communicate with them during meetings, how to handle resistance, how to be assertive and how to handle both positive and negative feedback. Training programs specific to this area helps consultants deal with the client’s employees. A supervisory role is quite challenging because it already includes building strong partnerships among associates or analysts. To get an idea of most firms’ recruitment process, download this management consulting guide.
Firms that possess human resources with exceptional skills have a long-term focus and are more likely to use their skills to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Personnel management helps you focus on hiring, training, supervising, evaluating, terminating, and motivating employees. Staff at all levels, whether new or experienced, can benefit from these courses, helping to improve team dynamics and increase productivity.
It’s easy to either give in and get on with it (at a personal cost) or become aggressive (damaging working relationships). This course is highly interactive and you will be encouraged to contribute with your own experiences and ideas.
It is one of the most important skills required by all staff, and especially managers and supervisors. Managing these professionally will make a difference to you and your organisation’s efficiency. It is therefore important that customer service staff ensure they develop the right climate for a successful relationship – ideally on a long term basis. A successful approach requires businesses to critically review their existing marketing and selling activities and to adopt new ways if opportunities are to be seized and competitors beaten. Stress can lead to emotional and physical health problems for individuals and is a major cause of absence from work.

On the other hand, negative thinking expects the worst and often this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. This course will equip you with the skills to make an effective presentation using a range of media which are appropriate for the audience and subject matter  Who is it for?
Problem solving techniques are useful, not just when things go wrong, but in much of our daily activity. However, social media needs targeting to be fully effective as it is important to use the right media to reach your target audience.
This course gives Managers essential strategies and skills to successfully deal with their teams, situations or difficult individuals. It can be particularly useful for those who have to deal with difficult people or have a tendency to react negatively to certain situations. The material allows delegates to comfortably examine communications strategies and techniques for ensuring that they generate the behaviours they want from others.
They are all close to major routes and none is in a town centre so they are very easy to get to. Delegates typically have diverse experience from first-time team supervisors to much more experienced managers who have no formal training or qualification. Days purchased can be booked immediately or left on account until you’re ready to use them. Thus two delegate days could be one person on a two-day training course or two separate one-day courses, or two people taking a one-day course either together or separately. Managers learn how to define and use measurable objectives to achieve strong, directional performance. In line with the requirements of the Act, it has a Management Committee that sets the overall business and policy directions of the College. Applicants have to prove they have the potentials to perform the actual duties and responsibilities of a consultant. Apart from these, it tackles management consulting work hours, payroll details, dress code and lifestyle.
Regardless of their length of stay in the company, their performance will be appraised to figure out their strengths and work on their points for improvement.
The clients are the ultimate customer of the firms, so it’s a mortal sin to behave unprofessionally in their presence.
To be able to dig more information, they need to engage them in gathering, interpreting and analyzing data. The focus is more on managing client interactions and consolidating effort to add more value to the team. The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to communicate effectively with a range of people  Who is it for?
The Management Committee members are elected to the positions in accordance with the procedures in the Constitution. When they are hired, firms are somewhat responsible for converting potentials to abilities.
Poor communication skills can lead to poor discovery of factors related to the business dilemma. This course aims for you to understand the benefits of a well-managed meeting and how to ensure that meetings are effective Who is it for?

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