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Throughout the past 15 years I've worked as an energy healer and intuitive, manifestation coach, and spiritual teacher to assist thousands of people all over the world to move forward more easily, effectively and joyfully to improve their lives. If you'd like to experience greater health, wealth, happiness, and success assistance is here for you. My manifestation coaching session with you brought to light things I never even knew existed, and now I feel so much clearer moving forward. I went into the session with you totally confused and overwhelmed, and you just seemed to help me find such clarity and direction. There’s several reasons we refuse to forgive others, most of which are based around protecting ourselves.
It's easy to dismiss our thoughts as just being thoughts that don't have any real impact on us or our lives.
Every time you doubt yourself you will block yourself, your energy flows, and your abundance and success in life.
So make a change to start challenging your thoughts and choosing thoughts that empower you rather than hold you back! Use the power of your thoughts wisely and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and all that is wonderful and magnificent about YOU!!!
This morning in my meditation I was contemplating what sort of a life I actually want to live . Because I know from a manifestation perspective that absolutely anything and everything is possible in this universe.
We hold ourselves back in terms of the way we see ourselves and the judgements we hold about ourselves and the limitations we place on our sense of self belief,  self value, and self worth.
Holding yourself back and not allowing your full magnificence to shine is to live a lesser version of yourself.
So what are your intentions in terms of what kind of a life do you want to live?  What would you LOVE to live? But until you make the decision and set your intent as to what type of a life you want to live, your life will run on autopilot and the same old things will just keep on keeping on. So make a decision and set your intent and them live your life each day from that starting point!

For those in a financial slump, paycheck to paycheck is beginning to look like the only option in life and that they’re unable to dig themselves out of this rut.
It feels like all they do is pay bills and dream of the day when there’s a little money left over to buy what they want, instead of what they need.
And don’t even mention ‘savings’ as this seems like an alien concept because they barely have spare money to move about freely. One way to ensure that you get what you want is to first believe you deserve it, and then that you’re going to get it.
It can’t be helped sometimes to see your friends posting all the things you want on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, but it would do nothing for you to entertain jealous thoughts. Before you start earning it, you need to know its value and to respect it for what it is and what it can give you. Though it might seem counter-intuitive, you need to be comfortable with the thought of sharing your wealth.
Being selfish and driven by acquiring riches, you are more likely to repel the universe and make it harder for yourself to attract it. When you help others and give what you can when they need it, you are sending the right vibes or the right message to the cosmos. I help people such as yourself to clear their health and life issues, reconnect with their purpose and direction, and shift the things that are blocking them so they can move forward with greater ease and success. But after the session with you the pain is completely gone and I'm feeling better in myself than I have for months. And if the conditions aren't right for you to do so, then it might be time for you to explore what conditions you need and where you need to perhaps change your conditions so you can shine brighter and experience the true fullness of your Being.
When ever we doubt ourselves we literally stop the flow of our own energy and power, and dis-able ourselves from moving forward.
That to me is living a full and rich life and limitless life and what I know Spirit would love us to live and embody in life! Life wants you to experience all that you desire… to experience the richness and fullness and limitless nature of your being.
And once you make the decision about what sort of a life you want to live, then the energy will be set in motion for your intended life to come into your reality and for you to clear whatever’s been holding you back from allowing life in!

There are a number of factors for this, but generally speaking, it’s roughly the same things that stop everyone from achieving this goal. Fortunately, there are a few things that could improve your chances of attracting wealth in your life. You are worthy of being happy, of living the life you dream of, and of being comfortable in the lifestyle you choose.
Money is your ticket to freedom if you know how to spend it properly and not be enslaved by it. Animal right association '269 Life' protest against vivisection, animals right, meat nutrition and production. I now have a strong sense of purpose and direction and know what I need to do to move forward in my life. Which then causes us to be fearful on a subconscious level that other people won’t like us or want to be with us. And that if we can dream it and imagine it, so it is capable of coming into our experience, if we just allow it to do so. We hold ourselves back in terms of what we believe is or isn’t possible in our lives.
If you block the flow of a river and hold the water back, what happens to the flow of the water?
A life where anything and everything is possible.  A life that surprises me every day in new and wonderful ways !
We hold ourselves back in so many different ways, that sometimes I wonder how we’re able to get anywhere in our lives.
Or a life that’s filled with diversity and colour and all the riches that life is wanting to bring into your experience?

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