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Too plain and too old by 1850s standards to be considered viable marriage material, ex-schoolteacher Mary Bee Cuddy (Hilary Swank) lives by herself in the Nebraska Territory. But other settlers in the still-mostly unpopulated region are having a more difficult time. History is always written by the Winners, in this case the largely white migration of Americans who journeyed west by horse and wagon with American military help, to subjugate the Indian tribe and cross the Rocky Mountains to the gold fields ….
Such sad tales are no more commonly told in Hollywood Westerns than they are in history books; their grind has little payoff since they rarely feature anything even as appealing as an antihero. Tommy Lee Jones has played curmudgeons many times before and, although he does so especially well here, it is as director of this film that he has surpassed himself.
She tends to her livestock and her land by herself, literally and metaphorically wearing men’s trousers beneath her floor-length dresses. Yet it is all the more compelling for its lack of accommodation, partly because of the unabashedly feminist perspective it takes on the pitfalls of Manifest Destiny and partly because of its fidelity to its source material, Glendon Swarthout’s eponymous, admirably spare 1988 novel.
But Glendon was more interested in the Losers, the settlers who headed back east once more in much smaller caravans, destitute, their health and spirits broken. With a painterly confidence, he captures the cold, dangerous seduction of the nineteenth-century American West – its vast skies, its uncluttered plains, its raging, lonely quiet. The woman’s resignation, kindness, and courage fill nearly every frame, and Jones ably creates that space.
Nobody, this film suggests, can ever conquer their own nature – let alone the terrible, awesome nature of the West.
At night, she sings in her unfaltering high voice, accompanying herself silently on a cloth she has embroidered to resemble the piano she played daily when she still lived East. These pioneers have been denied their dreams of wealth and happiness in the Golden West and were now paying an awful price, fighting their way back east again.
Instead, it succeeds by taking as many risks as its subjects do – shifting abruptly in tone from wryly comic (Briggs and Cuddy are an unlikely team) to tragic.
Unequipped for anything except basic survival, the men of the region determine these three must be sent back East. A hairpin turn about eighty minutes into the film makes it clear just how few traditional comforts it is willing to provide us. It falls upon Cuddy to shepherd them home in a locked box wagon and, upon rescuing loutish claim jumper George Briggs (Tommy Lee Jones) from a death by hanging, she forces him to accompany them on the trek.
The question is: which ones will assist based on your resonance of vibration?Magic stimulates the inner childTwo of my favorite television shows growing up were I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched.
Despite her disapproval of him and her fierce independence, she accepts that she and the other women will not survive the journey by themselves. Something sparked a memory of remembrance of the ability to manifest something out of nothing or to be able to disappear from one place and reappear in another. As it is, the journey through ice storms and hostile Indian territory proves untenable for some of them.
Magic has always kept my inner child  excited and curious about the possibility of having anything you want or need in the blink of an eye.It would be nice to have a genie or a witch as a wife to be able to call upon when you need help. However, the premise of both TV shows was that Jeannie and Samantha innocently caused trouble and were always trying to undo what they had created. Major Nelson and Darren were always trying to lessen their need for help in order to live life as a mortal human without the need for magical favors.Humanity is now on the same playing field as we realize who we are. Many of us have realized our own capabilities to manifest and have called on help from the realms beyond the veil for assistance when we find ourselves in need of assistance.Astral realm assistanceThe planet has vibrated at a very low frequency for a long time.
This cycle was broken in 2012 and we are each finding our way out of the darkness.Djinns, genies, and tricksters live in the astral realm, which is a part of the lower levels of the fourth dimension.

There are also those beings of the false light that pose as archangels, angels and ascended masters waiting to be able to connect with you at your request. These are beings of a low vibrational level that like to serve by being available to you when you are desperately calling out for help from a place of victimization or weakness. For those of us who chose to move forward into a fifth dimensional frequency, this lifetime was the one that would transmute the karma from the dark ages of war, patriarchy, domination and control, and suffering.Examples of fear are anger, hate, jealousy, insecurity, and helplessness. Ironically, the ego’s job is to work with you to show you these states of low vibration so that you can realize how it makes you feel. Many people will move through the Dark Night of The Soul in order to face their fears once and for all.When Earth makes her shift into a higher vibrational frequency of fifth dimensional love, the human population will eventually split into those who can handle this frequency and those who cannot.
We have already seen evidence of this split because we see that some people have fallen out of our lives and some have chosen to leave the planet altogether.
In order to continue to match Earth’s rising frequency, energies from past lives are being presented to us through various scenarios with other people that we pre- planned before we incarnated. These energies have to be presented to each other in order to be transmuted and cleared so that the body can continue to raise its frequency.Way-showers are doing a great job moving to love and clearing energies of fear from their bodies. As they clear the lower vibrational energies, they are making the space to bring more of their high vibrational essence into their bodies. This essence is light and if it could be seen with the naked eye, it would look like beacons of light lit up all over the world.
These beacons are all connected and the way-showers are expanding the connective filaments of light between themselves all over the world, which inevitably affects everyone else.Higher vibrational guides and mastersSometimes we could use an unseen hand in order to help draw in some extra higher vibrational energy. When we call for help from a higher resonance, we receive help from higher vibrational beings.
Usually the help that is requested is used for service to others for the highest interest of all.As multidimensional beings, we were already ascended before we descended in vibration.
When we call of help from other beings in the higher realms, we are usually connecting with a higher aspect of ourselves.Other beings that help us from the higher realms include loved ones who have passed on and vibrated their way to the dimension of love.
These beings often decide to serve as a guide to those they left behind because of the importance of the time we live in.
We also have other families from other planets that are always watching over us and are waiting for us to use our free will in asking for some guidance and assistance.From the highest perspective of the Creator Source, all of the beings mentioned are simply aspects of itself.
There are only those who have strayed the furthest from Source and those who are moving back toward Source.We chose to embark on this lifetime in which we will move closer to Source’s love while still occupying a physical body on Earth. Once the human body is clear of negative energies and thoughts, it will provide a platform for our true essence to shine within along with Earth, which is the higher aspect of itself in physical form.
Being in balance will create a symbiotic relationship with our souls in the form of physicality along with the planet and its maker.We are not simply ascending.
We have the knowledge and the spark within us that is connected with all of the help we will ever need.We can call upon that part of us that already exists in the higher realms outside of space and time to join us here on Earth at this very important time. As we raise our frequency, we will no longer be within the reach of the lower astral forms that wish to steal our light and keep us disconnected.
Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate Her Throne – What This Means To Humanity In5D Alternative News for May 20, 2016 It’s All Coming Together, RIGHT NOW!

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