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Envision yourself finding the hidden message that will provide you with the comfort, hope, guidance or clarity that you most need today. My Manifesting Secret Utilizes  The Law of Attraction To Create A Short-Cut To All Of Your Manifest Desires! Vibrational Alignment – Your Essential Skill For Manifestingby Jenny SmagalaIf you want to manifest the things you desire, then you need to know about your vibrational alignment.
When we want something we emit a vibration, and it is this pulsating emission that the Law of Attraction responds to, NOT our words.ii. Our non-physical self receives the vibrational equivalent of everything that we ask for, and it does so instantly!The physical self usually has to wait a while for the desired element to turn up. Clear out any thoughts that feel bad, by choosing thoughts that feel better and better, in relation to what you are wanting.5. Since the movie, "The Secret" came out in 2006, there’s been a lot of talk about manifesting, and how our thoughts create our reality, and with it came a lot of confusion. This is because we’re not 100% aligned with our desire, and until we are, what we want, literally can’t show up in our reality.You can’t fool the Law of Attraction. The “buts” that get tacked onto the end of a statement about what you desire, are the reasons why, you believe you can’t have what you want.
You can FEEL your way to vibrational alignment with whatever you desire to manifest, with far greater ease than if you try to THINK your way there.3.
You probably saw the film, but did you know that after its initial release, it was hugely edited and re-released?
Our non-physical being (call it Higher Self, Soul, Essence or whatever you like) is always in complete alignment with our desires. You can’t bluff the Universe with affirmations, no matter how good they are.“I am fabulously wealthy,” you say out loud, with conviction, while you picture having your own ski chalet, or a private plane, or a crewed yacht to sail around the Greek islands.

Re-aligning Your Thinking, Based On How You FeelIf you notice the subtle objections that pop into your head when you think about the thing that you desire, then you can choose to realign your thinking; to move beyond those thoughts. If you want a hand it’s here!So, have a look around and check out the Awesome Self Healing Tools. It has zero resistance to receiving, no matter what it is that you are asking for, because it does not judge good and bad, right and wrong. Wanting Something By A Particular TimeWhen you want something by a certain time, you will most probably keep a keen eye out for the first sign of it showing up.
This will happen more easily if you do it from the perspective of how the thoughts make you feel.It’s also important to understand that it’s not about excluding these thoughts. Know that you already have the vibrational equivalent of it, and expect that it will flow easily into your experience when you are aligned with that desire.Do your best to stop noticing that it hasn’t come yet. It was the inspiration for this article, so thank you to all my subscribers for sharing their energy. As it gets closer to the deadline without it turning up, the fears start to set in.“What if it doesn’t come? You can’t really tell yourself not to think something because in order to NOT think the thought, you have to think what it is.Instead it is about steering your thoughts towards ones that feel good when you think them.
Everything lined up so perfectly that it seemed as though my new relationship just fell into my lap. We worked on healing a lot of the issues mentioned in this article, and I have expanded on what came up.The minute the words manifesting or vibrational alignment are mentioned, there’s nowhere better to turn to for information, in my experience, than Jerry and Esther Hicks’ huge body of work with Abraham. I am now engaged and looking forward to spending a lifetime of happiness with the man of my dreams. Anything that feels good to you, raises your vibration and makes you more magnetic to what you’re asking for.4.

I see for you, that the things you’ve asked for, start flowing to you with astonishing speed and deliciousness.Take a look at the videos below, and afterwards, please let me know whether you found this information useful or not, by leaving a comment below.
Thank you!Video Playlist: Abraham-Hicks ~ Vibrational Alignment and Manifesting DesiresMost of the videos I've chosen for you are workshop recordings of Esther but not all of them. You just know there’s a whole lot of motion going on, behind the stillness and the closed-off expression!Similarly, beneath the stillness of rocks and mountains, all is in motion. They’d start treating me differently.I’ve been feeling the lack of money for so long, I don’t know who I’d be if I was rich. If you’ve never heard Esther Hicks channelling the non-physical group of beings known collectively as Abraham, before, then you’re in for a treat.
The problem is the emotion we feel when we notice that it hasn’t shown up and feel we’re almost out of time.3. Everything would just click into place, and we would all be winners.However, like the kids in the car, we angst over our desires. All of our sense organs are reading vibrations and translating them into different forms of information, i.e light, sound, taste, touch and smell. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me.“It feels like having a secret cave full of every conceivable desired thing but the magic password to open the door has expired. To Sum Up What We’ve Discussed So Far…We’re all keen to manifest the things we want in our lives.
Resistance And EmotionWith all of these, the degree of impact that they have, or the amount of resistance that they conjure up in your vibrational field, is determined by how you react emotionally.If you are able to stay feeling good about your desire, no matter what’s going on inside your head or outside it, then your resistance to receiving, is low.

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