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Organizations implement ERP software to streamline their operational processes and improve productivity.
Generally when there is a drastic change in an organization, its employees resist adopting the change. You may ask why change management is so important; to answer, I need to remind you of what happened in the jungle. Similarly, for employees using legacy software, the implementation of ERP (a complex software application) is a big change.
Many in the jungle accepted Mowgli with open arms; but his bonding with Baloo, the bear, gives us a very good example of benefiting from change. How? Baloo always found it tough to gather enough honey; the monkeys who came to help sprinted away within no time because of the bees. The only one who did not accept the presence of Mowgli in the jungle was Sher Khan, the tiger who thinks “Man is forbidden” in the jungle. As a training manager, you need to decide if you want Baloos or Sher Khan’s in your organization. Oregon Manifest's Bike Design Challenge is a competition to create the ultimate urban utility bike. We wanted to develop a point of view that is universal, but infused with some of the local Chicago bike culture.
There were a couple days in January when a cup of boiling water thrown into the air would freeze before hitting the ground (we tried it—yes, it really works).

The point is, it has been an unusually cold and snowy winter, and a less than perfect time to get out and ride a bike.
We looked all over the city, and in each place we looked, we found a cycling culture that is vibrant and diverse. But if the end-users of the software cannot work on it efficiently, the organization can’t enjoy the desired benefits.
In such scenarios, you must remember that software alone can’t provide benefits to the organization, its people can. The recent American fantasy adventure film by Jon Favreau, The Jungle Book portrays the life and struggle of the man-cub, Mowgli in the jungle.
Employees only know that the software application they will be dealing with would be very complex, unlike the previous one. When employees understand how the ERP implementation is going to help them in their job, they will accept the change willingly.
He saw Mowgli as just another man trespassing into the jungle, so could not enjoy the benefits of his presence. If they are not made aware of its importance, they may not see the benefits they would get from the software.
Sher Khan’s resistance to the change in jungle made him try very hard to eliminate the change once and for all. Below is Minimal's design diary." class="">One team, with the firm Minimal, is representing Chicago in the competition.
We had snow on top of snow, deposited along all the city streets in giant piles of ice and muck.
We thought it would be tough to dive into Chicago bike culture in the middle of a deep freeze, but we were completely wrong.

Though Chicago is quietly becoming one of the most progressive large cities for bike commuters, the streets are a dangerous place to ride at times. It has to cover all the bases, but when called upon, it must respond in kind to the type of punishment our environment and crowded city can throw down. Seeing Mowgli collect honey innovatively, he too comes up with innovative ideas to retrieve the honey; together they collect honey sufficient to last the whole winter. This helps them get completely involved in the transit and they are more likely to take the end-user training seriously.
This makes them underestimate the importance of end-user training and they may end up being less efficient after going live. Chicago cyclists depend on their bikes to be nimble enough to avoid road hazards and visible enough to be seen in traffic.
Fortunately, the consequences of not adapting to the ERP implementation may not be so fatal, but they can’t be any less serious.
Some riders have even began mounting video cameras on their bike to document their commute as an insurance policy in case of any accident. Thanks for following along, and we are excited to share with everyone what we have been cooking since the middle of the winter.

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