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Every single person on this planet has, at the core of their being, the power to create a life of grace, ease and abundance. Step 2: Write down behaviors, thoughts and actions that stand in the way of you living this passion. Step 3 (this is a big one): Write down what you are willing to release in order to live your life of passion. Today, I claim and proclaim that I am READY, WILLING AND ABLE to receive the miraculous life that I came here to live.
JoAnna was a housewife in her 20‘s, a stay-at-home mother to two babies, and wife to her hard-working husband with a blue-collar job. She had hit upon and developed a unique healing modality that she wanted to launch as her legacy. She knew this was what she must share with the world and was determined to find a way to get it out there. Only problem is, she didn’t know marketing or the first thing to do, but she was willing to learn and get help. She came to my partner, Bob Doyle and me and we did for her what we urge you to do if you want to launch into the world with your message, product, business or service. We helped shape her vision, we helped reflect back to her what could work and also helped circumvent her potentially going down a wrong path.  We worked with her to craft what made the most sense to bring her the best and fastest results, we guided her to follow certain steps, etc and then helped connect her to others to help support her. With all the pieces now in place (of what had been once been her puzzle), she skyrocketed in amazing and lightening fast ways! She filled her newly created paid program right away, she got positioned fast as a leading expert and in just a matter of weeks was being interviewed by top leaders in our industry.

Now, literally only months later, she let us know that she is on track to having her husband quit his blue collar job so that he can be a stay at home dad and SHE can be the breadwinner while staying at home with her family, and follow doing the work she loves, making powerful impact in people’s lives, while dramatically changing her income. Talk about LIfe-Changing!  And talk about the ripple effect that’s now been created because of how many lives she’s helped through this process of hers.
Any ‘normal’ person would have been stopped or buried by seemingly ‘normal’ excuses, like, “Oh I’m too young” or “I have no idea how to do this!” or “I don’t know what I’m doing” to “Who am I to do this when I don’t have a degree or any credentials” to “I don’t have the money to put this out there” to “What if I go for it and it doesn’t work or I make mistakes?”, etc. She might have had those thoughts but she didn’t let those doubts or concerns or fears stop her and the best part is she knew that the best way to streamline her timeline and get it done the fastest, most effective way was to lean on the shoulders of others who could guide and mentor her.
What impact (and income, even) could you make if you let nothing stop you and you went after launching what you love to do and what’s important to you, or even focused on discovering what your unique message or calling is if you don’t know already? Mentors were the key to JoAnna’s success (along with her commitment to make it happen) and why she launched so quickly, effectively and powerfully. Mentors can give you a map and direction and point you in the way of what you need to do, or even work with you in helping you achieve your vision. Mentors also know how to help you make important connections and just one connection can open up doors for you that you may never have been able to open up yourself. Don’t wait till you have it all figured it out (and don’t try to figure it out on your own either).  Take steps to get the help and guidance you need and move forward with action, even if you have whatever thoughts come up that may want to stop you.
Sometimes we think that miracles need to be BIG or that we should only ask for them when we are in dire need of Divine intervention. The Manifestation Mastery E-Course consists of over 3 hours of video presentations and is split into 14 different videos.
Think about it: There are people, including Oprah Winfrey, who had difficult beginnings and yet have created lives that amaze us all.

By instituting certain practices and committing to self, I see people shifting in a huge way.
This is to God, Spirit, universe, higher power, Jesus or whomever you consider to be your source. The moment you realize that you are out of alignment with your passion and prayer … STOP … read the prayer and begin again. It is for you if you are feeling a call to bring your voice to the world, your community, your relationships or your career. Because you DO have something of value, no matter how simple, how small or even how impossible it may seem. Mentors have paved the path, they know the way and they can see it for you, perhaps better than you can see it for yourself. Come learn from author and happiness coach Lindsey Rietzsch as she shares the must-have tools along with her own inspiring, personal examples, about manifesting more amazing & beautiful miracles in your everyday life!
Include your passion, what is in the way and what you are willing to do to receive your best life. What if you really were supported by the universe and it has just been waiting for you to be present and trust?
Miracles are occurring every day, and when we recognize that truth, we begin to understand the power of co-creation with the Universe.

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