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Playful – Spontaneous – How can I be more playful and spontaneous, having more fun? We get a double shot to amp us up as the Leo New Moon joins Jupiter, the planet of luck, which move into Virgo. Imbalances in the 3rd chakra show up as digestive issues including ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, diabetes, liver disorders, eating disorders, and inability to process food effectively. The solar eclipse takes place with a new moon, when both the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign. Each month we offer insight into the new moon, how to work with its energy and end the night with a guided imagery meditation to help set your intentions. As we close out another astrological year, honor yourself and celebrate whatever you have accomplished. As a fire sign, Leo inspires us to put ourselves into the world in a completely different way. It’s time to take center stage and make the changes that will take us to the next level.
All the ideas that have been mulling around for the past 13 months with Jupiter being in Leo, now get put into action for the next year as Jupiter moves into Virgo. There is typically a sense of calmness with the new moon as the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign.

The Pisces New Moon is going to very potent because it is also a Super Moon and Solar Eclipse. Spend time contemplating changes you’ve made over the year, and what intentions you want to grow.
Virgo is all about implementation and taking the simple steps to put our ideas into action.
Each new moon takes on a unique flare and characteristics as it moves through the astrological signs. The combination of these elements may feel like you are getting a cosmic reboot, helping you birth a new version of you. The Pisces energy helps you explore your wildest dreams and consider ways to put them into action. It’s the house of reckoning since there is an opportunity to review what you have done and decide where to go from here. Your intuition and creativity will be heightened with this powerful Super Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Many people fail at reaching their goals because they want to take big leaps and strides towards them.
During our monthly manifesting call we talk about how to work with the characteristics of each cycle and how that helps you attract what you want.

Instead look at taking small steps and create sustainable habits that incrementally move you forward. Imbalances within this chakra are reflected in the physical body as poor short-term memory, learning difficulties, and confusion. Be mindful of your thoughts, words, actions and synchronicities, as these are clues for you, and the changes you want to create. It is an introspective house that helps you see your self-imposed limitations and how to overcome them. It may also show up as spiritual cynicism, feeling separated from wholeness, uncertainty or lack of purpose, or feeling disconnected or disassociate with the physical body. It’s an ideal time to expand your spiritual practice, disconnecting from the outside world, so you connect with the inner one.
This House also rules jails, hospitals, institutions, asylums, and any place the inhibits freedom.

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